Weaving The Fabric of Time Dressing For The Part

The fabric of time is a tapestry of our reality. It's threads are woven into everything we do and how we look. The fabric is spun into the 'wheel of time-karma'. Spinning is the way our souls weave in and out of this reality.

Our DNA spins - spirals - weaves through

all that we are and all that we do.

The patterns of reality weave together through history, science, humanities, religion, spirituality - dynamic global patterns of our cycles of existence - ever changing - ever creating a new fabric of Time.

Myths of weaving exist around the world

as metaphors for creation.

We weave the web - a patchwork of reality -

that which which creates from one source to which it will one day return.

We weave patterns through grids that create our reality.

We are Spirit having a physical experience.

We wevae this into conscious awareness through electromagnetic energy grids - in spiral patterns - Phi Ratio - Fibernacci.

We are the weavers.

We sometimes connect by

Angel Hair.

Our physical bodies give us shape and form to bring us to that end. We manifest these bodies for what seems like a period of time - then we shed them and move back to our spirit state. We move in and out of physical forms - just as quickly as we change clothes. We change the style of body - just as we do with clothing - based on the role we are playing. We can be casual - corporate - sexy - drab - flamboyant - whatever role suits us.

The colors you chose for your clothing each day - also reflect your soul's expression for that day. What color are you wearing now?

Don't you feel differently when you dress in different styles? You become different characters in the scenarios of characters you will play while in your present physical form. The way you dress changes your energies - just as the physical form you assume when you come into 3D shapes your personality. Much about physical forms can be altered - if you chose to. This includes - your weight - eye glasses - hair style and color (I think the way you wear your hair is most important) - facial hair styles for men - the way you 'walk' - etc.

Now - more than ever before - an internal feeling iof changing who you are into something that fits better is happening. The old clothing is getting outworn and outmoded. It doesn't always fit - or you find that you have to make major adjustments to fit into your natural form.

Please relax and try this . . .

If you could dress in any manner right now - as you sit there - what do you see yourself wearing today? In what period of history are you? What are you doing? Why do you think you need to wear that clothing today? Would you like to look like this all the time - or is it a temporary situation?

If you can draw - just a tiny bit - take a paper and pencil and try some automatic writing.

Just move your hand over the page and allow yourself to first draw the body - even a basic figure - then dress that person. Don't think about it - or judge the art work. Just quickly watch your hand draw - the right brain will do the rest. Perhaps that which you draw will have no physical form at all! You may be surprised what you get! You may find it funny - or find a hidden message!

Crystalinks - Spider Woman
Weaving - Art and Folklore