Relatives and Relativity - It's All Relative

Hi! I'm Michael and this is my baby brother, Dylan.

Saturday my aunt Nikki had her Bridal Shower in Manhattan.

The party was just for 'girls' so us guys stayed home.

Mommy said the party was perfect and everyone had fun!

There was lots of family and friends there.

Grandma did some readings for people who were very happy!

Sunday I celebrated my third birthday at a amusement park in New Jersey with my friends. The energy of families coming together on this picture perfect day put everyone in a relaxed 'party mood'.

Best of all, my family was be there, including my cousin Dylan who came all the way here from Arizona.

At all ages we enjoying bonding together as a soul family unit.

This is what Grandma told me. "Family members come together to work out something called 'karma'. Your 'soul family' doesn't have to be born into your biological family. They can be your friends.

"Life is like an amusement park. You chose your ride based on the emotions you wish to experience. You can pick a ride that is scary and brings you to fear. You can experience love in the 'tunnel of love'. You can laugh and be silly.

The movement of the ferris wheel
is like the wheel of karma - or time.
It stops from time to allow souls to get on and off.
It will not come to an end until the EM energy is shut off.
All rides must eventually end so the souls can experience
other places of amusement and interest.
From there a tired soul may chose to go home and rest.
Most souls want to keep playing.

The Ferris wheel in Coney Island - 1946

The merry-go-round goes round and round and up and down. What does your horse look like? Did you get the brass ring?

"Most rides go round and round as you remain on them until they are over and you get off. Many rides are fun and you enjoy the time you are on them.

"The parachute ride takes you up slowly - but once you hit the top - you quickly come soaring down - only to have to start all over again. The trick is how to remain at the top.

This is Grandma when she was three years old - 1946.

Coney Island was an amusement park thne as it is today.

Behind her is the parachute ride which is still today!"

"There are many games that can be played and many players to chose from. Life has prizes and competitions. If you are a good player - you can get the top prize. Sometimes you have to practice and practice to get that prize. Some players are lucky and get it the first time they try. Some people don't bother to try as they can't see themselves ever winning a prize.

"Many amusement parks have mirrors and tricks of illusion. You must move through the mirrors of illusion to get out. Be sure you see yourself as you really are! Stay focused!

Your palmprint - lifepath -

can alter if you can't see past the illusion!

"Some parks have clowns - magicians - and mimes. Others have seerers - fortune tellers who show up to help and guide you. Be sure they are not the magician in disguise.

"Today you enter your amusement park. Please plan your day!"

Hi! I'm Dylan and I'm four months old.
This is my idea of a great ride. I can make it go round and round.
There are lots of interesting things to experience with each turn.
Behind me is an antique clock which marks the passing of time.

This special time with my family continues today as 'all my children' and their children come to Brooklyn. Another mild sunny day in New York. We are off to the bridal salons - to look at brides-maid dresses for Nikki's wedding in September. The most popular salons just happen to be in my neighborhood. If you are familiar with NYC - the name of one store is 'Kleinfelds'.

5 PM - I asked Z to make this afternoon special for Nikki and the bridal party. I guess he must have taken me very seriously. When we got to Kleinfeld's - a receptionist told us the store was closed to the public for the day! We all protested we had a confirmed appointment for 1 PM and confirmed it earlier in the morning. We quickly reasoned that Mercury wasn't Retrograde so what was up?

Nikki asked to talk to the owner - a man who usually isn't there! He had come to the elegant store with his wife for a closed showed of a designer's private collection!

He looked at our group - complete with two babies. He and his wife apologized for the mistake and invited us in to look at gowns.

When Nikki asked who the designer was - the owner told her that she had come here from Canada and her name was Christina McCaffrey! We stood there in shock because Christina is the woman who designed Nikki's wedding dress. (Nikki ordered her dress last September). Nikki and Christina bonded immediately - talking, laughing, taking pictures, playing with the babies, and more. The odds of this designer being there when we were - not to mention that Kleinfeld's is generally so packed with people you can hardly move - could only be set up by spirit! Very cool Z! But then again . . . this is how my life works.

I woke up late on Monday as I spent lots of time on the other side last night in dreamtime- almost ten hours.

As I was waking up I saw myself literally walking through a vertical rip in time. I was moving slowly so I would have time to remember what was occurring. (On other occasions of returning to 3D - I have experienced myself come back through the tunnel people refer to in 'near death experiences'. You hear water rushing. The tunnel is dark with a light at the end.)

When I came through the rip - I was wearing high healed shoes with wedged soles - the summer kind of shoes women wear - you slip them on and they fit very comfortably. Z uses the symbol of the sole of the foot - or shoe - to reference one's 'soul'. For example - I have seen myself represented as an old brown (earth) worn out shoe - pulling the laces together one last time as I walk home into the light. High wedges - or high heal shoes - represents a higher aspect of my soul. The wedges I saw were covered with many tiny umbrellas. [Umbrellas hid information if they are closed or reveal information if they open.] The umbrellas were all closed then opened at the same time. White birds blew free through a field of dandelions. A woman handed me a white rose. I felt that she was another soul aspect of Ellie. The wedge could also mean making a wedge between realities.

Before I went to bed last night Michelle - in Fredericksburg, Virginia - and I had a long talk. She is one of the people I work best with. She has so much knowledge and is a major trigger for me. Michelle has been going through many changes in her life. She has been trying to find herself in the workplace after a divorce and many years of running a campground while working in metaphysics at the same time. She is 44 and her children are in college. She has met a metaphysical man to share life with.

Michelle was saddened by the fact that she had missed the work we did last Wednesday - though she said she experienced it energetically. Remember that there are thousands of people who experienced with us on a soul level without being aware what was occurring. They felt tired - a need to sleep - disconnected. It's all part of the slow process of removing our consciousness from the 3D program. Remembering that dying - removing your consciousness from a physical body - doesn't get you into another grid program as this one is multi-level. Dying takes you to another level of this program where things are not without learning experiences and how to come back here and play them out again! Yuch!

On Wednesday evening Michelle read Ellie's World. Since that day she feels she has taken a wrong path with her possible new career as a flight attendant on an east coast airline. She knows she is part of 'our world' as teacher, healer, therapist, and psychic. Synchronicities keep occurring that show her to change back to a career as a therapist mixed with weekend workshops in metaphysical studies. She will leaving the airline today.

Last week a rip in time - if you will - moving from matter to anti-matter - was created. If you can recognize it - you can move through it - back and forth - using your consciousness. I am still trying to sort out if we can take our physical bodies back and forth. I think we can.

Relatives and Relativity - It's all relative!

Maybe I should channel with Albert and ask him how we
can move between grids with our physical bodies.

"Hello Ellie!

I can see that you are still stuck in the problems
of the 1930's and 40's when last we met!

I am trying to move faster than the speed of light
to get to the place you are talking about.
But I have found that this is not the correct approach.

We do exist in matter and anti-matter.
You need a key to pass through.
The key is 'your mind'.
You will find the answers before the physicists.
You are close!
It is relatively easy!
I will show you how."

This ability will not make 3D different than it is. I am sorry if I sound pessimistic - but 3D is the place you go to be out of balance so you can experience the full gamut of emotions. If 3D Earth becomes balanced it will create something to set it back into imbalance. That is the 3D grid programming/ game. You can't change that.

Science and metascience bring greater understanding making it more tolerable to experience here - but 3D is a coarse playground where few win! How many people do you know who have had wonderful lives without fear, tragedy, loss of love, many learning lesson, etc? The souls are really put to the 'test' here.

No matter how many times I read and hear that our thoughts can shift 3D reality - I know that shift is only temporary - as things shift again in the cycles of time. The 'players' down here far outnumber those who want the changes to balance. There have been some good years - but with the recession - the cycles bring much to the emotions of the players. When we read about other programs - such as Atlantis and Lemuria - they always end with a BANG! Prophets always see the Big Bang as the only way to make earth shattering changes. Poor scripting, if you ask me! We need new programmers or I am just in the wrong program. I need my 'happy ending' - can't handle the negative stuff - have avoided it and those players all of my life. Can we ease our way into a glorious ascension without something major happening to the physical earth that we all experience simultaneously? What do you think?

We can learn to balance our lives in 3D and not allow people and situations to affect us - if we chose to - detach. The level of depression and boredom is on the rise. Some of this is part of the detachment process so relax and allow things to flow. Get rid of the negative stuff in your life! get rid of anything or anyone that overwhelms you and exhausts your energies. Let go and just flow . . .