Spirit Photos - World Trade Center Attack

Chris is a client from Staten Island. This is Chris with a spiral column of spirit to her left. Spiral rings symbolize spirit guides. This photo was taken in Brooklyn - Easter 1999. Chris' husband was killed in the WTC attack. This picture was taken in Florida - December 2001. Chris' husband, Sal, has come to speak with her in dreams. He has moved pictures, opened closets, and helped their friend Matt friend his lost credit card, which turned up on Matt's kitchen table. I have 'talked' to Sal and some of his friends who crossed over on 911. Sal was a law enforcement officer who has made a good transition to the other side. He has brought Chris and I messages of the heart and some that are humorous. We honor him and the spirits who come here each day who crossed over on 911. Chris has started an E-support group for the women who lost their husbands on 911. We are talking about me channeling their husbands in a group. OTHER SPIRIT PHOTOS WORLD TRADE CENTER INDEX ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF ALL FILES CRYSTALINKS MAIN PAGE