The photos below were taken in July 1989 - in my home in Brooklyn.

They are part of a series of photos using infrared film.

They were taken over what seemed like a 20 minute period - but the session actually lasted one and a half hours.

They were taken by a friend named Mike - during a past life regression he was guiding me through.

The room was totally dark.

I was wearing a white T-shirt and light blue pants.

The wall behind the bed was made of red brick with just a few horizontal white bricks throughout the wall - though not as many as depicted in the pictures.

Many psychics have told me that the wall was a portal.

Adjacent to the bed - on the right side - is the floor where I found angel hair on many occasions at that time.

I closed my eyes. Mike kept talking and snapping pictures as I answered him.

The camera was on a tripod in front of the bed.

It all began with the image of a light source in a dark room

just above my head.

Look to the image to the right of my face as you view the screen.
It appears to represent a feline being. This could represent Skehmet.

Sekhmet is the Matriarchal Creatrix energy. Her influences have been powerful throughout history. She was a primary influence in the creation of this root race. The Matriarchal information has been usurped by Patriachal view since the time of the Dravidians.

Sekhmet is a lion-headed Goddess who was noted as the wife of Ptah. There is much historical Egyptian documentation regarding her.

Most significantly the feminine energy that she holds is resurfacing.

The next frequency color that we move into is BLUE. We are currently in BROWN.

I believe that the original face of the Sphinx is a cat - perhaps Sekhmet.

The Sphinx had to have been created approximately 13,000 - The Age of Leo - the Lion of the heavens.

We have moved past half of Precession of the Equinoxes - a 26,000 year cycle. The first 13,000 years being the Patriarchial societies. Now 13,000 years later - The Age of Aquarius - the return to the Matriarchial societies.

This is the time for Sekhmet's secrets - hidden for 13,000 years --to be revealed by those who hid them at that time and are now re-incarnated!

I have been told, "The Lion will Roar!"

Head of lion is above my right forehead.

Right Paw holds the key in the ring finger!

Right Paw - Missing outside digit on my picture as well.


Move your pointer over the image just above.

Compare the images with Pharaoh Akhnaton

Perhaps this is Pharaoh Kharfe - who supposedly built the Sphinx?

Notice the stones on my forehead and chest area. This represents the head dress and breastplate worn by the gods incarnated as humans. It is made out of an unknown metal and set with specific stones. Along with their rods, the gods used this metal as a communication device.

(The image overlay was created by Ben Erwin who did not place the dots there deliberately. They just appeared after he placed one image over the other. Apparently someone was trying to make a point! This can be best viewed on Netscape).

The Rod - (Electromagnetic energies) - represents passageway to hidden subterranean chambers. On my picture it appears as a 'mirror image' of the other picture. It also can be seen coming from Sekhmet into body - appears as a black pyramid - linking Sekhmet to the area of a woman's body through which birth occurs. On closer examination - that line extends to the right paw - ring finger!!

Using rods to realigning the grid and 'time' are also my work in the GP and Sphinx.

The 'cat' watches on my left.

I like the thing on the right side of my head that looks like the headpiece of Khafre and the Sphinx.

Notice the big male lips - mouth - on my right.

I am told that to enter the Sphinx you supposedly must move the breastplate between the paws which is a stone wall supposedly inscribed by Thotmes IV. Is there a correlation with what is depicted on my shirt and the actual breastplate on the Sphinx? Don't think so! As I look at the pictures I do not feel connected to that. There is another wall I will find. It is an interior wall.

It has been suggested that the bottom left triangle represents the "face of Mars".

Above it the middle triangle with the line down in the middle appears as the link from the large pyramid on Mars to the right paw of the Sphinx. Could be!

If you cover the left side of my face, as you view the screen, with a piece of paper, you can see the male side - almost looks alien or Egyptian (the elongated heads) in nature.

It has been suggested that the large left eye represent the Left Eye of Horus Mystery School.

The right side of my head is the Intuitive feminine aspects of Ellie!

Spirit can be seen whispering in my right ear.

"See you back in Egypt, Ellie!" (giggle)

An arm with a watch extends from the right side of the photo covering my mouth. This references Time Travel. The left arm could mean the left side of the brain - the masculine - the place we exist in now -
moving back into the higher frequency right side - the intuitive..

On the bottom left (my right side) you will see the profile of Isis as a black woman.

On the bottom of my shirt you can see the Dolphin and the Phoenix
The Phoenix - The Bennu, the sacred bird, is the quintessence of rebirth.

The wonderful Bennu, with its brilliant red and golden plumage, was the sacred bird of Heliopolis. Identified as a heron with its long straight back and head adorned at the back with two erect feathers, the Bennu was later called Phoenix by the Greeks and fabulous stories were told about it.

In Heliopolis, the Bennu bird played a major role in Egyptian mythology, dwelling on the ben-ben stone or obelisk within its sanctuary and revered alongside Ra and Ausar (Osirus). For it was in the City of the Sun where the work of creation began.

As the 'soul of Ra,' the sun rose in the form of the Bennu to shine out across the world renewed each morning. But the Bennu was also a manifestation of Ausar (Osiris) and was said to spring from his heart as a living symbol of the god. In the 'Book of the Dead,' there are formulae to transform the deceased into the Great Bennu. Here, the deceased says, 'I am the Bennu, the soul of Ra, and the guide of the gods in the Duat.' In another verse, he says, 'I am pure. My purity is the purity of the Great Bennu which is in the city of Suten-henen.'

For the Bennu is the quintessence of rebirth, it rises from its ashes as the spiritual body rises from the dead physical form, as the new sun rises from the old. It is the new condition reached when the return to life is accomplished, namely the resurrection of Ausar (Osiris).

Herodotus records the Bennu bird - making its appearance only once in 500 years - as coming from Arabia, carrying in its beak an egg of myrrh that contained its father's body. This egg is similar to Geb's egg that was laid on the primordial hill and gave birth to the sun, the egg within which the whole alchemical process of transformation is effected.

When the Bennu became old, he built a nest of incense twigs in the sacred tree, and lay down and died. In Pliny's account, a small worm appeared from his body that metamorphosed into a bird, and thus the Bennu was reborn.

In A Class Of His Own

In the 1980's I taught Special Education to High School students in Brooklyn.

The groups I taught had various learning challenges but were basically nice students.

One of them was a boy named Patrick Ager who aspired to be an artist.

In June 1989 - the last day of class for that semester - 18 year old Patrick - asked me if he could draw a picture of how he saw me. I agreed.

Thirty minutes later the bell rang sounding the end of the lesson!

This is how Patrick saw his teacher

Miss Crystal!

I will never forget his words, "Miss Crystal, this is you.
I am not sure why I drew the beard and mustache.
I hope you are not offended.
This is who you truly are and where you have to go one day."

I put the picture away in a file cabinet
and didn't find it again until July 12, 2000.
There is a reason for all things.