Warp Drive, When?

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NASA is operating in an age of shrinking federal budgets. Despite this, we remain committed to scientific research. It is important to maintain scientific leadership, excite and inspire society, strengthen education and scientific literacy, develop and transfer technologies to promote U.S. competitiveness, foster international cooperation to enhance programs and share their benefits, and set the stage for future air and space ventures. Let's take a look at some of NASA's activities with implications for interstellar space travel.

NASA Programs

Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program

NASA's primary effort to produce near-term, credible, and measurable progress toward conquering the following ultimate breakthroughs needed to revolutionize space travel and enable interstellar voyages.

NASA's Origins Program

Program directed towards answering among the most fundamental questions that we can ask including: Are there worlds like the Earth around nearby stars? If so, are they habitable and is life as we know it present there?

Some of NASA's Technology

Research and Development of Emerging Technologies

Some of NASA's Science

Looking for Black Holes

Exploration of the Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR)

Experimental Exploration of General Relativity



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