Teenagers in the 21st Century: September 2000

In our ever changing world - it is difficult to adjust as an adult - as most adults are looking into their personal issues - and hopefully working on them. If you are a teenager - it is even more difficult - as you may be dealing with dysfunctional adults - so where do you go to get answers and bring balance into your life?

This school season it seems that the teens are not just coming to Crystalinks for homework - but to find out about life and experience on many levels.

The students - High School and College level - are struggle with the usual teenage problems of finding themselves in a world in which they often feel they have little control.

Many teens have low self esteem - and often spend too much time pouting over matters that later seem unimportant - leaving them feel unattractive or unworthy.

It is most important for teens to find at least one thing they enjoy - and perhaps have a passion for - other than sex! (laugh)

It is also important for teens to find at least one person to share their feelings with - perhaps within their peer group - or with an adult they trust.

I suppose this is why so many young people are in therapy - to get past the issues created by those around them. Yet this is needed so the teen can see things within them self that are the greater part of who they are and why they are here.

Teens need to know that they don't have to follow family patterns - that they are unique with their own karma.

Kids have to see that with effort - the sky is the limit. They don't have to settle.

If they are too depressed and can't find the energy to move forward - then professional help - properly diagnosed at an early age is better than floundering into their 20's with no goals, direction, or energy to achieve anything.

This planet is a difficult playground. We all have lessons and experiences - many of which aren't pleasant.

Kids can feel sorry for themselves because they feel they don't measure up to their own - or others - expectations of perfection - or they can step into the adult game - developing the best of who they can be - with goals. You have got to have goals and a quest to move forward to make it in this game.

Physical problems can be overcome with diet - make-up - wardrobe - etc. The biggest thing now is that corrective eye surgery that people are having. People are 'seeing' the world for the first time through different eyes. A teen with bad vision can work and save and have this surgery to improve their entire outlook on life. It's a shame the surgery is not covered by medical insurance as it is one of the best things anyone can do.

Another issues is popularity! So you want to be popular - well liked and well respected by your peers! Well it is not different than adult life - where people seek the same recognition. Those who have built high self-esteem will get the recognition.

You just have to be cool! Don't worry about what other teens say or do.

If there are people out there who treat you with disrespect - nasty - then just say, "To hell with them" and do your own thing. We al encounter lost souls in the game. You have to learn to deal - not overact - as that what they want - and move on.

I know that teen sexuality is still a major issues. If you chose sexuality in High School be sure you understand the underlying reason - beside hormones - then determine how the sex makes you feel about yourself and your partner after you are finished.

If you know or suspect you are gay - it is time to be honest with yourself - or you will never find happiness in adult life. If you aren't certain - a fellow research in Metaphyics told me that a person who is not certain should ask themselves this question, "Who would I be more comfortable kissing passionately - someone of the same sex - or someone of the opposite sex?" The kiss tells it all - it is the intimacy - the emotions - not just the physical act of satisfaction.

If you find that you communicate better with a friend's parents - than your own - there is nothing wrong with that. Being birthed by a set of parents doesn't mean they have your answers. You need to find an adult who can understand you - sometimes even a grandparent works best.

If parents are a total disappointment to you - find an adult you respect and can talk to. Many people have children and don't know the first thing about parenting. They have a baby then it's too late. We are not all here to be parents. If you feel that you would never want to be a parent - that is fine. It's a very tough job - definitely 24-7!

You may just be a 'free soul' here to move through various experiences in life - yet never settling down in any one place - or with one person.

The teens I read have come to understand the faults of their parents and just seem to move past them as best they can. Having a father who drinks and is abusive is the hardest karma as it sets up a role patterning that has to be broken.

If your parent abandoned you - in some way - physically and mentally - you have no choice but to get past it - finding people in your life who are caring. You don't want to travel through life with abandonment issues.

Working on your physical self - that you can do. Go for help! Find something you enjoy! Go to a career planning office - or the internet to see about the dozens of careers that are out there.

High School is 4 years. They can be fast and fun - or endless and boring. Believe that you are special - and you will sail through everything. Be sure you are in the right school. Use your intelligence - don't have a bad attitude - don't criticize people - don't lecture others as if you know everything - find kids who like the same things you like - just play and have fun! Reach out and embrace life!

Believe in yourself!

If you are reading this - you may have already opened your clairvoyant (seeing ) and clairaudient (hear) gifts - so you best friend can easily become your Spirit Guide - or you can develop the ability to tap into your soul for guidance. Great answers can come from the other side - but you must accept the first answer not wait for the answer your ego prefers. Ex: Does so-and-so love me? Relax - ask the question - look within your soul - and be accepting of the answer.

If you like someone who has found another partner - and teens do switch partners often - you must move past your ego and the person. Few people find lifetime partners in their teens years. Think about it - as lifelines are longer with each generation - are you here to find one partner in your teen years and never be with another partner until you die? If you are male - you know this isn't true. We change with each cycle in our lives - and if the partner doesn't change with us - then it is time to move on. We live in a fluid reality where anything can change at any time. It is you - your self esteem - and being the best you can be - that is most important as you move from cycle to cycle.

On the spiritual level - if you find that metaphysics is what pulls you - not the usual teenage situations - you will find many places to connect on the Internet. Whatever you are experiencing - telekinesis - telepathy - dreams - visions - aliens - spirits - etc. - you will find those of like mind if your search the Internet. Hopefully Crystalinks will help you get a good start on your path into the other side.

To understand the changes occurring on planet Earth now - on all levels - will help you understand what the future holds.

We are moving forward physically - the Technology Age - which helps unite information for all.

We are moving forward as the planet raises its frequency - into what is termed the Golden Age - Gold= Alchemy - the metal - the rods of electromagnetic energy (EM) that create the illusion of the program in which we live. The rods are the grids - the magnetics - the magic - that which teens which to possess - the magic to create and change that which they can't change in third dimension. We are seeing past 3D paradigms - and into that which is beyond our conceived reality. We are understanding that there is more to us than our 3D physical bodies - that we exist simultaneously in many dimensions - which we merge with in our 'dream time' among other spaces when we see beyond 3D.

Third dimension is the game of emotion - the place our souls visit to experience the gambit of all emotions. The object of the game is to find balance in your life. It is like a computer game - wherein every time you thing you have balanced things out - the program 'kicks in' with something to unbalance your life - make you mad - thereby keeping the game flowing. It is a cycle of events that perpetuate. This is a tough game that is about to change as the souls move into higher vibration beyond third dimensional frequency. Remember - everything is based on frequency - of sound light and color. The rods create new grids of higher frequency - where your soul can experience with the daily DRAMA - unless that is what you really want.

Metaphysics: Astrology Reading: Your personal chart - created by a good astrologer - can help you focus in on what is a good career for you - among other things in your future. It will give you an idea of when it is best for you to do certain things in your life. A good psychic reading can also help you focus on your future.

Each generation brings different situations for its teenagers. Look to see what it is that works best for you and how you can have high self esteem about who you are and what you can accomplish.

It's time for the teenagers to

wake-up and find out who they are
and who they can really become.