Water: Metaphysics - Amphibious Gods

In metaphysics water represents the flow of the collective mind - the collective unconscious.

it teaches us that our reality is forever changing - never to become what it once was.

Our souls guide us to live in or near water. We are comfortable and relaxed staring out at calm waters.

Ocean sounds are helpful in meditations.

The ancients used water as part of Initiation rites.

Water is linked with Aquarius - the water bearer - the moon - lunar energies and tides - the feminine aspects of our souls which represent higher frequency consciousness - to which we are now returning.

One can peer into a basin of water - wait a few minutes - then see images appear within the water. This is an ancient form of divination.

We were supposedly born from the waters - evolution from the sea - which links with aquatic creational forces - Nommos.

Certain holy water is said to have healing properties. Water is often used in healing and sacred ceremonies. Places that contain healing water or natural spirngs / wells / baths - are found in many areas of the planet.

There are those who believe in the healing properties of water found in Turkey. They call it Super Ionized Water. [I do not endorse products].

Physical therapists use water with their patients.

When reality changes with speak of water as freezing - an Ice Age - in which consciousness shift from one program of reaity to another.

This is also seen in the metaphoric tales of Noah's Ark - Flood Stories from around the World

We search for evidence of water off planet in places like Jupiter's Moon / Satellite - Io and evidence of canals on Mars.

End time prophecies often speak of great cataclysms in which the waters of the planet will flow over the Earth destroying civilizations - forming new coastlines - after which new civilizations will emerge.

Mythology speaks of mermaids and mermen who live in the sea.

iIn folklore Mermaids and Mermen are sea-dwelling creature commonly represented as having the head and body of a woman or man and a fishtail instead of legs. Belief in mermaids, and their counterpart, mermen, has existed since earliest times. They are often described as having great beauty and charm, which they use to lure sailors to their deaths. In some legends they assumed human shape and married mortals.

Phoenecian relief from the Palace of Sargon c. 700BC, the merman figure can be seen in the top left corner.

Atlantis supposedly submerged in the sea.

Many believe in subterreanean civilizations that live in or under the sea.

In every pantheon of creational gods and goddesses there were gods of the sea. Ancient Civilizations


The mitre on the head of the goddess Cybele is striking similarity to the 'fish head' of the God Dagon. The Great Goddess of Asia Minor is the oldest true Goddess known, predating the Goddesses of the Sumerian and Egyptians by at least 5,000 years. Cybele was worshipped in Rome and was also called the "Magna Mater", or the great queen mother goddess, which evolved into Catholic Mariology.

Enki or Ea-in

Sumer where kingship first descended from heaven.
EA was thought to live in the 'Apsu' or submarine palace.
Zoroaster can be seen above the amphibious gods


The Chinese have maintained that their civilization was founded by amphibious beings that had a man's head and a fish tail. The entity, named Fuxi, has been depicted as both male or female. The date traditionally ascribed to him is 3,322BC - again we are back to the same timeline as the ancient civilizations - Sumer - Egypt - Dogon.

The six-sided or hexagram star is revered as a religious symbol
by the Hebrews who call it the Seal of Solomon, and the Hindus
who call it the Mark of Vishnu, a god-man who was half-man, half-fish.

Dagon or Atargis

Dagon was the god of the Philistines. The idol was represented in the combination of both man and fish. The name 'Dagon' is derived from 'dag' which means 'fish'. Although there was a deep affection from Dagon's worshippers to their deity, the symbol of a fish in human form was really meant to represent fertility and the vivifying powers of nature and reproduction. His name is a lot like 'Dogon'. [Cybele and Dagon and Zoroaster they are the same soul.]


Nereus was an ancient sea god with prophetic powers and the ability to change his shape. Nereus mated with one of the Oceanids (Doris) and became the father of fifty daughters called Nereids [nee're-idz]; three of these are important: Thetis [thee'tis], Galatea [gal-a-tee'a], and Amphitrite [am-fi-treye'tee]. Nereids are beautiful and often, but not always, depicted as mermaids; and usually they can shange their shape.

Nommos - Dogon Tribe

The Nommo are suposedly as amphibious beings sent to Earth from the Sirius star system for the benefit of humankind. They look like Merfolk; Mermaids and Mermen.


The Repulsive or Repellent Ones - a demon - the fish-men who the Babylonians said brought them civilization. The first and most famous was called Oannes or Oe, who was thought to have come from a 'great egg'. This one during the day stayed on the surface among people, but for all the night he had to go into the sea. He, with other similar beings called Annedotus, is the creator of the Babylonian civilization (Berosso). Later Oannes will become the Fish-God for the Philistines.

Poseidon - the mighty god of the seas

Skylla, who had a dog head and eat the sailors.
Her name comes from skylax ("young dog").
Greeks called the shark "skylion".


'Proteus' was an ancient sea-god and the herdsman of Poseidon's seals. Like the other sea-gods he had the gift of prophecy and the ability to change his shape at will. He used to rest in caves to 'shelter from the heat of the star Sirius'. He was a son of Neptune and subject to the sea god Poseidon, and his dwelling place was either the island of Pharos, near the mouth of the Nile River, or the island of Carpathus, between Crete and Rhodes. He knew all things--past, present, and future--but would not share his knowledge unless compelled by a captur who could restrain the God--no matter what forms he might assume.


Triton - son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, a Merman, human above the waist, fish-shaped below (many male deities of the deep are often so depicted). His most distinguishing characteristic was that he blew on a conch shell and thus he was known as the trumpeter of the sea.



Iris - Many were the progeny of the sea; some of them we shall meet later in saga, for example the Graeae, Gorgons, and the Harpies. Progeny of the sea often appear grotesque or fantastic. At this point, however, we single out only Iris [eye'ris], a beautiful descendant of Pontus and Gaia. Iris, fleet-footed and winged, is the lovely goddess of the rainbow, the meaning of her name. She is also (like Hermes) a messenger of the gods, only Iris often becomes the particular servant of Hera. Aristotle's friend, Eudoxus, visited Egypt and returned claiming that the Egyptians had a tradition that one of their gods, Osiris or Ra (from Ray of Light), could not walk because his legs had grown together.

Osiris was the god of the the Dead . He is a god of agriculture, for his death and resurrection are like those of a seed, cast in to the dark earth, motionless. New life breaks through its husk to push its way to the surface of the earth as a green shoot. He became one of the most important of Egyptian gods because he symbolized the triumph of life over death. He has never been shown with the body of a fish.

The God Ra has taken endless forms. He usually appears as a man with the head of a hawk and a sun-disk which is encircled by a cobra. Over time, many other gods were assimilated to him: such as Atum-Re, Amun-Re. Mythology has it that human beings were created from the tears of Ra. The god Ra is the same soul who played the main god in all of the mythological stories/tales of creation.

There are many metaphors in these tales, placed there so you can understand the patterns of creation and how our 3D reality works. Every Creational Myth has the same metaphors, because everything you experience is created by the same patterns that repeat over and over and over. The math is called Sarced Geometry. The repeating patterns are called fractals.

View our reality as a giant computer program that you have created. You set up the basic mathematics for your program. You enter the program into your computer based on your original blueprint or design. You now use this design to create endless other programs as long as they remain with the geometry of your original design.

You want your program to have many levels of reality because you know that you play in different realities other than 3D - such as your dreams. You create a multi-level or multi-dimensional program.

This is how the 3D part of your program works. Third dimension is based on electromagnetic (EM) energy. All physical things consist of EM energies. We see this in our aura.

EM energy consist of polarities - the north and the south pole - like magnets.

Our planet has poles - opposites - as does everything else in this universe.

We call these opposites by many names - male/female - yin/yang - good/evil - God/Devil or Trickster or Magician, etc.

Magnetics = magnets = magic = magician = Merlin = EM energies. This all creates illusions because that is what the Magician does. He uses his wand/rod/cane/pole =polarities - to perform his tricks.

In magic one should never believe what one seems for all reality is the illusion. Magical tales is very popular these days in movies, TV, books, alien encounters, etc We seek beyond the knowledge of the illusion - 3D. We seek to out fox the Trickster and win the game - once we have learned the rules and how he performs his tricks.

In the end, it is all a cycle of time - that is now coming feel circle - back to source. It all comes back to creation through electromagnetic pyramidal (3=manifestation in the physical) energy grids that spiral into consciousness from higher frequencies.

The Dogon were the one of the Keepers of the Codes linked to metaphoric tales of creation. This knowledge was to be brought forth at a time when humanity was ready to understand the nature of their existence in third dimension.

The Internet would come into existence around that time, to share help spread the knowledge to the world.