Creating Web Sites as Therapy

Creating Web Sites as Therapy

The Internet seems to be overrun with websites - millions added daily - I am told.

There are business web sites created by professionals.

But then there are personal web sites which can be therapeutic.

A personal web site usually starts out as a means for the writer to heal issues - or write in a creative fashion without anyone judging what they are doing.

Most of us have stories we want to share and no way of expressing them to the general public. We all have a story in our soul - mostly about our lives and what we have experienced in our current timelines.

Some people publish books on the Internet because the odds of finding a publisher in this day and age - if you have not been published before - is very low.

Some people self- publish, just to say that have a published book - but it is hard to sell anything that way, when no one has heard of you.

Most of use - don't care to write an entire book.

We just wait to express our emotions on paper and move past them in that way.

Along comes the perfect tool- the Home Page - Web Site!

The writer can pour their heart out with poetry - narrative - screen play form, etc.

To further embellish what the writer has created are the creative extras one can use to on the website.

Many of us have creative skills that we haven't had the chance to develop - art, music, graphics, it is limitess if you want to take the time to search out what you need. It is all there - most of it for free.

Once the writer has the storyline down they can find beautiful designer backgrounds, images, music (midi or wav files), design their Logos - an endless number of things that open the right/creative sides of the brain.

In this regard - the website is now an expression of the 'inner poet' of the person!

Though new users to the Internet may be intimiated by the constant changes - never seeing themselves able to create what they soon on other web sites - there are easy wasy to do this if you have the time and wish to create.

When I began Crystalinks in 1994 I knew it would always be a 'work in progress' as it daily updates and just keeps growing.

The journey has more wonderful than I can express on paper.

I have have come full circle in my work - have met incredible people - all done from my home.

I look forward to new adventures for Crystalinks.

If you have a story to tell - images to put up - a poem - a short article - begin with your text - then see about the free web sites available. You will enjoy this project!

Most web sites are works in progress - just as we are.

Enjoy what you create.

Don't get frustrated with Internet server problems.

Don't set deadlines.