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On Sunday I met with a friend named Steve. He has a masters in Tibetan studies - has lived with Tibetan teachers - and is now in NY to work in the entertainment industry - doing a movie in NY and writing a screen play!

Everybody I know seems to feel they have a book to write and has started their project one way or another. I do believe that as part of our journey - the need to write this book - is one of the best ways for our souls to work through all of who we are in different realities often to help us understand and release the issues that hold us in the 3D game. Do you have something you wish to express creatively - book? art? drama?

It was Steve's 32nd birthday so I gave him a reading and took him to dinner! This guy has a great future as a writer and actor!

We met at the Star Knowledge Conference back in June 1996 in South Dakota. [This was the link with Native Americans I had sensed on Saturday].

After the conference - as Steve and his friend were driving back to Texas - his home at the time - they passed through Kansas. In a field - in the middle of the night - they saw strange lights so they stopped the car and got out. (Neither man does drugs, drinks, or is dysfunctional in any way - not my kinds of friends). They compared notes on what they were seeing as they stood there in disbelief!

About 20 yards away they saw the image of an elliptical UFO. Three figures got out. Their bodies looked much like ours - except that their heads were huge and shaped like an aquatic being - perhaps a whale. (Now I can see what they early civilizations might have witnessed and kept as part of their oral traditions). The images were not fully manifest in 3D - but more like a hologram - which I believe it was - though I am not sure about the point of origin.

Then entities appeared to be aware of Steve and his friend - yet left them alone. They did something to the ground - soil.

Steve and his friend chose not to move closer though now he regrets that decision as he would have liked a more meaningful experience. In a case like this - you run on instinct - not your 3D mind.

The experiences lasted about 20 minutes during which time the entities appeared to move in and out of the space craft. When the ship left - it seemed to metamorphasize into two glowing lights which moved towards the highway - then changed into the headlights of a large truck.

Illusion? Isn't it all!? Yet each person who has an experience of the paranormal kind - has attracted that experience and becomes altered in their thinking as a result. I believe that is what it is all about. Steve and his friend had just left a conference that was more about UFO information than anything else. They were ready for the grids to place them into a situation they could verify that there is more than 3D reality out there. They asked for it - on another level - and it was shown to them. Does this reap of the trickster at play? It is all the trickster at play. You chose the games and he creates the illusions through the EM energies of the grid. These illusions can be for one person or groups of people.

Steve reminded me that at the conference - for those who camped out - as he and his friend and dozens of others did - they witnessed many UFO sightings at night.

I believe that Steve and his friend were still riding the 'high' one gets from a spiritual conference - as you spend days building energies alone and with others of like mind. These energies can be heightened by a full or new moon - and will take at least a week to return to normal. Imagine being with a group of 100 or more people - working to heighten awareness for themselves and for the planet. You find your place in this energy and become guided through thoughtform, visions, or synchronicities.

Steve and I returned here after dinner and did some energy work in the light of the Verrazano Bridge.

Back in August 1996 - Steve was the man I was talking with - remember I do much of my work by telephone - when I activated my 'keys of light' which went spiraling through the universe.

Last night we decided to go with Z on a journey!

First we raised our energies by activating our DNA - the rods of light Z had given me - the pineal connection to something - and some adjustments on our bodies by Z done at the time!

The energy became very high as we took off for . . . .

We wound up in the relief chamber of the great pyramid. There Steve and I saw something that looked like tesla coils.

More EM energies . . . used for time travel . . .back to the work in the Germany program.

The device we saw was not in 3D but just above it by one tonal frequency. We heard many tones as we left 3D and moved to the next level.

We found ourselves in the pyramid that is just 'above' the great stone edifice.

We saw that pyramid as a huge pyramid of light that appeared miles high in the sky. It appeared as a force field around the GP which had allowed us entry through tonal keys.

I have seen this etheric pyramid change size many times - especially on the night of Dec. 11, 2000 - just before my pocket watch reappeared in my fanny pack! Tricks - but fun stuff that I attracted!

This pyramid can appear as small as a golden capstone for the GP - or - as we saw it last night - surrounding the GP like a giant force field.

The energies activated something in us. Again I saw my symbols of light coming forth as Z watched.

Steve saw 'seed crystals' linked to some aspect of his Tibetan studies. They were scattering about.

Z told us that Steve and I were acting as yin/yang energies in doing this work.

I saw 3D symbols - Hathor - the utters of a cow - a uterus - a new baby being born.

All symbols pointed to the energies of a new creation.

The images were very close to my vantage point - which tells me that the time is close at hand.

Z told Steve that we were watching the blueprint of a new creation. Again keys of light were appeared in spirals around us as we remained in the energies of the moment.

For some reason were suddenly back in the relief chamber.

Z was with us.

We could see the tesla coils.

We had moved through grids programs and were now back to our point of origin.

We were able to do this physically in the 1930's-40's.

We asked about hidden knowledge for this technology. We know you can travel through awareness - but we sought answers that once we possessed and were lost due to a glitch in the space-time grids. This knowledge - and technology will be shown to me and a friend in the near future. Something will be developed physically - of this we were sure. This should be interesting to watch as it unfolds.

We've got to do something to keep us busy while we're stuck down here so why not build a device to move through grid programs.

Email from Adrienne in California

Just yesterday, my husband Jonathan and I went to a lecture at the Unarius organization in El Cajon, California. I wasn't interested in the things that were going on, but there was a lecture on the Tesla coil that struck my interest.

It was presented from 1 PM- 4:30 PM PST. [Steve and I worked from 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM EST - an overlap!]

During this demostration, two people linked hands while one person held a screwdriver on the round part of a small model of the Tesla coil. Another person on the end of the line was holding a flourscent bulb. It lit up.

I mentioned to my husband at the lecture that they used the term 'electrical energy' when discusing this invention but I kept feeling No no, it's electromagnetic energy.

There was a large book available for the public to look through - called Tesla's Notes from Colorado Springs. That's where I saw the pictures of him in his laboratory with the bolts of light flying around the warehouse, around him.

You mentioned the pyramid. Did you know that the pryamid used to be a laboratory very much like Tesla's laboratory - and the exact same technology he used in his lab, was used in the pyramid?

Every scientific experiment that is done leaves its energy imprints there. That's why we still feel the effects of WW2's experiments that led to the Philadelphia Experiment.

There were experiments that were done in the pyramid. Even though the machines are no longer there physically, their energy imprints are still there.

Have you considered that there are vortexes in pyramids? Something about its structure serves a very good purpose of amplifying energies. My husband mentioned during a discussion after the lecture, that the energy is amplified and distributed consistently without every running out because of how the structure of the thing works and how the energy is created and kept within the machine. It never loses energy.

Love and Light,

These imprints are part of the grid program that remains in third dimension and can be accessed by being in tge place physically or by remote veiwing.

This is no different than the situations written about the American Civil War - wherein people actually visit certain areas where important battles took place and can experience the energies of the events. They photograph ghosts - hear the sounds of battle - fell all sorts of energy shifts, etc.

You must remember that the grid programs for WW II Germany and for the Old West - are running closets to us (in a manner of speaking) - so they are easily accessed. These are just EM energy programs. If your soul is experiencing there - and you feel a past life - or have lots of unfinished business from those grids programs - they will beckon you----> you create the synchronicities you need to resolve what you must in both programs. Often events in closely related grids programs - are the true reason for your soul to experience what it does in this program. Those emotions will often manifest in phobias - and other dysfunctional patterns - that cannot be explained in our current experience.

The word 'Pyramid' means literally 'Fire in the Middle' - the creational flame. Patrick Flanagan writes that this 'Fire in the Middle' is the long sought after biocosmic energy. Flanagan has also discovered that not only has the Pyramid an accumulation of energy inside but also it radiates energy off the points and top. The pyramid actually works better when the top is slightly flattened, as is the case with the Great Pyramid of Giza. Pat Flanagan is also the inventor of the Sensor II disc I took into the King's Chamber in December 2000.

Pyramids are now used by many people for a wide variety of purposes. I have one large 9 foot pyramid - any many small pyramids made of different materials and of varying sizes. My 9 foot pyramid is not assembled as i have no room to keep it oepn all the time. When I do plut it together - I find that it takes several hours to build an energy field. If I amplify this field with large crystals on each corner - and use my crystal capstone - you can fel the energy when you eneter the front door.

Pyramids work as enhancers - energizers of energy. They spiral energies from the four corners - meeting in the middle - then spiraling upwards and out - the old fibernacci spiral moving from one level to another!

When usuing a pyramid

  • Align it on a north/south axis
  • Place it in a room away from radios, televisions and other electrical appliances

    Pyramid energy can be used to

  • Reduce the level of stress and tension in the human body by balancing energies
  • Increases psychic energy
  • Enhanced meditations - more relaxation
  • Aid healing - cuts, bruises and burns, as well as reduces pain from toothaches and headaches
  • Improve sexual desires
  • Students might find that their mental ability is vastly improved by doing their research or homework inside a pyramid - aid concentration.
  • Sharpen razor blades - an experiment many people have conducted - metal is a conductor of EM energies.
  • Restore the lustre to tarnished jewelery and coins
  • Purify water
  • Mummify and dehydrate meat, eggs and other food stuffs
  • Help keep milk fresh and prevent souring without refrigeration
  • Dehydrate flowers without losing their form or color
  • Increase the growth rate of plants

    While searching for pyramid energy I happened upon a site called The Hidden Master. It is interesting that the author of the site - used an image of Z - Zoroaster - linked with Atlantis - and the Great Pyramid.

    Site 2 About Pyramid Power.

    Email from Dianne L. before she had time to read Ellie's World 2001 today.

    Just returned from a great spiritual weekend in Toronto.

    There I was introduced to a Moroccan, who travels frequently to Morocco and is well acquainted with old practices of healing, health, oil and traditions of the 'old Egypt'.

    He is a Dr. of Science and is well versed in the metaphysical. He has traveled the Sahara etc. We didn't have much time together, because he had a booth there and had to attend to business however, he will be emailing me in the near future, once he returns from Egypt.

    He did mentioned that he was in Egypt in December and sensed energy changes in the atmosphere. The changes that came to mind is that there is basically a friction (is what he said) over the pyramid which is causing some type of energetic disturbances which is similar to lightning bolts. He mentioned that most people cannot feel this voltage. He didn't elaborate anymore, but this week is going to check it out. He will be at the pyramid on March 20th.

    Yesterday around 6:00 PM I experienced lots of energy that looked like lightning bolts or voltage arcs. They were bluish/purple. The energy was extremely high. I didn't know if it was because of the conference itself or if there was a surge of energy somewhere. I also saw, (it is was so close that I could literally grab it - a gold triangular hat) that was placed on my head. I guess, I will have to go and see your home page later to see if there are any synchronicities in your life with this.

    Steve and I watched as Z came down from his chair.

    Z looked liked one of those old men - the God archetypes.

    He started doing that think he does throwing
    bolts of lightning around like Zeus!

    He placed the lightning into our 3D grid program.

    We were not sure what that we all about!

    I guess it is all just about EM energies as a force
    through which we exist in 3D!

    Kansas - the Wizard of Oz - metaphors -
    the wizard - magician - illusion -

    In the end . . .

    There's No Place like Home!

    Chose a safe road and continue your journey in balance.

    Somewhere Over The RAINBOW BRIDGE