Tuning In To The Other Side

In truth we are all 'tuned in' to both sides of the brain all the time we just have to adjust our frequencies to get better reception.

What you have to do is become aware of how and when you 'Tune In' during your daily activities.

You don't have to meditate to 'hear'. You just have to turn on the channel and pay attention.

Anyone can do it - open the right side of the brain - the third eye=pineal glad.

You don't have to sit in a specific position at a specific time each day - or chant a mantra, etc - to tune in to who you are to receive messages.

Spirit - or your higher self - or other aspects of you experiencing on higher frequencies - communicate through thought-forms or images.

As you go through your daily life - pay attention to the moments you receive and process information. That is when you are 'tuning in' to the part of you that already has the answers and makes the decisions long before your physical brain.

Do you address matters for the coming day while in the shower (water - collective flow) in the morning?

Do you ponder things while getting dressed?

Do you think about things on your way to work? Driving is a major time for connecting to the other side!

If a decision is made - do you pause - then listen to your 'little/ inner voice'?

Do you talk to yourself - physically or mentally?

Pay attention to everything you do for just one day. Start from the time you 'wake-up' and go from there. Every time you are 'tapping' into your higher self - become aware of that connection and know that you are meditating - connecting - listening to that part of you that guides from above!

You could learn a lot about yourself by paying attention to YOURSELF.

Who are you? What do you 'really' want now? Are you changing?

Has the effects of the WTC attack altered who you were prior to September? Is this permanent or are you just in hiatus and will fall back to old patterns? If you recognize changes and feel desire to do something new - be it scary or not - are you strong enough to act on them?

Do you know what your karma is in 3D in relation to your family? friends? career? marriage? children? lovers? interests? sexuality?

Do you laugh a lot at your own thoughts? Does your higher self send funny messages in your thoughts much of the time? If not . . change channels and move to Comedy Central!