Egyptian Connection ~ Disappearing Cartouche

Blue Sapphires

Last month while traveling with my Egyptian friend we searched for the blue/black stone he had given me as a wedding present in the time of Atlantis. Though we agreed that the stone is most likely a metaphor we both had the same visual of the heart shape stone set in a white gold metal with diamonds around it.

Did we find this by accident?? We were drawn to a similar stone set exactly the same way - while we were on holiday. We bought the stone without a chain as the chains in the store didn't seem right! To date I still haven't found the chain that balances the energies of the stones.

When I got home I went looking through my jewelry box for a chain to wear in the interim. As my preference is pink or yellow gold - I found nothing that complimented the energies of the stones.

Then Z told me to look in the far corner of the jewelry box. It is a rosewood chest about 4 feet high. I looked in the place Z indicated and found a silverish metal chain!

What really blew me away was - on the chain was a cartouche. Knowing I would never buy a piece of silver jewelry like that - I wondered who might have given it to me. My mind drew a blank.

I placed the sapphire and diamond pendant on the chain then placed it - along with the cartouche - in the little box that came with the pendant.

Every day I looked at them and wondered about them. My friend and I sent energy to the stones when he was here last week. I have worn the pendant but not the cartouche.

My friend left for Egypt last Friday evening. It is a time of Initiation.

What is interesting is that Irene - who was with me when I met him in Egypt - and carries the energies of that trip - is now on holiday in Turkey with her family - a cruise in the Mediterrean - away for the same number days! Turkey - links with Mesopotamia - creational energies. Another synch - the Superintendent in my building, Sal, also leaves for Turkey this Friday with his family.

Since Sunday evening I have joined my friend each evening in his initiation. Just being in the energies of the Egyptian grid are triggers.

Last night I got into bed and placed the box with the pendant, cartouche, and chain on the nightstand to my right.

I closed the light and relaxed.

My friend was already asleep and waiting for me on the other side.

I took the pendant in my hand as I felt a need to hold it.

I saw the image of Akhnaton as if I was looking at the statue of a very dark black man.

Then I saw his Queen - Nefertiti.

I felt as if I was a part of them.

It was as if they were characters in a play and I could place my consciousness into their physical forms and be them.

I was at their wedding - playing the part of Nefertiti.

They had a great love for each other.

I watched the entire ceremony as if I was there. I experienced with all of my senses. After the ceremony we turned as two huge doors opened at the far end of a room or chamber. They opened from the center outward. I could see an endless desert.

King Akhnaton and Queen Nefertiti in union- their ability to see beyond physical reality was ever present. "But how?" I wondered.

For the past few days I have felt the physical pressure of rings on my fingers that are not in 3D - particularly the left ring finger and the right index finger.

As I lay in my bed I suddenly I felt pressure on my chest, forehead, and just above my forehead.

It felt as if I was wearing a heavy hat and breast plate. I thought about the Uraeus and its symbolism in ancient Egypt.

My consciousness seemed to move to another level of experience.

I placed the pendant gently on my forehead as if I was guided.

A flash of white light sprang forth from my mind.

It seemed to encompass the room.

I knew . . . my consciousness had moved to another experience . . .

I quickly realized what was happening . . . .

I was wearing the breast plate and headdress of an Egyptian God - the Urim and Thummim. I could see the stones and understand their use. I was in a tall thin male body. I could feel what it was like to be HE. My cranium was huge - my knowledge endless. I could use my hands to shift energies and create. Somehow my consciousness was now in the body of this creational force. It all felt so familiar and where I wanted to be.

Knowing I was soon to fall into dream state I placed the sapphire pendant carefully back into the little box next to the cartouche.

All night I had wild dreams and woke up trying to retain memories which I couldn't grasp. I played many roles in dreamtime all of which I knew I had played before. I could see myself in more than one role at a time - yet remembered none.

In the morning I woke up with a jolt. Ten hours of '3D Earth Time' had passed.

When I work with souls in dream time - I always wake up seeing millions of golden sparks of light flying free and spiraling upward.

Monday I woke up and saw the souls lavender in color. Therefore it came as no surprise that Stewart and I had so much synchronicity with the color lavender that day.

This morning the souls appeared entirely different. I was surprised at what I saw.

Each soul was gray and looked like a small square computer chip with four round nailheads in it. There were thousands of them floating upward. Really weird - yet if this is a program - souls could be viewed by my mind as electro-magnetic chips!

I watched until the image disappeared - about two minutes.

A short time later I went to make my bed. I picked up the little box with the pendant and the cartouche! I looked several times as the cartouche - which is about 2 inches tall - was gone! I looked everywhere - in and around the nightstand - the floor - under things - took the bedding off - checked under the bed - everywhere. This was Egypt revisited! Like the disappearing pocketwatch - the cartouche is not here - anywhere in 3D.

OK! A message is being given to me! There is a point to all of this! Somewhere an aspect of my consciousness has taken the cartouche and it is now in another place. I know it will return - though I am not sure when. I'm not sure why it was taken only that it links with my friend in Egypt (I don't see it with him), an initiation into awareness, perhaps with Irene again, and a specific date.

My keynote dates are December 12 - 12:12 and July 4th.

And so we shall see when the cartouche returns.

I feel we should name this caper . . . 'The Disappearing Cartouche'. (laugh)

For now the pendant and chain are back in the little box on my bedroom mantle next to the pocketwatch that disappeared in Egypt! (Laugh)

5:30 PM

In the late morning Sal stopped to check on my air conditioner which isn't cold enough for the muggy weather setting in. I showed him the little box and asked him if he saw a cartouche in it. He looked at me strangley then anwered NO and asked nothing further as he knows I deal with the paranormal.

At 1:20 pm - on a break between clients I decided to call Deja to see if she could 'track' the whereabouts of the cartouche. From what we both experienced - it was still in my bedroom in the little box - yet it was not visible.

What Deja sees when she is tracing the signature of an item - is an 'off' and 'on' pulsing. She sees it as blips of energy. If the item is in 3D - the blips are strong. If it is elsewhere the blips are weaker and further apart.

When I held the box - the pulse was weak yet it was there.

We agreed that the cartouche was in the box - so we decided to try to manifest the cartouche back into 3D. I closed my eyes and saw what looked like a hand - not mine nor Z's - holding a silver disc of some kind.

I 'saw' the cartouche manifesting in the box.

I opened my eyes.

The cartouche was back in the box! For some reason I wasn't surprised. But how and why did this happen?!

Deja felt that the cartouche was always there but moved into 'the spaces between' the blips - now we're back to matter and anti-matter. She said, "When things disappear, they simply 'phase out'. You can't see them yet they still exist."

I wasn't sure what to think about the lesson with this as I looked over at my clock. It was 2:00 pm and my client was 30 minutes late. Where had time gone?

Actualy Deja and I had suggested thought the cartouche had gone missing as good copy for this column! You never know!

Suddenly the door buzzer rang signaling my client's arrival.

The client came to my door with flowers and an apology for being late. Her explanation was even weirder. She said she had actually arrived in front of my building on time - 1:30 pm - but didn't connect with the address as the place she had to go! She had walked around the block several times passing the building. I wondered what test of reality this was!! I also realized that becayuse she was late - Deja and I had time to manifested the cartouche back to 3D. Could there be a link between the energy involved with manifesting the cartouche and her not connecting with my building? This is too weird for me!

The client was in NYC on holiday from England. She is 46 years old and works in a university. More weirdness . . . All she wanted to talk about were creation - the grids - Egypt - and the nature of reality. This is exactly what I was dealing with at that moment! She had found me through Crystalinks and wanted me to teach her more than read her!

She has recently just come to realize the illusion of the game. She sees it as a dream from which she is detaching. By detaching from the game - more synchronicities are occurring in her life. Though she has studied Yoga and other spiritual pursuits - see understands them all as journeys into conscious awareness of which we know very little. She is searching for higher truths in a reality that makes no sense.

As of this writing - I am still not sure why the cartouche disappeared and reappeared. Hmmm . . . . .

Maybe I should become a Jewish grandmother - retire to Florida - and have old Jewish men chase after me!!?? (Stop laughing Z! I can create any reality I want!)

About Sapphires

Sapphire has the same basic composition as a ruby, being a form of corundum. The only difference is its color. While there are all colors of sapphires - orange, yellow, green, purple and pink, the deep azure blue is the most valued. These stones are next in hardness to a diamond, and have always been one of man's most precious jewels.

Sapphire was also one of the sacred stones in the Breastplate of the High Priest.

NOW this is really a synchronicity!!

Ancient Kings wore sapphires to protect them from harm.

The Bible names sapphire as the stone on which the Ten Commandments were engraved and given to Moses for the Laws of his people.

In Buddhism it was the stone of spiritual enlightenment.

Esteemed greatly by the ancients, because of its beautiful deep blue color, the Greeks dedicated this gem to their sky-god Zeus.

Sapphires enhance glandular function, elevates mood, stimulates clairvoyance, telepathy, feminine qualities, improves expression, and communication with one's spirit guides.

The sapphire was the symbol of chaste love and was associated with the goddess Venus. If the gem were worn by an unfaithful husband or wife, the shine and luster would dim. The magical properties of the sapphire prevented its wearer from wicked and improper thoughts. The powers of its rays could kill all noxious and venomous creatures. The stone would not shine for the wicked or impure.

Sapphires were prominent in early medical practices. Ground and powdered, they were believed to stop bleeding, cure eye problems, boils and wounds. A sapphire pendant was used as a cure for fever, seizures and delusions. It strengthened the heart, counteracted poisons, purified the blood and corrected defective vision.

A ring with a sapphire stone was alleged to bring wisdom and compassion to its owner. When diaster was near, the stone took on a chalky appearance which lasted until the danger passed.

The most valuable stones are found in Burma, Kashmir, Siam and Cambodia. The name comes from the Greek "sappheiros" and the Latin "sapphirus". Ancient Priests used these gems to help them interpret Oracles. They were regarded as such a powerful talisman that even when sold to another, the original owner was still protected by the influence of the gem.

A sapphire weighing 958 carats was found when lightning uprooted a tree in the jungle. It was bought by an American dealer for over $100,000.00 and cut into 9 stones, the largest weighing 66 carats. An early King of Burma owned a stone which weighed 950 carats uncut. Perhaps the most famous stone is the "Star of India", a rare star sapphire of 565 carats. After a long and turbulent history, the jewel is now in the American Museum of Natural History. A fabulous sapphire carved in the likeness of Buddha is exhibited in the British Museum in London.

The beautiful blue of an autumn sky, sapphire is the birthstone for September.

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