In Step with the 'Step Pyramid'

It has been a busy morning with clients. Thought I would get to post here before they arrived - but the time just seemed to slip by again as I was pulled into the . . . Pyramids of Egypt.

Let's start at the beginning of Pyramid building . . . and add to the information and our journey each day.

Metaphysical friends who work with JJ Hurtak have told me that he has made some interesting discoveries.

At the same time they were telling me this (he is not sharing the information yet) - I received the article by Paul White from a reader named Nancy followed by the article sent by Connie. Earlier in the day yesterday Anna had mentioned that the trip to Egypt is linked to the Keys of Enoch. Chelsea and I spoke again and she agreed that the book is a bible in its own right and that Hurtak is a messenger. He is writing another book. His books awaken - they are keys.

I told her about this feeling I have that I left something in the GP back in the 1930's that I must retrieve now. She said that many people feel that way about the pyramid because they have left things there. I keep seeking rings and discs and rods. We agreed that anything physical that was to be found in the GP has been confiscated by the government already.

As for the Mars info - she said that as far back as 1903 - a large cloud was seen on Mars - a cloud that could only have come from the condensation of water. It's almost a joke the way the government covers these things up. She is not involved with conspiracy - she prefers science - as I seem to do in recent years.

She and I had an interesting talk about the GP - especially as an initiation chamber.

Late yesterday i was drawn to study the pyramids of Egypt - and there are many.

Let's begin at the beginning . . . or so they say . . .

Once upon a time in Saqqara, Egypt - during the 3rd Dynasty around 2630 B.C.E. . . there lived a Pharaoh named Djoser - aka. Zoser - aka (his Horus name=Netjerikhet, which was used on all his monuments). He was a mover and a shaker. He wanted his tomb to be like no other structure on the planet. And so it was to me. Along with his vision came the power to transform reality.

Djoser's Step Pyramid is one of the architectural marvels of ancient Egypt. The site is located on a stretch of high ground overlooking the city of Memphis.

He decided to build a burial structure and summoned his Vizier Imhotep to design it for him. Imhotep was considered a doctor, sage, architect, astronomer and High Priest. He was later deified.

Until that time pyramid tombs had been Mastabas - Arabic for bench - a low rectangular structure which was built over a shaft which descended to the burial location. They were made from sun dried mud brick. Most have long since crumbled to dust. Most were rectangular.

Djoser's Pyramid originally began as a square mastaba, but then became a series of mastaba shapes, decreasing in size, stacked one on top of another. Whatever the origin, it creates an impressive geometrical form rising from the floor of the desert.

Djoser's pyramid and it's surrounding mortuary complex is recognized to have been the first entirely stone building in the world.

One mastaba after another was placed on top of the last, until the structure finally consisted of 6 step pyramid 62 meters high covering an area of 109 x 125 meters. Its substructure, which is were the final resting place of the pharaoh was, consists of a honeycomb of shafts and tunnels, many of which were dug by robbers. A mummified foot was found in one of the passages, and may be the only remains of the king. Other members of the royal family were also buried in the substructure; a small child of about 8 was found in an alabaster coffin. As the structure was enlarged, these other tombs were sealed with no access.

The royal tomb is 28m underground with a vertical shaft leading to it. The entrance was sealed with a 3 ton piece of granite. The face of the mastaba was a fine Tura limestone. Apparently it was intended for this to be the finishing touches to the building.

A series of corridors and a tomb chamber was dug. Some of the chambers are lined with blue tiles. Some scholars think this tomb was intended for a member of Djoser's (Zoser's) family, but not for him. The only other site that has similar tiling is in the South Tomb which is located in the Djoser (Zoser) complex as well.

Tiled wall

Close-up of the face of a Gray Alien was found on one wall.

After the third stage was finished, the process to make it a true step pyramid was begun. Over 200,000 tons of stone was used to make the additional two tiers that went above the existing two-tiered structure. An additional two tiers were added above the existing four to make it into the six-tiered pyramid which is there today. A Tura limestone face was added on.

On the northern side of the pyramid, a few blocks of the casing remain. The casing blocks from the Great Pyramid rested on the individual blocks of the core masonry. The casing blocks on the step pyramid were set at an angle to take up the thrust of the successive layers.

A statue of Djoser (Zoser) that was found by excavators, was found in the Tomb Chamber. This statue was damaged but still intact. It is located in the Cairo Museum. The Tomb Chamber has a replica of the statue in this blue-tiled room. It can still be seen through the viewing slit that is at the entrance. The chamber is closed to the public. Scholars believed that the roof of the chamber could give way. The chamber walls have inscriptions that show beyond any doubt that this is indeed a burial chamber. It also contains offering rooms and most of the other features that were often found in both earlier and later tombs.

The Mortuary Temple is just north of the pyramid and is in total ruin. On the southern wall back across the Great Court from the pyramid are carved cobra heads or uraei. The cobra head is an often seen symbol in Egypt. It was once a symbol of the north.

The Southern Tomb is located just outside of the southern wall. Steps lead up the wall to the other tombs and monuments outside the walls. On the left side of the stairs, there is a large hole. At the bottom of the hole, is an entrance that leads to an amazing set of chambers. This Southern Tomb is closed to the public. These chambers are also lined with the blue tiles that are found in the burial chambers in the Step Pyramid. The inscriptions found in these chambers are remarkable. They are perfectly executed and pure in line.

Close to the northern entrance of the tomb is a serdab of finished Tura limestone. The serdab housed a life size statue of Djoser of painted limestone that served as a residence for his Ka, or spirit. The Ka could partake of the food offerings that were left on an alter that was on the outside of the serdab through two small holes that were drilled through the wall.�

Facing the pyramid on the south side of the enclosure is the South Tomb. Three carved relief panels set within the frames of its false doors show the king performing the heb-sed ritual, a ritual performed by the king every 30 years after his coronation which reaffirms his fitness to rule. On one panel he wears the White Crown of Upper Egypt as he runs the race. This tomb perhaps served as a burial place for Djoser's viscera, which were removed during the embalming process. With his mummy buried in the pyramid, the king thus fulfilled the requirement of having both a northern and a southern tomb, an act that symbolized the Two Lands of Upper and Lower Egypt.

Between the South Tomb and the pyramid lies a wide courtyard with a complex of buildings on the east side known as the heb-sed court. This court has been gradually restored over the years. Its structures were false dummy buildings, which made perfectly good sense since it was intended to be used by the spirit.

The whole complex was surrounded by a high wall of white limestone in the Palace Facade style. Thirteen false doorways were set into the wall, with one real door actually opening into the complex, into a long colonnaded hall of fluted columns which were used to support a wall behind them. The hall opens into the large court south of the pyramid. This court ones contained 2 Jubilee festival alters, but only the bases survive today.

Djoser's reign lasted about 19 years, and was succeeded by Sekhemkhet in around 2649.

My first connection to Zoser and his Step Pyramid was when I received my 9 foot pyramid in 1989 and began to read and lecture in that pyramid. I became known as the 'Lady in the Pyramid'.

The store I 'accidently' found my pyramid in - was the same store I purchased my copy of the Keys of Enoch - though at the time I was guided to by the book - I wasn't sure why. I just knew that it was important and that one day i would understand it and that there was a link between the book and the pyramid.

I went on to lecture about the uses of the pyramid and its history dating back to Zoser.

I would sit in the pyramid across from a client and channel information about their lives and how to bring balance to it. At that time I didn't see that I was repeating a pattern i had done so many times before . . in so many lifetimes.

I even realized the significance of the capstone and always worked with the same one made of glass and crystals designed as a 'one of a kind piece'.

And so my journey back to the Pyramids unfold . . . with a guide named Zoser . . .


8:00 PM

I have been spending all of my free time researching the Pyramids of Saqqara.

Anna has been doing research linked to my work in Egypt - that involved the Pyramids and certains 'keys'.

Yesterday at 6 PM - I was guided to stand under the main portal in my home - the one that faces the water and bridge and comes through the skylight.

Next I was told to place the Sensor disc in the center of the portal - then place the crystal capstone - (see image below) over that.

It has been in that position since my last client left yesterday. The energies make it feel as if my apartment is taking off. If I didn't have clients today I would set up the 9 foot pyramid around that - but I can't spare the space for now.

Something is being aligned in my home - but don't ask me what or why? I couldn't tell you yet!

Today I allowed each client to hold the Sensor - and they felt such inner peace and balance. Once many totaly opened his heart - as if his chest had this great ressure - that was there then went away.

Family also stopped by and used the Sensor.

Everyone remarked at then energies in my apartment - as calming - they balance you!

I guess good old Djoser (giggle) had lots of cash - as he built the first - the nicest - and best stone pyramid complex in Egypt - 3th Dynasty stuff!

That was way back at the beginning of the story . . . around 2500 BC.

As most of the Kings who followed him lacked his wealth - their mastabas (tombs) - were cheaply constructed and collapsed through time.

The Egyptians really knew how to 'throw a funeral'! They planned these mortuaries for years. At death they had many of their physical parts removed and placed in canopic jars - thought they would be preserved if they they were mummified - then 'bit the bullet' - at peace with God!

They had the chambers sealed around them - for eternity they thought. Wrong! The chambers would be excavated by those who would come out of greed, curiosity, or questing.

As I worked on each file - I 'entered' every chamber psychically - felt the energies - walked around. Basically felt 'dead energy' - no connection to portals or my work. Of course there are spirits in the burial chambers - why wouldn't there be! Friendly for the most part. They could have said, "Get your hands off my mummy!"

Not a Hathor in sight!

No mummies cashing me around!

Just spirits in waiting - for what? - they did not know!

It has been a long time for them - and they just wait . . . and waited . . . and waited!

Most seemed 'stuck' between dimensions to me. made me want to open the portal to the GP and let them out - but somehow that seemed cruel - (don't ask me why I felt that - like I would 'burst their bubble' - ) - and not my karma to do.

I felt no need for me to visit any of these places when I physically go to Egypt in December. This is what I needed to determine.

After sending hours in Saqqara - I don't feel the connection.

Good old Zoser - Z - built one fine pyramid - yet I felt so removed from that reality. I may have played that game with him - as I can see my there with him - but the energies are gone in this timeline.

I did peek into the Kings Chamber of the GP - for soul connection.

It is strictly for Initiation . . triggering of souls - union. I found absolutely no connection to my work there. It has to be in another part of the GP!

I will continue to journey with you to the Pyramids of Egypt over the next few days - so you can read the files and see if you have a connection.

Our souls have all come through the programs of the GP.

We have all lived in Egypt in some timeline - especially as we all link back to the same Source.

It is 'Home'. Some people are awakening to its energies.

'Time' is bringing events together - alignment for the souls.

Trigger Image For Today Please study this image . . . Close your eyes . . . See yourself back in the days of the 3rd Dynasty . . . See Djoser before you . . . He takes your hand and leads you to an inscription on the side of the Step Pyramid . . . He asks if you know who wrote it . . . You think and then you reply, " - - - - - -". What does the message say? Do you feel part of that lifetime? Do you feel part of ancient Egypt?