We all epxerience many changes in our lives that affect our perceptions of reality and how we wish to respond to it.

Looking at life through the eyes of the child is not the same as that of the teenager, nor the adult.

We constantly shift our conscious aware based on the belief systems that in the same frequency as that which we desire to experience.

We all experience on many levels of reality at the same time,your dream time experiences are proof of that.

As you read this now an aspect of your soul is experiencing in third dimension and has found this file because another aspect of itself has send it here to learn more about itself and its potential unencumpbered by 3D parameters.

The soul comes into third dimension to experience emotions. These emotions range from lowest frequency levels - fear, anger, hated, depression, etc. - to highest frequencies levels - love, compassion, self-realization, etc.

As we experience our soul often reaches a place where it decides to let go of lower frequency and move into higher emotions.

Some people can do this consciously while others have experienced so much pain in 3D which has made them lost and dysfunctional, they need a vehicle through which they can make this exchange and completely let go of the old experiences.

They can create (we create everything that happens to us) - an accident or illness causing a NDE (Near Death Experience) or breakdown of some sort in which they see one aspect of their soul 'leaving' so another can enter.

They have left behind their lower frequency emotions and moved to a place in which that can help and heal other and humanity. They may see this as another aspect of who they are - or as another soul coming into them.

This is not about ET's. This is about one soul have many experiences and being aware of them.

However this exchange is perceived, the experiences of lower level emotions have given way to higher ferquency.

This is not to be mistaken for psychological disorders such multiple personality disorder.


Wanderers are thought of as lost souls searching for answers in third dimension that are not in this reality.

" Most of these souls simply can't find their mission or any reason to be here, no matter how good their lives may be going.

They feel a connection to another reality that always beckons them to return there.

The greater part of their conscious is not in 3D frequency, but elsewhere, yet somewhere they have stumbled into this space to experience.

Once that experience is over, they feel trapped here and can't remember how to get back to where their soul is havingits greatest experience.

This other place is a parallel experience often thought of as another planet or dimension as the soul is experience in that place at the same time it is here.

The part of the soul in that reality tugs on its 3D Earth counterpart in 3D and says, "Come back! What are you doing there? That place is too confusing - the frequency is not right. You don't belong there nor with the people around you."

It is like waking up in a strange place and feeling disoriented - thinking you are in a dream world.

This will cause the soul to have illnesses - both emoional which will manifest as physical - it breaks down - then it leaves.

In truth all of reality is a dream and illusion created by your thoughts to experience.