The Veils of Illusion

The veils of illusion are part of the program of our reality. They are the mystique - the magic - that tells us that anything is possible.

Many things veil our understanding until we learn to see beyond our five physical senses.

Veils allow us to open the right brain and create that which is hidden from our physical senses.

Mysteries are veiled in secrets. Many of us like the secrets as part of the game. We ask, "What is really going on here?" as we seek to find what is hidden behind the veil.

Veiled in the metaphors of reality is the truth about who we are.

The 'spaces between' the grid programs are veiled by our thoughts which are bound within physical illusion.

Veils hide or distort the truth about something we will come to understand as we search for the true purpose for our physical experience here.

One of the most important parts of our journey is to transcend the veils of the illusion that our minds create in third dimension.

In the beginning all was shown, but as our consciousness spiraled downward to lower and lower frequencies, human consciousness forgot the simplest of concepts - the nature of who we are.

Eventually we move to the slowest moving frequency - we hit bottom - and just like a parachute in reverse - (we are going in reverse now) - we are quickly spiraling upward to our creation.

With each turn of the spiral we move through the veils that once blocked our view.

Then see the veils as slowly rising - things becoming clear and making sense in a multidimensional way.

As old veils slipped away, sometimes we create new ones in their place - as the move into conscious awareness is like a chess game - sometimes we move forward - but other times we move sideways or backwards - yet all the while moving across the game board - in search of the opponent's Queen - the return of the feminine energies. This is the Game and how we must play it!

The light shines on the right/feminine side of HER face
piercing the veil of illusion as SHE awakens within each of us.

Sometimes photos veil who we really are.

Z veiling E The feminine is on the right. The masculine is on the left.

The viels of illusion have lifted from the right side of my face and are moving away from the left side as we move into enlightenment. This was taken at Nikki and Ryan's Wedding In Newport September 29, 2001 - two week after the fall of the Twin Towers.

Our dreams and meditations are veiled with symbols or archetypes that we create in a higher frequency as a game to help us connect with the other side.

We spend much time analyzing our dream symbols in search of higher truths and deeper meanings to this life experience.

As we evolve, we understand how to move through the veils and work within the framework of the dream - lucid dreaming.

Glass in the form of a lens through which we peer out at reality - is a veil.

Lenses create illusion and veil reality.

The lens of a camera can be used to that end. This technique is used in the film industry all the time. The lens of the camera can create a veil that softens the harshness of reality through a filter. They can change the impact of what you are seeing by changing the colors of a lens. Viewing the same scene through different color lenses - will have different effects on your physical body, mind and soul. It can make you believe whatever it wishes you to believe.

A veil adds mystery to a scene or image.

The physical eye has a lens which actually sees things upside down while the brain veils the image by reversing it so we can see it in a way that makes sense in third dimension.

The contact lens lifts the veil so we can see clearly through blurred eyes.

Both physically and metaphysically speaking - the lens of the 'third eye' - which is the pineal gland and is an actual eye with a lid - located at the center of the brain - attempts to see passed the veil of the physical eye and into the realms of higher frequency. We call this clairvoyance. When we open that eye - we see past the veil.



Flowing water can veil many secrets in a waterfall

but sometimes the entire waterfall is veiled.

Lifting the Veils to Create Union of Man and Woman in Balance

Ryan and Nikki - Newport - September 29, 2001

A veil can be an enticing part of the illusion as females cast their wiles upon males.

When all the veils in the program are finally lifted - the female energies - now veiled - will be revealed and will merge with their male counterparts.


The Dance of the Seven Veils

Salom� was the daughter of King Herod Philip (d. AD 34) ruler of Palestine and Herodias.

As the story goes: Salom� danced before King Herod Antipas, Tetrarch of Galilee (in the Castle of Machaerus) who was the incestuous lover of Herodias (Herod's Niece and Salome's Mother) to get what she wanted. Herod Antipas (BC-d.AD 39) loved her exotic dancing and would do just about anything to watch Salom� dance. John the Baptist was publicly disgracing Herodias (Wife of Herod Phillip, Antipa's half Brother) for Incest and Adultery.

Herodia's hated John and wanted Antipas to silence him. Herod would not hear of it and almost teased her with him. On Antipas's Birthday, Salom� danced before Herod and to fulfill his promise to Salom� (Matt. xiv. 7), to give her whatever she wanted, she asked for the Head of John The Baptist, to please her mother Herodias.

Herod preferred to commit a murder rather than to break his vow and disappoint his mistress. Salom� would later marry Phillip, her father. Thus the Biblical story of Salom� and John the Baptist (Matthew 14:6-8, Mark vi, 17-29, Jos. Ant XVIII, v 1-4 and St. Luke in the New Testament).

Salom� became the symbol of a sexually demonic women, as well as having had overtones of incest, sadism and depravity which you can see in many art pieces of years past, such as Gustave Moreau's painting, (1874-86) "Salom� Dancing Before Herod."

Salom�'s dance was very beautiful, but because of what she did with her beauty and power of dance, most writers and movie producers gave it a more evil overtone. Salom� and the 'Dance of the Seven Veils' are basically the same thing.

Oscar Wilde's play "Salom�" was banned in England and later re-produced in Paris by Sarah Bernhardt in 1894, then later a performance of Salom� was in 1896 in Paris at the de l'ceuvre theater. The Salom� Dance was made popular by Gertrude Hoffman in the early nineteen hundreds. It has been said that "Mademoiselle Dazie" introduced the "Salom� Dance" in 1907, However Maude Allan made her debut acting and dancing Salome in the "Vision Of Salom�" in 1903.

Striptease, Belly dancing and the "Dance of the Seven Veils" are linked to the dance of Salom�. The dance of the Seven Veils is basically a Belly dance routine today and is considered very seductive, using veils, removed one at a time.

On the descent to the Underworld, the Goddess Ishtar has to remove her powers/attributes, one at a time at each of the Seven gates to descend, this passage depicts the removal of the Veils.

SALOME is based on the 'Welcoming Back' of ISHTAR - INANNA- ISIS
Also Known as Astarte, Ashtar, and Aphrodite among other names.


Cylinder Seal - Mesopotamia - 1,000 BC

The most widely worshiped goddess in Babylonian and Assyrian religion. She was worshiped under various names and forms.

As a goddess, Ishtar was the Great Mother, the goddess of fertility and the queen of heaven. On the other hand, her character had destructive attributes; she was considered, especially by the Assyrians, a goddess of hunting and war and was depicted with sword, bow, and quiver of arrows.

Among the Babylonians, Ishtar was distinctly the mother goddess and was portrayed either naked and with prominent breasts or as a mother with a child at her breast. As goddess of love she brought destruction to many of her lovers, of whom the most notable was her consort Tammuz, the Babylonian counterpart of Adonis. One of the most famous of the Babylonian legends related the trials of her descent into the underworld in search of her lover Tammuz and her triumphant return to earth. In Sumerian religion, where her cult probably originated, she was called Inanna or Innina.


Cylinder Seal - Sumerian and Akkadian - 3000 B.C. to 1750 B.C.
Ishtar With Winged Gods - Ascension

Cylinder Seal - Akkad Period, 2334-2154 B.C.
Ishtar With Lion - Leo

Inanna is the Goddess of Love and Procreation. She is the Goddess of the Morning and Evening Star- The Queen of Heaven and Earth. The Semites honored Inanna as Ishtar. She Presides over the birth of both night and day. Next to Inanna is the sacred star sign of brilliant Venus. The Star of Venus is a symbol of both death and rebirth. The winged Goddess moved freely between the worlds.


Lifting the Winged Veil as the Goddess returns
Gold - Alchemy

The veils of forgetfulness are lifting now.

If you have found this article,
you are seeing past the illusion
into the union of male/female in balance.