Time - Reality - Time Travel

Man is the seeker - always looking for answers beyond third dimensional paradigms - for that is the Road Home!

Moving through time - going faster that the speed of light - has always been a fascination of mine. When I was a child I could see myself moving through time. I saw the Great Pyramid as the main time clock on the planet creating the illusion of time as a necessary construct to our third dimensional thinking.

I have always been obsessed with time - though physics was not my course of study in university.

As as child I had a clear vision of grid programs that exist as parallel experiences. Within one of those programs I saw myself in Germany - as a physicist working on time travel technologies in a lab of some kind. From there I moved into our current reality - as if I moved my conscious awareness from that time grid program to the one I currently am experience.

When I got into metaphysical studies I met several people who had the same memories of the labs and the work we did there. It further confirmed my feelings that we are all time travelers - so to speak - as we all move through time and space programs created by the same creational geometry. These people also confirmed something that is in my soul since childhood - we are stuck in a time loop created in the Germany labs. This loop needs to be ended - recalibrated, if you will, so events as we experience them take the normal course of this program.

This looping feeling is experienced by the souls as 'feeling tired' on a soul level - a longing to return 'home' - increased synchronicities - deja vu - souls mates who feel the connection but can't make their relationships work in our timelines. Your soul - which is experiencing multidimensionally - is now incorporating experiences from other timelines - with this one.

In truth time is but an illusion of 3D frequency grid programs.

Psychically - I have moved through time most of my life - bringing information when needed.

Deep in my soul there is something about time travel - a time loop of sort kind - that I see humanity stuck in - that has to be altered at its source.

With our limited third dimensional thinking - we know little about the true concepts of time and time travel - though there are those of us here who feel this pull to work in this field. Your soul guides your direction.

My journey with time is escalating - meaning the synchronicities are becoming manifest daily now - as the illusion of time is slipping away along with the old grid systems of lower frequency vibrations.

We must consider the 'flow of reality' - the loops (hiccups) that occur all the time - parallel realities - among other things we generally don't think about - as most of us are not in awareness - yet they affect our lives all the time.

Now the question arises . . . how do we . . . in third dimension consciously move through time?

One's perception of Time Travel depends on how one views the concept of Time. Is time an illusion of the third dimension? Are all events occurring simultaneously? If this is the case - the we are all time travels - experiencing everything at the same TIME.

We seek to consciously travel between timelines to experience other realities.

There have been movies written about travel through time - that peak our curiosity.

The great scientists of the 20th Century worked with quantum physics and reality to learn the secrets of Time and Time Travel.

Their theories are becoming obsolete as we moving into higher thinking and the age we live in - the Age of Technology - bring needed information. We can physically travel faster than the speed of light. Hence we can physically Time Travel.

The Philadelphia Experiment

During World War II many experiments in time travel were conducted. Though I don't remember being part of the Philadelphia Experiment - its technology somehow overlap with the work I created in the labs of Germany then in other labs in Philadelphia - all having to do with time travel.

The Philadelphia Experiment went from an invisibility project to time travel: 1943 - to 1983 - back to 1943 - the point of origin.

Somehow - in all of this - and the my experiments in the labs - a loop in the spacetime continuum was created that is still in motion.

The Philadelphia Experiment supposedly caused parallel realities to emerge.

Time - like Reality - is not fixed - but is fluid - the collective flow of the unconscious mind - ever changing - ever creating.

Time creates loops - hiccups - if you will - all things in the holographic program in which we exist - move in cycles of time - based on Sacred Geometry.

Sample Loop

Reading timelines - E energy grids that create our reality and hold it in tact - for the purpose of prophecy - is often difficult as we ride the waves of reality changes.

Physically traveling through time is not impossible. Returning to Source is another matter. Many of our souls feel misplaced in our current reality and seek another Source that calls to us - another planet - another program of reality - in which we are experiencing at the same Time - that beckons us to return there for that is our true home.

I know of no one who has successfully built a time machine that can take them back and forth through time. There are interdimensional portals / vortexes on the physical planet - particularly at the major grid points - where one can travel in time - but these are not controlled experiences. These grids points are based on the geometry of the planet and follow the same patterns as everything else in our current 3D Experience / Program. Example: The Bermuda Triangle.

The bottom line is - physicists have been able to peer between dimensions that are parallel and between different points in this Program of Reality - but no one has been able to physically move through time and return to their point of origin. Anomalies in the spacetime gird can send someone into what appears as another time frame. But how do they return upon their desire to go back to the point of origin?

Those in metaphysics - move through time - or through the different grid programs - by placing their consciousness into the grids and experiencing other timelines - 'past' and 'future'. Anyone can do this with practice. You can see your soul experiencing in Atlantis, Lemuria, in a light body, as an alien in systems like Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion, Cassiopeia, others, by bring your consciousness to these places - just as you do at night when you dream.

It is the ability to physically time travel that we seek - wherein you can move back into history and see events as they unfolded - or forward to see the future events. You can see who you were - who was with you in those lifetimes that is in your current timeline - so you can better understand who you are and what is happening around you.

Physicists and Metaphysicists work towards solving the riddle of time travel. In the end - all reality cycles back to the same point of creation and time no longer exists.

Time - Clocks - Gears - Digits that repeat in patterns Cycles of Time - Synchronicity All Time Clocks linked to one Source