Zarathrustra ~ Zoroaster

Zarathrustra, The Persian Prophet

In Old Persian he was called Zarathrustra or Zarthost. In a Greek transliteration he was known as Zoroaster.

A biographical account of Zoroaster is tenuous at best or speculative at the other extreme.

There are many conflicting version as to when Zarathrustra lived. No one knows exactly the dates of his birth and death.

Some research date Zarathrustra's birth to anywhere between 1500 B.C. and 1000 B.C., or even earlier. Most versions date him to approximately 600 BC - also the time line for Buddha. According to tradition, his birth date was 628 BC.

Zarathrustra was supposedly born into a modestly situated family of knights, the Spitama, probably at Rhages (now Rayy, a suburb of Tehran), a town in Media - which is the region covered by modern-day Iran and Iraq. The area in which he lived was not yet urban, its economy being based on animal husbandry and pastoral occupations. Nomads, who frequently raided those engaged in such occupations, were viewed by Zoroaster as aggressive violators of order, and he called them followers of the Lie.

According to the sources Zarathrustra probably was a priest.

He supposedly had a vision at age 40 wherein
he received a vision from God - Ahura Mazda -
who appointed him to preach the truth.

Zarathrustra was remember as a religious reformer and founder of Zoroastrianism, or Parsiism, as it is known in India. Like Akhenaten in 18th Dynasty Egypt, Zarathrustra introduced the concept of monotheism in his time line.

Zarathustra built his monotheistic teaching from the religious material of his time. He named the one God "Ahura," the old name for "God" or "Lord," and added to it the new epithet "Mazda," which means "wise." Forever after, the name of God for Zoroastrians (or as they are known in Iran, Zarthustis) would be Ahura Mazda, the "Wise Lord."

The story of the prophet, and his teachings, are contained in a short series of poetic songs known as the Gathas. They are the primary scriptures of Zoroastrianism, and are believed to have actually been composed by Zarathustra. The language of the Gathas is a very difficult and ancient Indo-Iranian language known as Avestan (called Avesta by Zoroastrians), which is closely related to the Sanskrit of the Rig-Veda. It is the comparison of Avestan with Vedic Sanskrit that has given modern scholars a date for Zarathushtra's work which is far earlier than the traditional Zoroastrian date of 600 BCE.

Zoroastrianism also was a strong influence in the more esoteric sects of Judaism, such as the Essenes. There are passages in the Essene documents found in the Dead Sea Scrolls which seem to be directly borrowed from Zoroastrian sources. These texts describe the spirit of truth in conflict with the spirit of error, and a battle of the sons of lightagainst the sons of darkness. This scenario later became part of Christian mythology and cosmic battles of this type appear in many apocalyptic texts such as the Book of Revelation.

According to tradition, Zoroaster lived for 77 years, thus indicating that he died about 551 BC. After his death, many legends arose about him. According to these legends, nature rejoiced at his birth, and he preached to many nations, founded sacred fires, and fought in a sacred war. He was viewed as a model for priests, warriors, and agriculturalists, as well as a skilled craftsman and healer. The Greeks regarded him as a philosopher, mathematician, astrologer, and magician. Jews and Christians regarded him as an astrologer, magician, prophet, or arch heretic.

The mystical side of Zoroaster is what he really was about. The hidden metaphors in his teachings and life follow patterns of other spiritual leaders that brought knowledge to humanity about its origins. It is all about metaphors that help human consciousness come into higher awareness at this time.


Zarathrustra - Zoroaster - Z is represented by the sacred light / flame.

How interesting that at the time of this writing - November 2001 - two and a half months after the fall of the Twin Towers - World Trade Center - they are unable to stop the smoldering fire that is below the buildings.

Fire still burns below the trade center site,
resisting 24-hour-a-day efforts to extinguish it.
Experts say it is the longest commercial
building fire in United States history.

We known that the destruction of the World Trade Center is a trigger for our souls that we are moving into a new reality - one that is linked to Zarathrustra.

Zarathrustra is the same soul who played many important roles in Earth's history. He often played these roles simultaneously. Zarathrustra was many of the Pharaohs, including Akhenaten - Moses, Buddha, Jesus, among others. One souls does play all the roles, though I understand that many people think that it was different souls playing each role, in the same way many people believe in the illusion of linear time.

If you understand that concept that the soul does not play one role but returns to play many roles - and is multidimensional in nature - meaning your soul is not just here in your physical body but is experiences in other realms (such as dream time) then you understand that Z came to this reality many times to teach about the nature of creation and reality.

Understanding that third dimension - the physical experience - is created with electromagnetic energy fields - reverse polarities - dualities - (North-South as in magnets - poles - the current talk of pole shifts) - Zarathrustra created the concept of God (Good) and Devil (Evil). He named the Devil Ahriman - also known as Satan, The Trickster, Lucifer.

There are many myth about when this Ahriman appears and why he does. In the end Ahriman is defeated as goodness prevails. This is all about the release of the lower frequency emotions - anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, as they merge with higher frequency emotions - love, compassion, merging of twin flames=your polar opposite = masculine/feminine aspects of who you are. This brings you back to your total state of awareness as once you were before you spiraled down into third dimensional consciousness - the physical world - and split your polarities into male and female. This is the union your soul seeks.

The Supreme Being was called Ahuramazda. Zarathrustra's conception of him was identical with the Jewish notion of Jehovah. He is referred to as "the Creator of the Earthly and spiritual life, the Lord of the whole universe, at whose hands are all the creatures." He is wisdom and intellect; the light itself, and the source of light; the rewarder of the virtuous and the punisher of the wicked.

Zarathrustra taught the idea of a future life and the immortality of the soul. The doctrine of the resurrection is one of the principal dogmas of the Zendavesta. He also clearly inculcated the belief of a heaven and a hell. The former was called the House of Hymns, because the angels were supposed to sing hymns there; and the latter the House of Destruction, and to it were relentlessly consigned the poets and Priests of the old Aryian religion.

The doctrine of sacred names, so familiar to the Hebrews, was also taught by Zarathrustra. In one of the Yashts, a portion of the Zendavesta, Ahuramazda tells Zarathrustra that the utterance of one of his sacred names, of which he enumerates twenty, is the best protection from evil. Of these names, one is Ahmi, meaning I am, and another, ahmi yat amhi - I am who I am. The Holy Name in Exodus is Ehyeh asher Ehyeh, or I am that I am.

Zarathrustra is linked with the planet, Saturn, the planet that represents challenges through learning lesson.

Channeling by Celeste

Zoroaster was the priest/reformer who converted ancient Persian kings to monotheism in 600 B.C. His teachings about heaven and hell, the struggle between good and evil, and the seven archangels influenced the Jews during their Babylonian captivity, and became a part of Judaism. His sacred fire ceremony is still practiced in India by modern Zoroastrians, the Parsi.

As the representative of Saturn on the Planetary Council, Zoroaster is concerned with structure, responsibility, order and destiny. Saturn is the university center of the solar system where souls preparing for incarnation go for instruction.

Astrology - It's Written In Stone

There is a massive astronomical stone relief of a Lion at Nimrud Dag.

The stone is a relief - 1.75 meters high and 2.4 meters broad - which is still standing virtually unscathed, on the western terrace at Nimrud Dag in the Commagene - ancient Assyrian Kummuh) - north of Antioch. It shows 3 planets represented on a large lion, near the greatest tumulus mound in all of Europe. The earth mound tumulus at Nimrud Dag is the largest in the world, having a diameter of 150 meters, a height of 49.8 meters West and 39.45 meters East.

In addition to these stars, there are three larger star-like symbols above the back of the lion, identified clearly by inscriptions above them as Jupiter, Mars and Mercury (identification by Otto Puchstein, an archaeologist who excavated the site). The three planets correspond in their colors to the 3 gifts of the wise men.

Puchstein called the stone relief�the "first" historical�horoscope. (Vergangene Welten, Faszinierende Funde, Verlag Das Beste, 1986, "Zwischen Zeus und Zarathustra [Zoroaster]".)

It is dated by astronomy to circa June 24, 62 BC (the Summer Solstice). The planets at Nimrud Dag represent 3 wise "god kings" according to archaeologist Friedrich Carl Doerner as follows:

1st planet - Zeus and Ahura Mazda (Jupiter, heavenly father)

2nd planet - Apollo, Mithras, Helios, Hermes (The sun, to which Mercury belonged)

3rd planet - Artagnes, Herakles, Ares (Aries, March, to which Mars belonged)

Moreover, on the breast of the lion, there is a horizontal crescent moon with the Star Regulus inside it (signifying Antiochus). The star of "kings" is the star Regulus.

Tracing The Bloodline to Jesus

Linking the stone relief with Nibiru and other Heavenly Bodies

Celestial Connection Scroll down

The Occult and Other Roles of Zoroaster

As Zoroaster

As Saint Germain

Zoroaster was believed to be connected with occult knowledge and magical practices in the Near Eastern and Mediterranean world in the Hellenistic Age (c. 300 BC-c. AD 300).

This links with the Mystery School teachings going back to ancient Egypt - The Hermetic Orders - and most of all Alchemy the chemical changes that are occurring in our body as we now return to higher frequency forms of light energy vs. our current physical forms of electromagnetic energy fields - polarity - duality - the aura.

Healing Symbol Given By Zoroaster to Ellie

To be used in the same manner as Reiki Symbols.
In the air, follow the patterns with you hand -
fingers closed -
beginning top left ----> Across and Down
The tree circles may be drawn clockwise or counterwise
depending on your soul guidance
and how you are moving through time.
Please feel free to use or send this symbol
for healing and spiritual enlightenment.

A Rainbow over the Temple of Zoroaster

Center Circle=Soul


This is the Faravahar or Farohar.

Wings, Layers of Reality
Gold=Alchemy=Transition Metals
Exit through the crown -
The crown chakra.

The Faravahar or Farohar is the spirit of human being that had been existed before his/her birth and will continue to exist after his/her death. More about the Faravahar

According to the Gathas, Ahura Mazda is the creator of heaven and Earth, the material and spiritual worlds. He is the source of the alternation of light and darkness, the Lord of Light, and the very center of nature, as well as the sovereign lawgiver, the originator of the moral order and judge of the entire world.

Ahuramazda is, according to the Gathas, the creator of heaven and Earth, the material and spiritual worlds. He is the source of the alternation of light and darkness, the Lord of Light, and the very centre of nature, as well as the sovereign lawgiver, the originator of the moral order and judge of the entire world. A limited number of six or seven archangels (depending on whether the Holy Spirit is counted or not) were recognized helpers or genii of Ahuramazda as personifications of abstract qualities that the later Avesta calls Amesha Spentas, "glorious immortals." The idea of gods coming in sevens is ancient. In Canaan, there were seven storm gods called Baalim. An Akkadian text has seven Adads and so does an Assyrian text from Assur. In the Sumerian �Hymn to Iskur,� Enlil gives seven storm winds to Iskur.

Since Mazda was Varuna or Zeus, a sky god, Zoroaster is surely here personifying the colors of the rainbow, variously seen as six or seven. The names of the Amesha Spentas frequently recur throughout the Gathas and characterize Zoroaster's thought and his concept of god.

Zoroaster saw two primeval spirits as twins in opposition. Ahuramazda was Spenta Mainyu and the other spirit was Angra Mainyu, who is the original Satan and the reason why righteous people suffered. But Spenta Mainyu elsewhere seems to exist independently. The Holy Spirit of the Jewish god is just the same, and then the Christians extended the concept to the Son, who is the Father, but acts independently. The son of Ahuramazda was Mithras.

The Fate of the Soul

Zoroastrian view - The dead soul journeyed to the bridge to heaven where the book was opened. The honest and the deceitful have both to be assessed at the account-keeper's bridge where their deeds are measured. The account-keeper's bridge has many paths across, some being broad and some as narrow as a razor's edge. The truthful souls take the broad routes and the lying souls have to try to balance their way across on the narrow routes. The truthful are therefore able to cross into heaven easily but the false find it impossible to cross and fall into the Abyss. The concept of the bridge will be based on the rainbow, seen as a bridge to heaven, and appears in Islam as the Arch of Al-Sirat.

Neither good nor evil would be victorious but eventually Ahriman would be defeated by a Deliverer sent by god, the Saoshyant. The Saoshyant, of the line of Zoroaster or perhaps the prophet himself reincarnated, would herald the beginning of a new age.

Additional notes - Zoroastrian Influences on Judaism and Christianity

Ancient Egyptians believed that the soul was judged after death.

Zoroastrians' Universe lasts for 12000 years; there are four phases, each for 3000 years. At the first one, good and bad are separated. In the second phase, the hostile forces succeed. The good forces are back in the third one. At the last phase several saviors come. The last one is Saoshyant. When he arrives there is resurrection, walking over the Separation Bridge, Chinvat (Sarat Bridge in Quran) and finally all the hostile spirits will be defeated.

Additional notes - Iranian months

The number 12,000 follows Sacred Geometry 12 Around One - Creation.

The Date for the Advent of Zoroaster

By taking the distance from the start of the Ascending Passageway to the third Girdle Stone (of Zoroaster), 863.80201733 P", and subtracting it from the distance of the third Overlay (of Zoroaster), 1863.80201733 P", you get 1000.000 P", or January 1st, 1000 B.C., the date for the birth of Zoroaster.

Zoroaster said, One thousand years after my birth you will see a star in the sky. Follow it and you will come to a manger, and there you will find me. We all know the Christmas story of the Magi (Zoroastrian priests) who followed the star and came to the manger and found the infant Jesus, bringing him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Zoroaster said he lived 3000 years before his birth,109 and 3000 years after his birth the forces of light would win over the forces of darkness. Thus one may conclude that Zoroaster was the middle Manifestation of the Adamic cycle, coming 3000 years after the Advent of Adam in 4000 B.C., the start of the Adamic cycle.

Three thousand years after the birth of Zoroaster the Adamic cycle will be ended.

In the third Overlay (of Zoroaster) there is a groove 3 P" in and 3 P" out running the entire length of the Grand Gallery in both walls. Each of these Pyramid inches represents one millennium, or 1000 years, showing that Zoroaster was the middle Manifestation. The center of this groove is also half-way from the ceiling to the floor of the Grand Gallery.

Better than anybody else before or after him, Zarathushtra understood the timeless mechanisms that define the human condition. But he also understood the mechanisms by which the whole universe operates and considered the two systems, both the spiritual and the physical, to be one and the same force. Zarathushtra called this system of laws Asha.

The amazing thing is that modern science has reached exactly the same conclusions that Zarathushtra put forward some 3,700 years ago. Namely, that the universe operates, although also incorporating the element of chance, within definite laws of physics that are timeless and ever existent and that these laws have a specific purpose, namely the upholding and expansion of the universe.

Zarathushtra based his spiritual laws on his perfect understanding of the human condition. Interestingly, Zarathushtra's concept of Asha and the newly discovered laws of physics are, as we shall see, one and the same. Zarathushtra's 3,700 year-old religion is therefore not only correct in its observations of the human condition, but also in 100% agreement with the achievements of modern science. No other religion can make a similar claim.

Zarathushtra studied the human condition and reached his existentialist conclusions, which he characterized as Asha. Modern science has studied the universe both from its macro and micro perspectives and reached similar conclusions. It is therefore safe to say that the validity of Asha is reinforced on both fronts. Asha is the law according to which the universe operates but it is also the law according to which we should live our lives to be constructive and harmonious.

The fact is that if we were to invent an entirely new world religion based on modern science and in accordance with what we now know about the world, we would end up inventing something that already exists, namely Zoroastrianism. There is therefore no need to invent a New World religion. Our mission is instead to raise Zoroastrianism to its proper status as the world's dominant faith and the way forward is to go back to its roots, the message of Zarathushtra, and show the world the genius at work in The Gathas.

Looking at the concept of time, there are historically two assumptions competing. One is called circular time universe (CTU) and assumes that the universe has always existed and all events will therefore, sooner or later, return to the same position as from where they began. Time is merely an illusion. Science up to Einstein subscribed to CTU which means Western Humanism (and its alternative to religion, atheism) is based on this assumption. So are Hinduism, Buddhism and their Westernized equivalent, New Age.

The competing concept is linear time universe (LTU). The universe has indeed a beginning and possibly also an end. Time is a part, or a dimension, of the universe, rather than an illusion. Events never return to the same position again but existence is instead a constant evolution. Zarathushtra actually founded this concept and it has since been applied to the Abrahamic faiths. Therefore, these five alternatives all survive the implications of the big bang theory on their intellectual credibility.

Zoroastrianism in the 21st Century - Preparing Ourselves for Mass Conversions - Continued

2001 - Thus Spake Zarathrustra