Terrorism at the World Trade Center

Messages From Friends and Clients

Personally I have been very lucky in that I have lost no one who is close to me - friends or family.

I am sure that many of my clients have crossed over as I can sense their energies. I know I will hear more as the weeks and months go by.

I will receive messages from them from the other side.

I have received an endless number of calls from friends, family and readers expressing their concern and best wishes in this time. I wish to thank everyone for their concern in this time of transition.

Escape From The World Trade Center - A Guiding Hand

Sunday April 7, 2002

I had a client named Diane who had a very interesting story about 911 that we wanted to share with you.

Diane's mother, Marianne, in her fifties, from Staten Island, was working on the 64th Floor of Tower One when the WTC attack occurred.

She and her secretary, Joanne, ran down the stairs, holding hands as they ran through the smoke filled stairwell.

In NYC buildings have fire drills so people are aware of where to go and what to do.

They reached the lobby and opened the door just as Tower Two was collapsing. It send smoke and debris flying everywhere. They were covered in it from head to toe and couldn't see anything.

Suddenly a woman in a salmon colored dress, with gray hair, appeared to them, and took Marianne's hand.

The woman kept saying, "Don't be afraid. Look for the light!"

The women lead them out, but not directly through the lobby. She took them all around in a circle to another part of the building.

The second Marianne and Joanne walked away with the woman, the ceiling where they had been standing collapsed.

The woman lead them to a small opening in a wall and told them to crawl through to safety. They crawled through and watched as the woman walked back into the building, never to be seen or heard from again.

As they entered the lobby area, running to safety, Marianne and Joanne had a sense of confusion and many people running around in choas, yet they saw no one there. They paniced wondered where all the people had gone!

They saw a policeman standing nearby and thought it odd that he was totally clean.

Next to him they saw a fireman covered in debris and soot. He was kicking the ground and was very very upset. The policeman just stood there staring at the fireman and smiling.

They walked up to the policeman and asked where they were as things seemed out of phase. He didn't acknowledge their presence. They ran over to the fireman and shouted, "We don't see anybody! Where is everybody?"

The fireman apparently didn't hear them either as he ignored them and kept kicking the ground.

They ran across the street in the direction of the river. There they encountered another policeman who was holding two bottles of water. He was also clean and was just standing there by himself. He gave them each a bottle of water, but said nothing else.

They continued to run until they saw other people.

Months later ...January 2002... Marianne ran into a co-worker who had many injuries in the attack and had been out of work since 911.

The woman said, "Marianne, I remember seeing you just in front of me when we ran from the building."

Marianne asked about a woman with gray hair and a salmon colored dress. She asked about the two policemen and the fireman. The woman said, "I was right behind you all the time as we ran to safety. None of those people were there. It didn't happen."

Marianne is grateful for many things - that she is alive - that Joanne is alive and had the same experiences she did - remembering the same events. Both Marianne and Joanne shared something beyond the parameters of third dimension.

As a result of this experience, Marianne is no longer afraid of death. She has seen things most of us will never encounter to be brought back as memories that can be shared with those in the physical.

From my experience with spirits since 911 - many who passed over prior to that date - were there to help and guide souls either back to 3D or safely to the other side.

The confusion of the events of 911 are a time marker on the grid. They can be experienced on many levels by those who visit the area and are of a high enough frequency to go beyond and into the grid experience.

Reality is a multidimensional illusion of which you are just aware of the tinest part. I am so greatful that the veils of the illusion are lifting and we are all moving back into greater consciousness.

As I woke up this morning - I was physically talking - which I rarely do in my sleep. I was telling someone - I have no clue who it was - "Now I have to return to ordinary people, who are dealing with ordinary problems." This was not about ego. It was about knowing that the important work we are all involved with is not in 3D - that I am busy with something very important - I don't know where - and that 3D is in some sort of 'holding pattern'.

As I got out of bed I thought, "Another day of busy work, for us humans."

But as I sat here and typed the story about Marianne and Joanne, I came to realize how lucky I am to have the experiences I do, to meet the souls I encounter in many realities, and to share with hundreds and thousands of people the experiences that are leading us from one reality to another. If just one person can connect with Marianne's story and understand it, then it is all worth it, and I am not ordinary today. What about you? Have you helped anyone? Have you done something to enlighten anyone?

Here in NY - Ground Zero moves closer to completing the cleaning-up from 911. Many streets in the area have reopened.

From Susan Wahlberg another Brooklyn psychic with whom I share similar views.

Months ago, Ellie asked me about the future war. I told her it had already begun and there was nothing we could do to stop it.

We will go to war, but not in the conventional sense which we consider warfare. It will be an economic war, but more importantly it will be a war fought underground as apposed to a land war. This war will be fought through economic means and, yes, even assassinations and flushing out of terrorist movements. However, there will be some conventional warfare to satisfy the United State's ego. Like farmers we will till the ground, in this war. We will be overturning the ground to expose and remove the dead roots and detrimental infestations.

Like the ongoing ascension we are all experiencing, this will be our plateau. It is on this ground that we will begin to plant new seeds. The World Trade Center attack is benchmark event that people hundreds of years from now will point to as being the beginning of the tilling of the new ground on which future generations will live. Just as we point to the Luisitania as being the beginning of WWI and Pearl Harbor as the beginning of WWII. Both wars clearing the way for new ways of living and being.

In the beginning of the summer I mentioned to a friend that I saw planes crashing and tremendous loss of life. I had forgotten about it until she reminded me. Like many psychics I had the sense that something big was going to happen, but side-stepped looking further in order to get out of the way of what had to happen.

I warn each and every one of you to take care. These terrorist attacks will not cease. I do not see anything as spectacular as the World Trade Center attack, but more on the level of what we see in Israel. Car bombs, bombs left in crowded locations, etc.

In a chat room, I frequent people have been talking about the ascension. What I don't think they realize is that the ascension is an on-going process. We are nearly at the next plateu. As I said before, it is on that plateu that we will build the world for our future generations. We're going through the birthing pains now. And we must continue to send out our healing and love to all people of the world in order to clear the way for this birth. And, in many ways, we need to get out of the way and let things happen.

From Adamarie in southern California

Ada is a healer and works as a direct link with God.

On Friday morning she awoke at 2:30 am to the sounds of music.The song was "Rock of Ages". The music played in her home until 3:30 pm that afternoon. Anyone could hear it.

Ada has received dozens of calls from people who don't know if missing loved ones have crossed over. She can tap in and tell them.

Others are now coming to her for different kinds of healing.

She is working to help the souls into the light.

She says that those souls who have died in the attack - cremation - have burned off their karmic ribbons and are now free.

Ada reports that with no airplanes in the air, the smog is gone. She wonders why so much blame was placed on car pollution.

Hi Ellie,

I just wanted to express the hope and healings that I'm feeling in the midst of this horrible tragedy.

Friday morning I went to volunteer my assistance in any way I could.

I ended up working on the Jersey City dock processing supplies for the WTC site.

As you know there are no words to express seeing the gaping hole in the skyline.

Because of the number of volunteers it was somewhat disorganized but everyone did whatever they could.

It was raining pretty hard most of the day. We were all soaked and shivering but no one complained.

Whatever needed to be done was done.

Mc Donalds, Burger King and others set up tents to hand out food to the workers.

A feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood permeated the place.

I made several hundred new friends that day.

Some I talked with. Some I just smiled at. Some I just felt the compassion of their hearts.

The depth and beauty of the human spirit, I lack the words to express, but I experienced it in all it's magnificence on that day.

All the information about being made in the image and likeness of the Creator, I am begining to understand it completely.

There were a lot of children working and people of all ages and races: black, white, Middle Eastern (contrary to what some of the media would have us believe), Hispanic, Asian; all working together like one body to help in any way possible.

Seeing the firemen and women return on boats from the WTC we would all stop to clap for them as they passed.

These people are true heros. looking into their eyes and seeing glimpses into these brave souls who have witnessed unimagable horror and hardship and still return the next day to do their job and further risk their lives, gave me an understanding of what a human being is actually capable of.

We all worked non-stop all day.

This morning my hands and arms hurt, I twisted my knee, my feet are killing me; but the pain feels good, almost like a purification.

We are all one life force, we have all been maimed, murdered and had out hearts broken by this and we can all heal from this together.

I don't think any of our lives will be the same.

Today every friend I encounter I realize I may never see again.

I know over time this feeling will dim as the 'day to day' filters back in but I think there will always be some part of me that will still connect what I feel today.

Just wanted to share this personal thought to you as a parent: the morning I went to Jersey City I had no idea where I would end up, I was up to help in any way that I could, the efforts of the noble firefighters really touched my soul. I was devastated.

I was pretty sure there would be no problems but you never know so I wrote a good-bye letter to my daughters just in case.

Did a lot of soul searching, told them how very deeply I cared about them, that I was fine and was doing what I wanted and needed to do and that they should look for the hope in this situation and not fall into anger. I am happy that they have always followed their own paths. I hid the letter so that it would only be found if they had to go through my possessions.

The process of composing the letter brought me to peace with my world. I know in the ensuing days I'll fall back into the day to day and forget some of what I wrote from my heart but I'm trying to keep alive what I felt when I wrote it.

You are a dear friend and I sincerely thank you for your friendship & honesty over the years and what you offer to your readers.

As I wrote this letter I remembered the cherished moments of my life which I was blessed with including the hellishly hot day I walked into a crop circle in NJ and met three wonderful new friends from Brooklyn.

That day you told my youngest daughter that she would live in and go to school in New York. I remember playing music for a bunch of people in your home, giving everything I have as a musician to such a wonderful audience and having so much fun as well as learning so much (wow! good broccoli & cheese calzones too!) the help you offered through my divorce, etc, etc.

Interesting that in the sacred geometry first there is One, Ain Soph. Than a split into two as one disintegrates, than two unite (like two towers collapsing into each other) than birth of the third from the last two.

We are progressing toward something that can be so much more wonderful and powerful.

With love,