Connie's Treasure Map

We are taught that one should create realities with their thoughts.

It is often helpful to manifest these realities into third dimension by creating something physically linked to them.

From Connie in Texas

I have a group of friends who meet on Friday evenings at my home for dinner and spiritual girl talk. It is a time for sharing, meditating, learning or simply re-energizing.

One of the ladies asked if we had ever made a 'Treasure Map', and being met by blank stares and "no's", she explained the process.

Last Friday night, armed with magazines, scissors and glue and poster board, we sat around cutting out what it was we wanted to manifest in our lives.

This was an ideal time as the energy for manifesting is very powerful now.

It could be money, a new home, a car, words depicting health, love, romance, divine guidance etc.

We then arranged what we wanted around the poster board and connected them all with a "red" pen.

In the center we wrote, "This or better. Thank you Creator of All" or whatever name you call God. You look at this for several days and then put it away.

Four years ago she had created a map and everything she wanted came into her life. She has now made a new one. It was a great project, took us back to days of elementary school and arts and crafts.

This map cane be updated as often as you like.

You might want to create a treasure map as you sit at your computer.

You can use a blank sheet of white paper and write on it linking your text to a common center.

Get creative! Whatever works for you! Creating in 3D helps manifest that which you want more quickly because it becomes a 3D reality.

Here are several creational images you might want to print and use as a Tree of Life! Save the image to desktop - print - then write - or paste on the tree. You could paste the tree on paper and write outside it!

Creation - Earth

Lunar Tree