Vanilla Sky

Would you be able to tell the difference between this reality and a lucid dream?

There are those who wonder if our 3D experience is a dream and our dreamtime is the true reality.

'Vanilla Sky' is a journey of awakening - humanity's journey into conscious reality partially through dream time.

I feel they are both illusions of the game - but once we focus our consciousness out of the physical body - we can move freely and manifest what we want more easily which includes lucid dreaming. Lucid Dreaming means dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming. This consciousness allows you to guide your dreams.

The focus of many of the current movies helps us interact more and more with the esoteric or supernatural realities - as we often call them. Vicariously we allow these realities to become part of our consciousness.

All of these movies are triggers about who we are and where our consciousness is taking us.

Movies have animation, women as super heroes, reality as an illusion, magic, Earth changes, aliens - all things that go beyond the norm of 3D limitations.

Themes often reflect finding true love and overcoming your greatest fears. They are about people searching for the nature of their souls.

Tuesday I went to see the movie 'Vanilla Sky'. This is another movie that makes you wonder about the nature of reality and stretches the imagination. There were those in the audience who thought the movie was a bit 'far out' but I loved it. I am a Tom Cruise fan!

The movie is set in New York City - present day. In several location scenes I noticed the Twin Towers in the background.

Tom Cruise gave a brilliant performance as a man named David who has it all. He is handsome, wealthy and charismatic. He has inherited a New York City publishing firm and publishes three magazines.

The movie opens with David having a weird dream about being alone in NYC. Only later will he discover it was a dream within a dream! His alarm clock keeps saying, "Open you eyes - open your eyes!" [This is metaphor for keeping your mind open to different realities.]

David has a lover - played by Cameron Diaz - who he uses for sex. But she falls in love with him and not emotionally balanced.

At his 33 birthday party - David meets his soul mate, Sofia, played by Penelope Cruz.

When David and Sofia meet - the soul connection is instantaneous - two souls who come together through time, space, and various realities.

Sofia tells David that perhaps in their next lives they will meet again - this time as cats. [We know the cat symbol represents Sekhmet - Creatrix - female part of our program.]

After spending the night with Sofia, David finds Cameron waiting for him when he returns to his car.

Tom can't resist the temptation to sleep with her. They drive away. Cameron goes crazy, drives the car off a bridge and gets killed. Tom is injured and now faces the challenge of going through life with the right side of his face - disfigured. [The right side - feminine - higher frequency aspects - love - compassion - all lessons for him].

Life for David from that point becomes very confusing as reality seems to shift back and forth. His face is repaired - or is it? It almost seems too good to be true - like a dream. He returns to Sofia and they have this great romance. Things get more confusing when Sofia begins to look like Cameron as David's subconscious mind - issues - begin to merge with his 3D experience - and his issues come to the surface. [Souls are facing issues as realities merge now].

We see Tom in jail. [Most likely representing the prison of his mind - or third dimension symbolized as a prison]. He is accused of killing Sofia thinking she was Cameron who had come back to haunt him.

Confusion reigns as David's conscious mind tries to deal with the messages sent by his subconscious (emotional body).

He hides behind a mask. [Not wanting to face reality].

While in prison for Sofia's murder David meets with his lawyer/shrink - Kurt Russell.

I had to laugh out loud when Kurt comes to see David and asks, "Why do you wake up asking for Ellie? Who is Ellie? What does Ellie have to do with this reality?"

Ellie turns out to the the initials L. E. - meaning Life Extension. It is the name of a cryogenics company. People who are dead are placed in a state of suspended animation - where they remain frozen until a cure can be found for their disease or what ails them.

David had found L.E. online and had signed a contract with the company. Part of the package deal allowed his mind to exist in a 'living or lucid dream - until he wakes up - rather than just to sleep. He want to be brought back to life after they find a way to fix his face. This happens after the accident. Then he kills himself. His death had been wiped from his memory.

During this lucid dream - he works out his issues. To finally wake up from the dream - David must over come his greatest fear - heights - and jump from a skyscraper. He does this at the end. This leaves the door open in case they want to continue the story to see what happens to David in the future.

Will he find his true love again - souls lost in time who will meet 150 years later?

This movies is a bit like Matrix and The Thirteenth Floor where reality is a fabrication of a program and all is an illusion.

In case you haven't already figured this fact out - everyone who comes into the game of 3D has issues from the moment they are born and begin to interact with others.

In the movie David wonders about his weird dreams which often seem to real. Dreams can be generated from many sources - which is why I never do dream analysis when I do my readings unless I know the circumstances behind the dream.

Most dreams play out fantasies - or move us through the time grids so we can glimpse at future events that are about to unfold in our lives or those of the planet.

Dreamtime can help us work out issues we cannot deal with in 3D. We wake up and know what to do to resolve a conflict here - or that it has been resolved on other levels of the mind.

Reality has shifted. It is merging with dreamtime. Look for changes in your life in 2002. They will be there.

Reality has shifted. It is merging with dreamtime. Look for changes in your life in 2002. They will be there.

What you are experiencing now may turn out to be a lucid dream!

Vanilla Sky

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