Saturday morning I was up early to archive my Crystalinks files.

At the same time - Connie was looking for pyramids for Ezine in a country other than what I have already posted on Crystalinks. It seems there are pyramids everywhere - but nothing like the GP.

After cleaning up the Language and Writing files - I chose the Meroitic language for this week - though I wasn't sure why. I knew nothing about the subject.

As I uploaded the links to Ezine - I got strange tickling sensations on the top of my right hand and foot, which always tells me Spirit wants me to connect with this information in a more personal way. This always happens when I connect with Egypt. Friends have told me that they see a cat at my side when I write and the cat is touching me - Temple of Bast perhaps?

I looked at the information on Meroitic language.

It links to ancient Nubia - Egypt - Sudan.

Something was trying to trigger my soul from that period.

I was not sure why I had been drawn to the Meroitic language and decided to change the subject and see what see what pyramids Connie had found, and in what country.

To my amazement she had sent links to the pyramids of the lower Sudan - same area - same people and time frame that had attracted me in the first place.

The ancient Egyptian program is the only grid left that still calls to me from time to time.

Now that I think about - the last client I read on Friday was a woman studying to be an archaeologist - her main interest being ancient Egyptian archaeological studies. She told me that after University she wants to spend time in Egypt perhaps as field work for her thesis.

2:30 pm Saturday update - My first client sat down, looked at me, then asked, "Have you ever been to the Great Pyramid? I 'see' you there".

'Gold' is still calling to me - Alchemy

Golden Mandelbrot - Fractal

This reminded me of a pocket watch!

I felt guided to post this image of the pocket watch I took to Egypt - the one that disappeared then reappeared on December 12 - 12:12 at 12:12am.

TIME! My work here again! This all has to do with stopping a 'Time Loop'. Please study this image, called The Time Keeper. I always 'see' the turnstile and the bicycle chain link. Sometimes I see the gears or 1/4 of a clock. Time is backwards in this image. As we are approaching the end of the time loop where we return to 'Ground Zero' and the loop repeats.

Speaking of Ground Zero, Saturday I returned to Manhattan for the first time since the World Trade Center attack, on September 11th. I left my home at 3 pm and decided to take a limo into the city so I could be a passenger and experience the energies without the stress of driving - especially as the driver and I came out of the 'tunnel' - The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Once you exit the tunnel you are at the entrance to what once was the Twin Towers.

I remembered my last trip to Manhattam - the West Side and thinking about how much work had been done to renovate the area - lower west side. The Twin Towers are just across from the water. The South Street Seaport is within walking distance going to the east side. I have always loved New York and in that respect it is so sad to see what has happened. There really is nothing like NY!

Back in the limo - as my mind wandered down memory lane - the driver an Egyptian men - was very chatty and friendly. We talked about the war in the Middle East and how he prayed things would be over by the time of Ramadan - November 17, 2001. I didn't tell him that I didn't see the war over by that date.

He told me that he had been a witness to both planes hitting the towers on September 11th. He had been driving a man to work that morning. They were on the the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway when the first plane hit. All traffic paused as people stopped their cars to watch the events unfold. Everyone was in shock.

The police stopped all traffic so he and his passenger sat in the limo when suddenly the second plane hit. Again they got out of the limo and watched. Soon after, traffic was diverted over the highway and onto the streets. His shocked passenger just keep chouting, "Take me home! Take me home!" The driver told me to this day when he drives to the city and sees an airplane over Manhattan he remembers what happened and experiences the same fear and shock!

As he and I drove along the BQE - I looked up - my mind expecting to see the towers - yet they were gone. It was a werid experience. I met with family in the city as it was a birthday celebration for two of my daughters. Someone at the party - in his 60's - mentioned that he felt that he was back 30 years ago - in a space-time that existed before the Twin Towers were built.

My emotional reaction - I felt attachment to the events - just a sense that we are getting close to the end of the time loop - and this event happened many times before in past loops. When I channel souls who crossed over that day - I experience emotions through them - but to me it is all surreal.

I see the event as a major hallmark on the time grids which is one of the reasons we all reacted to it the way we did. It signals something linked to the end of a cycle of time - the end of a time loop. My guess is this loop regenerates somewhere between 2003 - 2005. I know the loop linked to the Philadelphia Experiment and time travel has a peek in 2003 - yet I don't link to that work. It is strange that the people linked to the Philadelphia Experiment still keeping coming in and out of my life - which is supposed to tell me something. I don't believe they deal with time looping.

As the driver and I passed 'Ground Zero' - the name given to the area of the attack - I could hear the cries of the souls. The return trip was at 8pm. It was drak and city quiet. As we drove along the FDR (highway that rubs north-south) I looked out at the crescent moon which seemed to beckon to me.

Police cars and other patrols - still remain everywhere in NY - often stopping trucks and cars for inspection. As I was with a driver from the Middle East they looked us over, allowing us to pass.

We arrived at Ground Zero. The streets in the area are closed to traffic and still have emergency vehicles. It looking like a scene from a sci-fi movie. As we entered the tunnel on the way back to Brooklyn I glanced back to have one final look. I treid to visualize what the city will do with the land in the future. I didn't see Twin Towers being built again. I saw a memorial of some kind - with gardens.

Earlier in the day - I had channeled another soul who had died in the attack. His cousin came to see me to speak with him and to know that he is okay. He was a business man in his late thirties who had gone to Tower One for a meeting. He didn't work there. He was on the 98th floor when the plane hit and had gone to the roof with the others. He left behind a wife and two gorgeous little girls. He was an evolved soul who showed me that after he 'crossed over' he helped others from the meeting find their way. It seems that many of the souls who are sending family members to me - are those that quickly went through the tunnel - into the light - then returned to help. There are still many souls just finding their way out of the tunnel at this time - some too afraid to move on.

When I returned home I decided to watch my video tape of Stargate SG1 - that had been programmed. I got into bed - put on the TV and VCR - turned off the light - and relaxed. I could see the crescent moon through the window. Something was pulling me. But what?

I was drawn to look at area between my mantle and grandfather clock are. A golden light appeared for about 5 seconds. My heart beat faster as I hoped someone might be connecting with me from - - - I wasn't sure where - yet the experience felt right. I thought of Pete and the experience he had last month with the portal opening and golden DNA spiraling through his house. The images faded so decided to watch the tape.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The theme of the show was 'Time Looping'! In the TV program - only two members of the SG1 team - who travel through stargates to visit other worlds - were aware of the time loop. 'Stargate' is also my favorite movie having watched it over and over again. In the TV program a time travel machine had been built by the ancients.

See websites about the program:

Site 1

Site 2

Regardless of any script - I know without a doubt that I am here to stop a time loop. I have know that as far back as I remember - highlighted when I had pneumonia at age 5 - had a near death experience and was told about the loop and a link with the Great Pyramid. My experience in the Nevada desert in 1954 - when I was eleven years old - was further verification.

As I tell everyone to go with their soul guidance now - my is tugging stronger and stronger each day - that the loop will soon end - and my exact involvement in stopping in it is about to be shown. Nothing in 3D seems important though I enjoy most things. It is the souls connections that get stronger each day!

This morning I received two interesting emails referencing time travel. One of them from a man in South America - stated that I should go into the future to bring back answers having to do with 'Time'. He wasn't sure why he was guided to send this to me - yet he was.

It will all be revealed in TIME! Think about this . . . everything that has happened in your life - has happened before - over and over again! Do you want to repeat these events again??

Gold Capstone on top of the Great Pyramid

Golden Mean Ratio

Monday night my sleep was restless, yet I slept for 11 hours and processed much. I woke up singing the finale from the Barbara Streisand movie, 'Funny Girl' - "Don't Let It Rain On My Parade'.

These thoughts quickly came to my mind - Finale- The End - Funny Girl - Jewish woman my age from Brooklyn - Streisand and Sharif - Ellie and Sherif (LOL).

Then I saw an MGM symbol - the Lion - Leo - Omega - endings - the Lion King - The Golden Crown - Alchemy - the Sphinx a stone marker (trigger) on the planet - the Sphinx on Mars to link us to the heavens and a repeat of the program - Mandelbort - fractals that loop . . . as in time loop.

I have 'seen' a real lion for most of my life. It has always been sleeping peacefully in a forest of trees and grass.

As a teenager I dated one of the guys from the singing group the Tokens (the oldies years). He used to sing 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' to me and something about it felt right.

Through the years I would 'see' my lion move its right paw over its nose then yawn - and fall back into a deep sleep.

Last night - before I feel asleep - I was shocked to see the lion wake up - stretch then stand up and look around. For now that is all it is doing - as if getting its bearings.

Lion, Loop, Circle of Life - Flower of Life,
Water=Collective Unconscious, Creation

Lion, Gold, Loop, Opening Door

Precession of the Equinoxes
Age of Leo -----> 13,000 years later, approx. -----> Age of Aquarius
Alpha -----Omega ----Beginning -----End ------>
A Cycle of Time ------> A Loop Recycles
Return to the Feminine - Intuitive - Higher Wisdom - Less Physical

Gold Rings - Union - Marriage -
Two Spheres (Eggs) of Creation that form a
Vesica Pisces (Oval open - as in the Penis)

Vesica Pisces - Pyramid - 3 into 1
Our harmonic at the 3D level
Loops again

Sacred Geometry