Terrorism at the World Trade Center

Ellie's Journal - 2002

Remembering Spirit - Monday - Wednesday - March 11-13, 2002 -
Sixth Month Anniversary of the WTC Attack

Yesterday was a day of bittersweet memories for those who experienced 911 here in New York and around the world.

After the silent prayer in the morning, I went out to run a few errands. People everywhere were talking about the memorial service around the city and what 911 meant to them. There was a strong feeling of union of souls. I do not know of one person who did not have an emotional experience linked to these events. Once again, we wept together, if only during the moments of silent prayer.

Though I did not experience any person loss of 911 - I have come to know many of the families and feel connected to them. It has been a difficult 6 month that seems to have moved quickly. All of Time appears to be moving quickly as we move through 2002.

I spent the afternoon with clients talking with their loved ones who had crossed over and came to visit us in a sea of spirit that seemed endless.

The smell of perfume filled my house most of the day. I was shown roses and given information about my work here.

I saw symbols of fire hats, hoses, badges, a fire hydrant in which water gushed forth in full force, all covered in black soot.

Some of those who came to me spoke of the time events of the 911 as if they were still in that timeframe. Perhaps they are as there is no time where they exist. One soul showed me a flying dinosaur who was really mean looking as he flew from east to west carrying a human in his mouth. Yuch! There were other symbols of death and destruction that referenced the events of 911 and the airplane that crashed in Queens on its way to the Dominican Republic. I kept here a groups of voices say, "Dominico, Dominico" then I realized it was the flight to the Dominican Republic and the souls from that flight were caught up in this energy field.

As the Twin Towers of Light were turned on for the first time, I stood on my terrace and watched the lights rise in the sky. Though I stood there in a fleece jacket, rather than a winter coat, I felt warm and in the energies of Spirit.

From my vantage point, the Tribute in Light appeared as One Light that rose from the planet and seemed to come in my direction ended not far from my home. I realized that this was just an optical illusion - then again everything is created from EM energies of light - and in truth it is ALL about illusion and seeing past illusion.

I watched as airplanes flew not far from the twin beams of lucky and could only imagine the energies and the excitement of those now in an airplane flying into / near this energy. I did a remote view and saw the pilot and passengers looking on in awe. As you know i like to see things from above - I wished I could be there with them to experience as it seems natural to me.

As the two beams of light rose to their highest points in the sky, they joined with some overhead clouds and appeared to me as a ball of light. Was I supposed to see this as Source?

I stood there connecting with the thousands of souls on the other side who had come to share in this moment. There was so much energy it was difficult to tell if these souls were in 3D or on the other side - yet it didn't matter. We exchanged energies and activated something within each of us that created some sort of unity.

For some souls who had crossed over it seemed a time of releasing and understanding they were free to move into the Light. How symbolic I thought as I stood there embraced in the energies of Spirit.

Then I realized something else - in duality of our experience there is always positive and negative to all things. Though this will free many souls over the next month - and bring release to those left behind - it also had brought back souls who crossed over and made peace with this. They were in turmoil once again - as if reliving the events of 911.

Ad on September 11th - I saw thousands of souls moving through tunnels of light in confusion.

I knew what we must do . . . we must take this month to help all of the souls caught up in this energy - to find their way out and be free.

As I stood - I called Z and watched as he opened a huge portal in which spirit could move in and out making peace with those here and the destinies they had chosen when they left on 911.

Over the last 6 months of talking to those who crossed over - I have come to realize that on the soul level - each soul was ready to leave. Most are enlightened and working on that which we can only sense is coming while still in our physical bodies.

From the other side, these souls guide us - not just their loved ones - but those who need their help. They are joined by many of the souls who who crossed over in the past 6 months and other who left before and waited for them There is a special energy with these souls - as if they are on a mission.. they do experience a separation and try to comfort those in 3D - yet they seem to be united in a special way - one that we can only speculate on while in 3D consciousness.

In dreamtime and meditation we can better understand what is happening - we are spiraling upward and returning to higher frequency.

They have found their chosen purpose and in many ways have surpassed anything they could have accomplished while in a physical body.

Many of us find that we have one foot (sole - soul) in this reality and one in another. This feeling ill increase. we are moving into the light - the twin towers of light.

The memorial Sphere was dedicated. I remembering seeing it in the WTC when I would visit.

The sphere is part of the shapes of creation. The Sphere is the primordial egg - the cell/egg divides and becomes two spheres between which an oval is formed. This is called the Vesica Pisces = oval openings of the body such as the penis and the eye.

This is the 3 into 1 theory - linked with the triangle - the vagina - birth - creation. Also linked with the Great Pyramid which holds our illusion of physical Time and Space in place. As is above - So is below - our Merging / Spiraling DNA. How nicely the pieces of the puzzle are coming together at this Time - just as they were meant to! What is better still - is the fact that so many people understand what is evolving.

We also have evolving Digital Codes such as 553 which is the code for our physical program. I received this email from one of our readers:

Dear Ellie,

I also watched the 911 documentary Sunday night. Did you notice that the last fireman to return to the house had the number 553 on his hat? I felt it very significant and it made me think of you.

Take care,


Terrorism at the World Trade Center

Ellie's Journal - 2002

Multidimensional Experiences of Soul - Wed. March 13th

Yesterday the energies once again were very high as I read with clients and talked to spirits.

The visitors to Crystalinks numbered over 500,000 as readers search for answers in many different ways.

We are growing spiritual but not by an religious doctrine but by our our innate guidance, which always has the answers we search for as we each find out journey into awareness.

I did not smell flowers yesterday - [flowers=flower of life=creation].

Instead there was the smell of something burning. The smell started in the late afternoon with the last client - and lingered for some time. It was an odd smell but I felt it was linked to those who have passed over from the WTC attack - most likely the firemen. My client was not linked to them. I knew it was about souls trying to make a point and tell me to write this today.

I spoke with a friend who investigates haunted places like Gettysburg, Va. - where there have been great battles - and souls - in the form of ghosts - are known to relive the battles over and over again. [In the three-day Battle of Gettysburg the Confederates lose 1/3 of their troops as casualties - 3903 dead, 18,735 wounded, and 5425 missing. The North, out of 88,289 men, sustain a total of 23,049 casualties.]

The Old West, Civil war, and the Germany WW ll reality grids are close enough to our reality grid to 'bleed through' allowing us to see events occurring there.

  • Haunted Battlefields
  • Haunted Battlefields of England
  • Battle of the Little Bighorn

    These are places where the events that are taking place - are so strong they create hallmarks on the grids which replay over and over again - like a program that is stuck - or a broken record. We are drawn to these places by our souls when we are ready to experience the paranormal.

    As there is a reason for all things - part of the reason we experience ghostly manifestations is another way to open our awareness and raise our frequencies. They soul find many ways for us to see beyond the veil of illusion - some souls like ghosts. Whatever works! We select our way into higher awareness and go experience. It is going to happen for you now one way or another depending on your emotional, spiritual, and mental experiences. You cannot say, "I want this experience" and it will happen! Your soul decides that for you. I often ask to physically meet with an evolved entity to learn beyond 3D - to meet someone like an ET - but it has never happened because it is not part of my experience yet! I understand that this would mean moving through grids - but why not? It all seems so close now! The thought of spending years here - in this limited awareness - is beyond anything that I can think of as my future reality. So now I wait.

    Whatever road your soul chooses for its experiences into higher awareness - is what you will manifest in 3D. You will attract it by synchronicity.

    Certain events replay in the 'space' they originally occurred, due to the powerful electromagnetic energies needed when they 'originally' happened. This usually connects with great battles or other places where great emotional are played out for the soul to experience - such as a murder.

    Yet if all things are happening at the same time - these are 'places' where we can understand that the events we witness are not in the past but are just a peek into other grid realities that are occurring simultaneously.

    Most of the people who are drawn to these areas - and witness the replay of these events - are playing roles in both realities. They are observing themselves in the battle - where the emotions run high!

    With the Civil war - many people have found physical proof that they played roles in that timeline - now they have to understand that they are playing roles here and there simultaneously.

    I know this gets confusing to some people - but it is what occurs. We loop and weave and bob through realities all the time. Nothing is what it appears. We have no idea what is going on most of the time, though many of us are starting to understand.

    I believe that things should flow easily and so I don't worry about these amtters in my 'Ellie body'. I do as guided here and listen to the Z - most of the time.

    You may not hear your guide but you do hear your inner thoughts - so listen to them. All is experience and we are learning and understanding more each day. I sometimes wonder that if there were great spiritual teachers - not the channeled stuff - why don't they just manifest and teach us. The answer comes back that we are here for the journey. Why don't I buy that?

    Many people are getting glimpses of themselves and others in different realities that are positive ways. It doesn't all have to be about issues and learning lessons, but usually it is as that is what the 3D experience is about.

    A reader named Ann told me that she was looking at the fireplace in her home in California and physically saw a woman in another reality hanging wet clothes up to dry on a clothes line on a sunny day. Ann could see the woman clearly - standing in what is her fireplace in our reality - but the woman seemed unaware of Ann. We are raising our frequencies in order to have other soul experiences.

    In a follow-up Email from Ann:

    Dear Ellie,

    When I saw the woman, I had just leased the spectacular home, belonging to a real estate broker. The broker had lived in the house for twenty years prior to moving away, leasing the house to me. I had lived there for less than one month during time of fireplace/vision.

    Shortly after vision, I casually shared this with owner (when she called). I had absolutely no idea that the owner had taken care of her mother in this house, who passed over after a long illness. They were very lovingly close.

    After the mother crossed over, the daughter (devastated) moved, deciding to lease home. The description of woman, hanging of clothes (which was typical of her mother) was to her, a message that she must return to this house to work out issues with her mother, to help her move on. I understood.

    Another home for SALE became available within the very NEXT day which was perfect for me in every way! Escrow went smoothly... all perfect!

    As my soul will allow, I am paying attention to everything, since reading your work!




    You know we are having many experiences in different bodies - at the same time. Some of you have seen this with past life regressions, remote views, in dreams and meditations, through your channeling of art, music, and creative writing. You connect with aspects of your soul - good or bad. It is about experience never about judgment.

    Now how does this apply to the souls lost in the WTC?

    For one thing, many souls from that experience have moved on as they have no need to remain in that 'space' and replay the events. This depends on what their souls want to experience. Each soul lost on Sept. 11th has their own agenda. It is the same as in 3D. Some souls dwell in issues and never see the light while other face issues and move past them quickly.

    Being 'stuck in the tunnel' - as some people referred to the souls crossing over on 911 - and the days and weeks that followed - did occur - but souls found their way out.

    Analogy: There is a subway fire with lots of smoke in 3D. People to rush through the blinding smoke to find their way out. They eventually see a light at the end of the tunnel. They move towards the light and find their way to safety. In one scenario they could remain in the tunnel - cross over and chose to replay the incident over and over. They could remain in 3D and be rescued. Or they could be tired, cross over and move on. There are an endless number of options.

    As I have talked to the souls in my time here - it is all about experiencing and overcoming Fear and learning to Trust that you are more than what you are experiencing at this moment in time.

    On September 11th - our firefighters were the heroes who lead souls to safety in 3D and on the other side. They got past fear and saved more souls than you are aware.

    The souls who remain 'stuck in the tunnel' on 911 - had to first realize what had happened - that they were indeed on the other side - and that they had to find their way into another experience all the while trying to comfort those they loved who were left behind in a state of shock that will take a long time, if ever, to overcome.

    Many readers lost friends and family that day or the days that followed. Almost all of them have been contacted by the soul that crossed over - usually in dreamtime. Some people are annoyed that they have not as yet remembered dreaming about their loved one. It will happen or the soul will make itself know to them one way or another.

    Then there is this to ponder - there are those of us in 3D who can biolocate - so can a soul on the other side. Many times I have sat here typing at 5 am and yet readers have written me that at the same time I have been with them in their dreams doing some sort of spiritual work one another.

    The experience of soul in the astrals - a faster vibrational frequency just above 3D - like moving to the 4th floor - still carries some of the emotional imprints the soul had in 3D. Souls may lose their physical bodies but there is often an attachment to the emotional body which seems to linger.

    I have spent my life talking to spirits and spirit guides and angels, etc. - and I can tell you they carry personality traits with them into other realities. I guess that is why people are trying so hard in 3D to heal and release issues and move past the illusion. Just let it go. Don't take it with you when you leave 3D.

    The events of 911 were so horrific - they now become a hallmark on the grids and will be replayed over and over and over, for those who visit the scene. Some souls will remain stuck in that experience - but that is their choice. There will be ghosts and ghostly photos in different places. New buildings will be erected but they will have portals in which ghosts will be seen and heard.

    A souls trapped in the WTC events - can leave a small portion of their soul there to experience - replaying the events over and over - while another part of the soul moves on to comfort us or to help in others ways on the other side.

    The lesson here is about seeing that none of us is just one soul in one body.

    If we have lost someone during the WTC attack - we will allow them their experience as they will allow us our time here to grieve and heal. We are sharing emotional experiences with that soul on many levels and we will understand with all the Love and Compassion that we have - that we remain connected and will find our way back to them. We will weep and we will pray. We will mourn and we will love. We will open our hearts - which are our souls - for that is how we remain connected to them. Their loss is part of us opening up our awareness and raising our frequencies so that we may better understand who they are - who we are - what this experience is all about - and where it is going.