A simple breathing rhythm that helps connect to deep unconscious levels. Past memories may be experienced and emotional blockages cleared. It can be a powerful technique for restoring a physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Rebirthing is simple and powerful, yet gentle healing process which dissolves tension and stress in the body, while integrating the body and mind into a new aliveness and wholeness.

It is a journey into an unfolding of our soul's potential. It takes us to an awareness of our passions, desires, choices and goals in life - the soul's purpose, which is often obscured behind negativity and self-doubt.

It uses a combination of skilled counseling and body-orientated therapy involving a particular mode of circular breathing.

From conception, birth childhood, adolescence, and beyond we have continued to form a deep sense of self.

Much of this self-concept is formed within the family dynamic, which is made up of long-standing traditions of behaviour and experience.

This pool of family structures, as much as giving us a sense of identity, can also contribute to limiting our true growth.

The rebirthing process takes us beyond this reality of the family-moulded 'self' into a realisation of a truer, deeper self - a spiritual self where innocence and beauty stand above guilt and pain. It is from this realisation of self where we derive the true power for creating the life we choose.

Without this movement, we can remain trapped in patterns of addiction, dependency, betrayal and powerlessness as we go on clinging to our familiar stable structures. The ties that bind us here are often compounded by unresolved anger and resentment residing in family issues.

The process of rebirthing brings this suppressed material to the surface from the unconscious, reducing its power to sabotage our lives and giving us the opportunity to forgive and let go of hurt from the past.

In the session, focus is given to the world of the "inner child". The connected breathing cycle softens the diaphragm and bridges the heart to the belly, contacting and integrating feelings and memories of the child.

Bringing this "inner child" into consciousness helps to reduce its needs being unconsciously projected onto present relationships.

It helps us see where we may remain in fear of "parental disapproval" as we struggle to be free and self-motivated. Indeed the environment of our birth may be where our "original sin" of guilt and shame stems from - the feeling of being pushed out or rejected from the "heaven" of the womb and, in the panic and fear, not being able to feel the "fingers of love" holding our inner security as we make this important journey.

Rebirthing may heal the effect of the presence of fear or the absence of love at our birth.

Rebirthing is safe and gentle. It allows the body to remember and integrate "disowned" states, it purifies and cleanses the chakra system of the body, it relaxes, and nourishes -and most importantly it can birth one into a new spiritual reality - a place of deeper trust and security.

On wider level it may enhance an understanding of our place in this present quantum leap in consciousness on our planet. It is true, that, as we heal our "victim consciousness", we empower ourselves to become a more open and clear channel for the creation of a new world from the truth within.