Reality ~ Consciousness

Reality is an evershifting flow of energy created by a multidimensional consciousness following the patterns of sacred geometry. This geometry bring patterns of sound, light and color - into consciousness awareness - The Phi Ratio.

It causes events on the planet - and in our lives - to appear as cycles of time. Reality appears to move in a linear fashion - creating the illusion of time or the wheel of karma - if you will.

Reality is your conscious perceptions of what is going on in your physical world. It varies from person to person and moment to moment and is never stationary.

Many people 'walk - split their consciousness' between onw or more realities at the same time. They and can function in the physical and non-physical realms at the same time. These people would tend chose career in metahysics - metasciences - the arts - the right brain, intuitive aspects of who they are. They are consciously connected to their physical soul experiences as well as other aspects of who they are in other frequency realitites. This is often observed in remote viewing - astral projection - and lucid dreaming.

The nature of our creation and reality is part of an unsolved puzzle that humanity has quested after since the this cycle of time began. When you reach a certain level of conscious awareness - finding the nature of creaton and reality - becomes a challenge.

Time and space - are all illusions of what we call our reality. Reality itself is an illusion created as part of an experiment - experience - game - program.

Reality is often considered a dream from which we are about to awake.

Third dimensional reality is the place souls go to experience the emotional aspects of this game.

It is a dense coarse place - wherein molecular structure moves slowly as the vibrational frequencies are moving slower than in other realities. will.

Reality is often viewed as a game of duality:

  • Good vs. evil
  • Yin-yang
  • Polarities of electromagnetic energies that keep the game flowing yet always throwing it out of balance as we struggle to bring alignment and balance to our lives.

    Each of us creates our own reality through thoughtform - not on the physical level (below) - but on the higher levels of consciousness (above) to be manifest in third dimension. This is based on soul experience and need vs third dimensional needs.

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