The Immortal Scribe

The Queen of Feminine Spirits

Seshat is the Goddess of Libraries, all forms of Writing and the Measurement of Time.

She was an architect building by the measurements of sacred geometry.

The name Sashet, Seshet or Sesheta means 'The Female Scribe', 'Sesh" meaning scribe.

She wears a leopard skin dress

The symbol over her head is a star or a rosette.

Just after I had completed another article about the the Magi, I was guided to find the image of a scribe.

I placed the words SCRIBE IMAGE in the search engine and came up with someone named Seshat.

Believe it or not, in all of my research, I had never heard of her.

Something about her energies created a pressure in my heart chakra (soul recognition).

When my soul goes back to ancient Egypt I always sense a cat with me and get a tickling sensation on my the top of my right hand. All of the signs were there. Something very important was about to be revealed to me - an 'Epiphany', if you will - which is a word linked to the article on the Magi I had just completed.

I knew at once that this was one of those synchronistic set-up things where I was about to find a missing piece of information that linked to my work! Of course we know the synchronicities are created by our souls - not external forces.

Never did I expect to discover who I was - at least in another soul aspect with Z - Thoth - at a time when I have been writing about the union of souls! (See Nov. 2001 archives)

I too have always been a storyteller never able to find her counterpart linked to Z and ancient Egypt - which always calls me home - the Great Pyramid - the present merge since the fall of the Twin Towers.

As I opened the first page on the search engine - there she was . . . Seshat the Immortal Scribe, wife of Thoth!

I looked up at Thoth as he was also watching me and we both knew.

I spend most of the morning accessing images, information, and processing my life in relationship to this female energy who surfaced now as we merge.

I was very surprised that I had never heard of her before, nor had any of my friends who come from Egypt or study as I do had heard of Seshat either!

I saw the name Seshat as Sarah, from my story of 'Sarah and Alexander'. I do know Alexander is an aspect of Z!

Hours later . . . it was all confirmed in my mind . . . We exist in a scripted drama in which we are all players.

Somewhere out there . . . Z and S are writing the script. . . or perhaps they are the same soul . . . male and female split as the soul spiraled in 3D consciousness.

If I am truly an aspect of her soul . . . as I suspect . . . then this story is about to unfold something magical that will unite us as a soul group - which will create balance - then move our consciousness into a new storyline.

If I am the Keeper/ of Time - who who created and measures time - and you know my obsession all of my life about Time, Clocks, that I am here to stop some sort of loop in time - loops being the spirals of creation - fibonacci - than things are going according to plan!

This is been an amazing day!

Now on to tomorrow . . . if you believe in linear time!!!

Update . . . . Several days later

The Goddess In Each of Us

Somewhere in each of us are magical goddess energies. This is not the magic that harms, but that which creates on a positive octave!!

Saturday Michelle and I were discussing my recent discovery of - and connection with - the Egyptian Goddess Seshat - The Immortal Scribe and Creator of Time.

Michelle said that just one week ago the name 'Seshat' had come up in a metaphysical chat room. Ah! The synchronicity of it all! I couldn't have introduced this character at a better time if I had written her in myself - or did I? Sometimes reality brings information in the most unique ways.

It is interesting that so few people seemed to have heard of Seshat until now. It is HER TIME.

Every pantheon of gods and goddesses have their primary creators within their heirarchy of gods. This is a bit silly if you ask me, but 3D seems to function best giving more power to a few and relinquishing control of personal power - be the higher power a god or a person in authority - usual a male.

I read all the names of the Egyptian goddesses - especially those linked to Thoth and frankly I connected more with him than the females. I never really connected with what the women did because I am here about TIME and a BOOK - different agendas whihc match those of Thoth - Z.

Myths about screwed up god and goddesses with issues - piss me off! Z must have written those scenes! They would never have come from my soul! Not that I'm into lovey dovey stuff all the time. I love adventure and to learn and play - but not at the expense of others. I am a romantic and love the adventures of the heart, as long as no one gets hurt!

I know you are laughing as 3D has become nothing more than love and heartbreak as the game moves forward and the lawyers and therapists make a fortune.

Actually there are many happy couples out there who lead traditional lives kept in balance most of the time. I had a happy marriage like that for 20 great years! Why did I leave? In order to do my work I needed to be a free spirit to come and go and make my choices independent of any specific partner. The karma of my marriage had ended. My soul wanted to move on. I loved my ex-husband (the man in the wedding pictures) in a caring way. We are still good friends. The marriage was monogamous as that is my pulse and his. But the path I needed to take would move me into a higher frequency than he could understand. Other soul mates would be there for me to meet and grow with.

That one soulmate can fulfill you for an entire lifetime is not a reality in most cases. I seek freedom! Besides . . . there was always Z! My best male friends and partners connected with Z and had fun with him. They still do! Z's a 'trip' . . . as is this entire experience!

Would you be happy with a partner who is traditional?? What is your ideal partner about . . . ? Does he/she exist in 3D?

Actually my soul connects more with Akhenaten that Nefertiti - though I can link with the roles they played not with actually being any of those characters in our little Earth dramas!

Egypt is the strongest pulse in my Soul Record and that with which I connect.

Isis represents our feminine side - I can see her in all of us.

Thoth seemed to have 'gotten around' having had many wives and lovers, each with a different agenda.

As we know each god and goddess was written in to teach another lesson.

I tried to connect some of his wives - like Maat - but my soul made no true connection.

Now Seshat has come into the storyline - by accident - which is the way soul works.

According to Michelle, it was the female energies that originally created our storyline but as we descended the masculine frequencies - patriarchal societies as they are often called - took credit for creation and dethroned the matriarchies. These are good metaphors.

In the 3D experience males would dominate females until this time line, when the raising frequency brings things back into balance by merging with our higher frequency aspects.

Much of this has caused the abuse from which are trying to heal as individuals, cultures, societies, and as a root race. So many souls . . . living in pain and fear . . lost and confused . . seeking balance.

Connie writes, "At this time we are experiencing the reemergence of 'lighter' archetypes surfacing, superseding the heavier ones of the past."

When I found Seshat I knew I had found myself, or an aspect of my soul at the highest frequency level, for she personifies everything that is Ellie - My connection with Thoth - Z - TIME - and the Scribe who writes the Book.

(Psst . . . . Here's a little secret between us. . . . . I still connect more with being Z than Seshat - Sarah. I know . . . you are thinking they are the same soul! Why is Z grinning . . . and was that a 'Z' wink I just saw?)

I have always known I was here to stop a Loop in Time - to move reality from one Cycle called Time to another! Now I understand that the loop references the spiral of fibonacci (creation based on geometry). The first time I heard the word 'fibonacci' I said it over and over and over! It really connected for me. I am one of those people who doodled the fibonacci spiral most of my life! It got me through the college years and boring lectures.

I have always been told that I am here to write a Book. Perhaps that includes Crystalinks. Now is the time for its evolution. I do believe that 2002 will determine the destiny of 'Sarah and Alexander'. This is encoded in my DNA as far back as I can remember. Finding Seshat confirmed that my destiny is moving as it should. We are getting close!!

In the End, All will be restored to balance As the frequencies of the Souls Ascend.

Email from Michelle

Hi Ellie,

Here are some musings that Ellie and I discussed this morning. She asked me to write a bit about my thoughts and that is what thoughts. If they help anyone in any way, I am grateful. My hope is that my thoughts only serve to open and enlighten and NEVER harm.

We seem to be reaching a time in our evolution when we (our planetary consciousness)�is seeing that some major changes are needed to restore balance here on this beautiful Blue Marble we call Home. The energy holding our Home together has moved into pure chaos.In my heart I know there is a purpose to it, a timing that is essential as we move into the next level of cosmic awareness. The time for that awareness is NOW.

All the Goddesses in all the pantheons have been given less credence over the centuries as we agreed to allow the masculine to rule the energetic gridwork of Gaia.

Information is finally reaching the masses regarding the powerful women in our history and myths. Ellie has awakened�to Seshat. She has been a more hidden Goddess, not as " out there" as Isis or Hathor and has decided to come forward. Writing seems to bear out that she preceded Thoth and historical records will also, one day, fully reveal that many of the other female players in this "game" were/are heavy hitters and led the way long before the masculine energy twisted the information to claim power and dominion.

It is time we reevaluate our history and myths to be open to forthcoming awareness and information that will show the rightful place of women in the world- initiators of� world peace, societies based on compassionate, egalitarian efforts with power, and warrior might being reserved only to maintain survival and NOT to force others into subservience in any way.

The women of Afghanistan are circular mirrors reflecting the gross abuse and forced subservience of feminine power on our planet for millennia. I am humbled by their strength of character. They are demonstrator of the powerful feminine in all of us.

Ellie has discovered many things over the years and shared them here but none seem more "timely" or relevant than resurfacing the rightful mythology of women.

Sekhmet, Seshat, Isis, the Amazons, the Berbers of Africa, Greek and Roman Goddesses, Celtic Goddesses and on and on.......... every continent holds the true "HERSTORY" of our planet.

Many others are also resurfacing this information. I urge everyone to take a second look at the research..... get in the search engines and study the women and most importantly, look in the mirror and honor and LOVE the feminine within you ALL. THAT is where the truest power is on our planet. Its time to Return the Matriarchies.

About The Goddess Seshat

Safekh-Aubi (Sefekh-Aubi) is a title that came from Seshat's headdress, that may have become an aspect of Seshat or an actual goddess. Safekh-Aubi means 'She Who Wears the Two Horns' and relates to the horns that appear above Seshat's head.

Her headdress was also her hieroglyph which may represent either a stylized flower or seven pointed star on a standing goddess that is beneath a set of down-turned horns. The horns may have originally been a crescent, linking Seshat to the moon and hence to her spouse, the moon god of writing and knowledge, Thoth.

The notched palm leaf itself is a large representation of the hieroglyph 'rnpwt', the tadpole or shen meaning millions of. Together, they convey the message of "millions of years".

In Seshat and the Pharaoh by Wainwright, he shows the development of Seshat's symbol over time. It first appeared on Narmer's Palette, perhaps as part of a title. There it is clearly a flower-shape, and not a star.

Seshat is the Record Keeper.

It is she who writes the names and deeds of all on the sacred leaves of the sycamore tree. She was the personal god of the King. She was an accountant, as pictures of her on tomb walls recording war trophies and agricultural tallies can attest. This is about the geometry of the program!

It was as 'Mistress of the House of Architects' that she helped the pharaoh set the foundations of temples with indication that she set the axis by the aid of the stars.

From the Second Dynasty onwards, She helped ritualized laying of the foundations of temples and the ceremony known as the stretching of the cord referring to the mason's line used to measure out the limits of the building.

It is She who remembers everything, even the smallest details that most would forget.

In that sense, she can be considered a name involved with both destiny and time, for while Djehuty - Thoth is their creator and Lord, it is Seshat who ministers to each and ensures that everything in synchronicity. It is She who takes care of the details, when most would overlook them.

Thoth was thought to be her male counterpart, consort, and father, and she was often depicted as his wife by the Egyptians.

Some believe her to be an example of Egyptian duality, as she bears many of the traits of Thoth.

She was also identified with Isis.

There are several Gods related to Seshat. The one with the strongest ties is by far Nephthys. Seshat may even be a form of Nephthys. Several references in the pyramid texts compare them. Both of their names 'The Female Scribe' and 'The Lady of the House' may come from yet another goddess as well, as they are more titles than names, per se.

Nephthys is also refered to in the Pyramid Texts as 'Seshat, Foremost of Builders'. She is the Egyptian goddess of the dead. Daughter of Geb and Nut. Sister of Isis, Osiris and Seth. According to one tradition, she was also the mother of Anubis by Osiris. Her principal sanctuary was at Heliopolis. Along with Isis, she was one of the guardians of the corpse of Osiris. Depicted in human form wearing a crown in the form of the hieroglyph for house. Sometimes depicted as a kite guarding funeral bier of Osiris.

The Egyptians believed that Seshat invented writing, while Thoth taught writing to mankind. She was known as 'Mistress of the House of Books', indicating that she also took care of Thoth's library of spells and scrolls.

Seshat was the only female that has been found (so far) actually writing. Other women have been found holding a scribe's writing brush and palette - showing that they could read and write - but these women were never shown in the act of writing itself.

Seshat has no temples that have been found, though she did have a priesthood in early times. Along with her priestess', there were a few priests in the order - the Slab Stela of Prince Wep-em-nefret, from the Fourth Dynasty, gives him the title of Overseer of the Royal Scribes, Priest of Seshat. It was at a later time that the priests of Thoth took over the priesthood of Seshat.

Seshat is the Egyptian Fairy Godmother. Her magic wand with its seven pointed star was the symbol which represented the source of all creative ideas.

Her powers of cause and effect for any affectation were legendary before the founding of Egypt.

In a temple constructed during Hatshepsut's reign, queen Hatshepsut is shown directing Thoth to go speak to Seshat to find the answers to his questions.

Seshat was the essence of cosmic intuition, creating the geometry of the heavens.

Seshat, The Mistress of Scientific Measure - Mythology in the Heavens