Wheels of Karma - Cycles of Time

I see the wheel of karma like the gears on a watch -
they represent the Cycles of Time
The cycles of your soul's experiences
are happening all at once
and working in synchronicity.

As they move in synch -
you experience on different levels
all of which interact and are viewed
as the Wheel of Time.

The symbol of the 12 spoked wheel is
repeated in the program's geometry.

Clocks - Calendars - All metaphors of creational geometry.

Metatron's Cube - Wheels Within Wheels - creating cycles of reality - 12

Click the wheel to enter the game

On the matter of karmic lessons - or what some people in metaphysics call 'soul contracts' - these are my thoughts.

I used to believe that we came in with certain lesson based on what we are doing in the other 'gears' - 'aspects' of the wheel of time.

I no longer believe that. I never believed in soul contracts. When people mention that to be - my soul shutters - as says, "That is what the program wants us to believe. It simply isn't true!"

So what do we come in for the experiences we have? For just that reason . . . to experience.

Just as on this level - third dimension - if we could figure out how to get out of this program and into another - or back to source (this is not about dying as that is just another illusion of the program and which us trapped in the game) - then we have beat the game. The idea of karma keeps us trapped in the game.

I say it is about Time and stopping the Clock - Wheel of Karma. The Wheel of Karma - like a Ferris Wheel - comes to and end and souls see the truth behind the illusion - game - program.

We all quest for our truths as we are guided. One day you stop questing within the program and want to open the door and see what's out there.