By The Sea... Sea Salt

I read an actor who comes to Brooklyn for a reading every summer. While he is here, he goes to the beach, to the seashore, to experience the sea air and the sea salt, of the Atlantic Ocean.

My client, we shall call him Alan, is American, 41, straight, single, male who is into movies - acting, comedy and production and writing.

Alan told me that he goes to the seashore as frequency as he can. "There is something about the salty air and the salt in the water, that brings balance into our lives and relieves depression. Salt balances the chemicals in the brain. Being in the ocean is one of the most relaxing experiences you can have. It brings clarity."

Prior to Alan's reading - I read a man who had lived all of his life on the Atlantic seaboard, near the ocean - he's in his 60's. As he got older he relocated to Scottsdale. Last week, he and his wife spent a week in southern California at a seaside resort. He said when he went into the Pacific Ocean, it was like being home. He felt alive and rejuvenated. He went on and on about the sea salt, the sea air and the sea itself.

I have lived my entire life on the water - but that is all about metaphysics and a need to feel connected to the collective flow of creational energy. I believe that some souls are of Atlantean energies - guided to live on the Atlantic - by the nature of their polarity.

Other souls live in the Pacific region - the Lemurian Program - opposite polarities.

Your soul will guide you - and set up the synchronicities that will place you where you have to live.

The sea salt ... it does permeate through the air... and is a part of our consciousness of which those who live on water - are often not aware.

Sooner or later the ebb and flow of the collective ... calls us all home.

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