Sumerian Mathematics & Economics

Metaphyscial Adventures of Ellie in Ancient Sumer

Somewhere in our many of our souls is a need to relate to ancient civilizations and pyramidal structures. They are our reminders of a creational source - though we are not always in awareness of that connection. Each civilization demonstrated this fact with its ancient architecture. Mountains or other sacred mounds also relate to these structures. Many of these mounds are electromagnetic - sort of like batteries. They also connect with the main grid points on the planet - based on the sacred geometry.

Speaking of grid points and energy vortexes - the Sumerians built pyramid-like structures called Ziggurats as temples to worship their gods. Ziggurat is a word derived from the Assyrian ziqquratu, meaning 'high'.

The ziggurat at Ur was planted with trees to make it represent a mountain. There the god visited Earth, and the priests climbed to its top to worship. This makes the ziggurat different than the pyramids in Egypt which had no ascending stairs - but similar to those found in Meso America.

All Gods and Goddesses are mythological beings created by a 'Program' in which they existed. You might relate it to a program in the Holodek of a Stark Trek adventure.

Each 'program' the Earth has experienced- Sumer, Egypt, Greece, Rome etc. has produced a cast of mythological characters for a wide variety of reasons.

We must not forget that the soul who created these programs also 'played' all of these roles - as you can see by the similarity of their design. Everything we experience is by design and follows specific geometric patterning.

In the Sumerian program - one of the most interesting goddesses was Inanna -

who was linked to a lion -

shades of Egypt - the Sphinx (female) - Bast - Sekhmet -

Both Goddeses have good and bad attributes.

In the 1990's I did a TV show with Zecharia Sitchen. At that time I had the honor of doing psychometry on several of his ancient Sumerian figurines. Each one was about 6 inches tall - made of clay or wood - and was finely detailed. I could feel the energies of ancient Sumer as I held each object. I could be back in Sumer and see Mr. Sitchen there in the role of historian/teacher and scribe. It is a role he is repeating in this timeline as we are all repeating roles from other timelines.

Mr. Sitchen spoke of the ancient gods of that timeline and linked them to a planet called Nibiru - supposedly to return here now as part of a 3,600 year cycle of time. The gods of Nibiru are supposedly reptilian-like and are supposedly in the image of the main Sumerian God, Anu.

After I completed the files on Sumer - I decided to travel back in time to experience the energies of this ancient culture as I feel so strongly connected to that timeline and culture.

I closed my eyes - relaxed my mind - and was back in time over 5,000 years ago - a simple life living in the region they called the 'Fertile Crescent'. I looked for my frequency and found myslef living as a woman - in the countryside raising animals and being close to nature in my everyday life. I seemed happy in what I was doing. There was peace in my soul.

I must have lived many lifetimes in the Sumerian Program as another past life quickly showed up as an incarnation of a man who dwelled in more of a city-type atmosphere.

I believe I worked as a scribe as I saw myself writing and on clay tablets. I was drawing images on animals and making squiggly lines of some sort next to them. Maybe this was one of those early record keeping systems for one's properties. I wasn't sure. It was interesting that I felt no older than a teenage boy. I seemed happy and at peace at what I was doing. Perhaps I was in school?! I was dressed in a 'toga style robe thing' which I guess was the attire of the day. As I moved forward on that timeline - I still saw myself recording information on stone and clay - which lead me to believe I was a scribe. I saw myself near a river - alone - on a sunny day - 'drawing' what I saw. I felt myself to be a poet at heart with a strong romantic soul. I didn't feel anger, fear, or hatred. My soul was at peace again in that lifetime.

I saw one final other lifetime in which I was a male standing in front of a zigguart - along with other people.

On closer inspection I determined that we were all priests of the same temple and sect. We had come to a Ziggurat to worship to our gods and goddesses on some sort of special day - like a holiday or special ocasion of some kind. We climbed to the top. i saw the world below me.

I stretched out my arms and connected with that which we call the creational source. I looked at the sky. It was night and I could feel a surreal calmness surrounding us. The energies were very powerful. Something unique was happening in the sky as we watched - a celestial alignment of some kind that we were all connecting our energies to.

Images of the Gods and Goddesses of that timeline filled my mind. It felt so familiar.

Which links to the Dogons

and their theory about aquatic gods
often with wings - who came here from Sirius.

It's all linked together one way or another.

Please study these images. . . Close your eyes and take a slow 'deep' breath . . . breathing in through your nose . . . your lungs expanding . . . hold the breath as is comfortable for you. . . Now slowly breath out through your mouth . . . Images begin to appear in the window behind your eyes. Please take another slow deep breath . . . As you do you see a clock in front of you. You watch as the hands move backwards . . . You begin to move backwards in time also . . . Slowly you move back to the timeline of Sumer. You look around . . . You look at yourself . . . experiencing yourself in another physical body . . . one in which you have borrowed for this experience. Look at your hands. . . Look down at your clothing . . . Touch your face . . . Look out through your eyes . . . Experience this new physical in which you have merged your consciousness . . . Are you . . . Male? Female? Young? Old? Now take this new 'body' and begin to explore Sumer . . . Walk forward . . . Look around . . . What is the weather? Is it day? Night? Who are you? Do you have a name? What do you do in this land of Sumer? What are you doing here on this day? Perhaps you wish to connect with one of the gods or goddesses . . . You find a ziggurat and slowly . . . feeling each step beneath your feet begin to climb to the top . . . Do you climb freely? Are you tired? Stop after a while and observe the surroundings below you . . . Continue your journey . . . until you reach the top. You look at the sky . . . What do you see? Allow the celestial influences of that time to link with your frequency . . . just as they are doing now in present time . . . You become 'one' with each object that is in the sky . . . To do this you once again . . . loose your physical body as it exists now . . . and allow your soul to link to that which you see in the sky. You are a star - a planet - Nibiru? - whatever you see. Look out from the object in which you have linked. . . See it from another vantage point . . . Feel yourself as that object . . . experience on another level of consciousness . . . Become joined - 'one' - with whatever called you connected with in Sumer. Remain in Sumer as long as you like. . .