Manifesting relationships when overweight

Manifesting Relationships when Overweight

I have read many people in the 25-35 year age group, who seek partners but they weigh over 200 pounds.

If you reach that weight you have tried many diets, perhaps hypnosis, a nutritionist, weight groups, read books, or watched Oprah.

People try therapy to get to the emotional aspect of the eating disorder and to heal their issues.

Excessive weight often comes from sexual abuse issues in childhood - which would make a marital relationship very difficult. Many people are not psychologically balanced to maintain a long term relationship, be they fat or thin.

Certain astrological influences can cause us to eat excessively - such as Jupiter being in your sign for a year. When it was in Aquarius - my sun sign - I couldn't stop eating.

On a soul level, few people are attracting a maritable partner.

They seem to get involved in fantasy relationships or with other who are already married.

Most overweight people simply enjoy eating - just as smokers enjoy smoking, drinkers enjoy drinking and so on.

Food - whatever your preference - (bread, pasta, sugar, gourmet) - brings instant gratification of oral needs - a rush of energy - the feeling of being full, satisfied. You are in control.

Now the point is to 'get in control' and not overeat. This is hard to do.

What do I tell my overweight clients when I do readings?? . . . exactly what I see. Most will yoyo in weight and stay heavy most of their lives. Some will take it off and keep it off. Some will remain obese and develop health issues by 40 - if not earlier.

They would see themselves as ugly and fat much of the time.

We manifest from the higher levels of consciousness (the emotional body, soul level, etc) and play things out in good old third dimension. This is how it is. Decisions are not made in third dimension - you just think they are.

If you want a partner - you have to send out a signal for one - even if you are not aware that you are doing so in 3D.

All of the people I read said they wanted a quality partner - yet when we looked at their soul needs - there were many reasons that they did not want to marry after all, that they weren't realizing - additional schooling, wanting to make their own decisions about their lives, simple not time to even date, yet alone marry, not wanting to leave parents, etc.

In those cases - the client is not 'sending out energy' for a man on the 'higher levels' - and it will never happen - no matter how many psychics tell them otherwise.

I enjoy talking to the soul of a client when reading - to get to the real motivations.

If it comes down to soul vs. mind - the soul will always win - as it can create the synchronicities to sabotage the partner away!

Some overweight people do find good partners, but this not the norm. It usually is a karmic relationship wherein the normal size partner has karma with the overweight partner.

And so I give each client 'food' for thought . . .