The Waiting Feeling

Do you feel like your soul is waiting for something?

Is time running out?

Are the grids moving from physical

to blue crystals of light?

Is this a personal or a global transformation - or both?

Is the game about to end?

Is the story reaching its final chapter?

Is it your story? What does the last chapter say?

Are you waiting for something celestial to happen?

UFO? Celestial alignment? Return of a Creator?

Are you waiting for your physical body - wood - tree of life

to transform into a body of higher light molecules?

Many people are experiencing a feeling of great change that will happen in the not-too-distant future.

When you look at the time lines - it is as if we are moving towards a point that will send us spiraling back through fibonacci - up into the spiral of consciousness - to source.

Recently I read a man who is moving into higher frequency and finding 3D meaningless though his physical life is in balance.

What I 'saw' was his soul represented as twin water faucets that were merging together - this is the time of merging - as is above - so is below.

His name is ADAM.

His sign is Cancer - July 1962 = 9 !

Adam has completed his karma and is now 'coasting' and waiting like the rest of us!

As with many other clients and friends at this time - Adam sees other aspects of himself in higher frequencies - such as a someone on a UFO.

More and more people are waiting for a UFO or something like that to return for them!

We are returning not going forward.

We are moving backwards through the spirals of awareness.

It is difficult to make plans when you are moving backwards - not in physical 3D but in consciousness.

Reverse is chaotic.

I can feel it also - and I am not into aliens - though something from a higher realm calls to me.

It must be Z!