Spring 2001 - Vision Quest

Spring Equinox 2001 - Vision Quest

In the energies of the Spring Equinox - Dianne, Anna and I decided to remote view together as part of a vision quest.

It seemed to be a time of harmony, union of old energies now merged once again, rebirth, and the Earth Mother trying to find balance for herself and the planet.

I had forgotten how high the energies are on spring solstice as so many people are putting positive energies into the grid.

Dianne had just returned from a three day metaphysical seminar in Toronto so her energies were extremely high.

Quickly the girls and I joined energies fields - raised our energies - activated our DNA and golden rods implanted by Z two weeks ago - and took off into the universe.

Initially we were looking to continue some work I have been doing in Atlantis the past few days - that I have been unable to access successfully.

As we were on our way there - I stopped as just before me was a female friend - she wishes to be anonymous - calling to me!

I saw her with a group of Native Americans doing energy work.

I also looked over and also saw my friend Chelsea in another 3D place, Chelsea always works with native American energies using the tones of drumming and crystal bowl harmonics.

The first friend beckoned me to join her and her group. They were out in the southwest.

The girls and I moved closer as one elder waved me on to come over to where he was.

He looked about 100 years old yet his mind and body were totally functional.

He asked if we would join him and the others in balancing the Earth energies. We agreed and moved on to help them.

We kept seeing things linked to the number 4.

I felt the '4 corner area' of the US but then we seem to move to a canyon of some kind.

Something about the number 4 seemed to connect here.

I saw 4 male shaman and my friend who is female. With our energies joined there were now 4 females.

One of the shaman seemed to bond with me. The image of his face is etched in my mind as I type this. He was kind, earthly, yet no longer of this plane though in a physical form. he wore no feathers - his thinning long gray hair tied back in a long braid tied on the end with some sort of leather tie. His clothing was simple. No paint on his face which was dark and heavily lined. His energies spoke of ancient wisdom.

He took his index finger and pointed it to the ground.

Water began to flow in a slow ripple.

Though he could have been the Trickster at play, I knew better as I watched and waited.

I watched the sun and moon move in the heavens.

The Earth - the plates were out of balance as many were working to return them to alignment.

My attention was drawn to the right as another shaman suddenly shape shifted into a large soaring bird. Dianne felt it represented the Phoenix though I saw a Hawk which changed into an Eagle.

We soared about the physical planet once again raising our energies. We used them to help those below.

We seemed to be bringing 4 winds together - from the 4 directions NESW - the 4 seasons.

That high energy is still in the grids now if you can go there at this time.

When that was complete we told him that we had to return to Atlantis to complete something that had been bothering me for days.

Earlier in the afternoon I had created a sacred union with one who I had known in my lifetime there. I needed to move forward with that energy.

(For some reason the extremely high energies I am working with now - are experienced in dreams, synchronicities, metaphors, with those involved in this work. The greater plan quickly unfolds).

I told the shaman that I must return to the grids of Atlantis to reclaim something I lost. He offered to help as we had assisted him in his work.

(It will be interesting to speak to my female friend when she returns from her sacred journey to see if her experiences match with mine. That is how you verify the truth in these matters.)

As we headed east - back in the direction of the Atlantis - the shaman stopped us and told us that we were taking the wrong path on our journey. There are doors which must be opened in a specific order for us to reach our destiny which is why we hadn't been able to get there.

What appears as the easiest route - a straight line - was actually the wrong path for our journey. He told us that we had been misguided in our previous travels but now we were ready to be shown the way.

Thoughts of my friend Steve D. filled my mind. It was with Steve in 1996 that I had found the 12 pyramids that create our grid program. At the time I was shown that the path moves in specific directions - but never in a straight line. Steve and I had moved from pyramid to pyramid in a zig zag motion as Z guided us. It took us three months to complete our journey and unlock the energies of each pyramid.

We followed him west to Tibet where we were greeted by Tibetan Masters. Were we in third dimension - the energy place they call Shambala? What appeared as Tibetan Monks were´┐Żstanding by a circular - sand drawing - which looked like a clock and had arrows for hands. They seem to be preparing for a festival of some kind.

We passed through a 'portal' (shades of Alice in Wonderland) - which took us to the Lemurian program. We passed through this program quickly as we felt our energies aligning for the game of Atlantis!

As if we moved through virtual space we wound up in Atlantis in an main area used for recording information for that program.

We viewed a scene of the final days of Atlantis.

I met HE who was my husband in that timeline. We got a quick glimpse of our marriage ceremony at that time. My finger pulsed as if a ring had been placed on it in 3D. It was the wedding gift my husband had given me that my soul knew I must retrieve. I have dreamed about this gift many times. It is a large pear shaped crystalline gemstone in colors of very dark purple - almost black and navy blue with a star in the upper right hand corner. I wore it on a special gold chain. It was my husband's gift to me on our wedding day and contains information once encoded. It was mine once again. The Black Stone

Anna, Dianne, and I had come to this energy place to gather information that would be needed now for our work.

Anna was given scrolls in a box.

Dianne held a book and a bracelet that she said matched my necklace. (Necklaces represent DNA).

There was much information to be processed. I lay back in my bed and allowed it to filter into my mind through the veils of dimensional realities. I am not consciously aware what they knowledge is now - but it will become part of my awareness in the weeks ahead.

We watched the Atlantean grid program fall. It left behind - as all grid programs do - energy signatures that we can tap into if we can parallel our frequencies to those.

All events imprint on the grids. With major events the grid signatures are stronger. The more powerful the event - the stronger the imprint. You can tap into these imprints if you chose.

Spring Equinox Invocation given to Dianne last weekend by a Native American teacher

Let us invoke our ancestors, both spiritual and genetic. For we are the sole reason for their existence. Let us invoke the children, and their children. For they are the sole reason for our existence. Let us invoke the mountains and rivers and this great Earth, and acknowledge our intimacy and interdependence with all things sentient and insentient. Let us reflect that the gift of life is more fragile than the dewdrops on the tips of the morning grasses. Then let us vow. Let us vow to heal and nourish. Let us vow to love and share. Let us vow to alleviate suffering and bondage. Let us vow to manifest Peace and Joy with wisdom and compassion. May this century be known to future generations as the beginning of The Great Millennium of Endless Spring.