Twins: Towers - Pyramids

Rainbow Bridge - DNA Merging - Fibonacci

Atlantis - Z & Z - Over The Rainbow To The Magic Kingdom

I am not sure why but everything happening to me know seems to link with Atlantis.

The sitcom I'm working on - that you are waiting for - begins in Atlantis and moves immediately to present day - yet there is a continuing thread.

I received email about Heva - which after searching links to Isis - Creation - Eve - Atlantis - why does that not surprise me!

Someone wrote and asked about the Pyramids in Peru. She is she is a producer going there for a project - I checked it out another link to Atlantis 12 pyramids - creational geometry - and the beat goes on . . .

Whatever is happening in that program is merging with the current program and souls are remembering who they are there and what they are doing as that references what is about to occur in our little 3D drama - planet Earth.

There is a story I found about The Heva Empire, an advanced civilization that supposedly disappeared beneath the waves of the Pacific Ocean in ancient times. It's about, Zia, the daughter of an Incan priest. Zia holds the Key to the Cities of Gold.

This is my daughter, Zsia,
in Disney World -
The Magic Kingdom -
October 27, 2001

where she took this picture with her son, Michael,
and 'Z' on her birthday - A Scorpio Synchronicity!
There are 12 Rings - Spirals of Creation
Around the Creator - The Mother - Isis.

I call this image 'Z & Z' - Creation in the land of OZ
The Magic Kingdom
Magnetics - EM Energies - Rods -
Polarity coming together!

Scorpio - The Spiderweb Effect -
Egypt - Narmer - Pre-Dynasties
In The End Everything Goes Back To Source

The events on September 11th have not only affected everyone in New York City but every soul in the program.

Based on the 'Spiderweb Effect' - wherein all things are connected to - and created from one central core - source - what affects one part of the grid - whole - affects everything else.

The Universe is an endless grid in which your conscious awareness moves in and out of different parts of the web as it experiences. Our minds get bored very easily. They like action - be it mental or physical. The mind is always thinking - chattering - it doesn't need rest or sleep. Many of us have not found a way to clear the mind while meditating so it can receive messages from the other side. The mind receives those messages from the left side of the brain - the chattering part - that is filled with information linked to our 3D activities - work, school, health, lovers, family, etc. When you meditate - the mind has to listen to the information coming from the right side. It's like changing a TV channel - (Laugh- 'Channel' is a good word to use here). Everyone can do it - or learn to listen to both sides of the brain. In my case I listen to both sides at the same time which is not easy when you are typing.

Physics - Superstring Theory

Eventually all things get pulled back to the Source .

The Return of Spider Woman

by the forces of Creation
all part of the alchemical process
of who we are Gold - transition metal -
changing BACK to ethereal bodies
the vibrations we feel in our physical bodies now.

The way our souls spiral into consciousness
The Spirals - Gold Spirals - Alchemy
The Slinky Effect -
I see it reversing now.

If you were to draw this pattern now -

In which direction would you drawn it?

The Rainbow Bridge - DNA - Jacob's Ladder

Gold - Alchemy

All points lead back to the Great Pyramid -
Pyramid Energies even in our cellular structure.

'As is above, so is below'
The GP - perfectly designed by Sacred Geometry
The Pyramid Twins
The Twin Towers
Place of communication for the planet
They didn't fall.
They imploded - merged into each other.
I watched it happen.
This is a wake-up call for humanity.

The Great Pyramid Is A Double Helix

Merging of the Twins

Forms The Star of David - Pyramids of Creation

The Mystery of The GP and Your Body

It signals your soul that the old Grid System which supports our reality by the 'Great Pyramids' that are above and below are collapsing - or should I say merging - through our DNA - over the Rainbow Bridge. 3D reality will no longer work or make sense.

12 Strand DNA

Belt of Orion and the Great Pyramid

Robet Bauval -
Orion was once known as Sahu, the celestial representation of Osiris,
whereas Sirius was known as Sodpet, the stellar representation of Isis.

Most of my life I have seen an Archetype I call 'The 'Kissing Fish' -
It consists of two horizontal 'V's' that meet in the middle at their points.

For years I have watched them swim to each other and touch - kiss.

There was a feeling of Union for me though I knew it was a metaphor.

We also know that the Fish symbologizes
Christ (Light Energy) - Pisces (Piscean Age just ended)

Lately my Kissing Fish have been merging together -
Union - Love Marriage - The Yin/Yang
Male / Female Aspects of your soul coming together.
If I make my Kissing Fish image vertical -
I would have the Star of David Union - Pyramids

Sirius - A & B - Binary - Twin Stars - 'Dog' Star'

Linked to the Dogon Tribe of Mali -
The Dogon Theory of Creation

Sumerian Gods

This links to the supposed return of Nibiru
which many people think will occur in 2003.

Khufu's Folley

There are 12 ethereal pyramids that emerge from one source - rotate around it - and form a grid system which creates the illusion of our reality. One pyramid is represented on the physical planet - at the center. It holds the illusion in 3D. The illusion is created with the use of magnetic rods - polarity - the duality of the program in which we experience by spirialing our conscious awareness in through a mathematical sequence we call fibonacci. For some reason I was seeing the word as 'Fiber'nacci - to fib - to tell a lie - create a falsity - the illusion.

I also used to hear the expression 'Khufu's Folley'. It wasn't until I started Crystalinks that I realized that Khufu - was Cheops - creator of the Great Pyramid - the home of the Illusion! It is all folley - a game! From what I have read about Khufu - he was more the Trickster than the God!

How interesting that two days after the WTC attack - Khufu's name found in Saqqara necropolis for the first time September 13, 2001. This was the day the double rainbow photo was taken at Mount Shasta - see below. Here is an article with photos - Khufu as god .

Also interestng is a game I found on the Internet called Khufu's Quest. The game is about Time Travel throiugh the Great Pyramid to find your way HOME! Very cool, Z!

Look at the Trick he played on me last year in the GP December 12 at 12:12 which my pocket watch which had magically disappeared nd repppeared in my Fanny Bag (bag of tricks ?) - in front my friend Irene just and I - after we left the GP and returned to the Mena House - our hotel near the GP!

Our Trickster was showing us about Time and Space being an illusion as he knows my work is about TIME!

Thoth - Hermes - The Trickster - a pain in the fanny!

Time is part of the created illusion. The 36 represents 12 X 3 =36 all part of the geometry of the program. This 36 is also repeated in the cycle for Nibiru's return - every 3,600 years. They are all metaphors and not going to happen in our grid program.

36 = 3+6 = 9 = Endings

Our grid program is called 553 - Third (3) dimension - 3D - Trilateral - Three into One - depicted in the original crop circle formations.

The pyramids in 3D are all just - aspects of the game - grid markers for the 12 ethereal pyramids.

The pyramids in space - on other planets, stars, etc. create the illusion of their existence in 3D. The pyramids support and create the reality.

Reality is held fast by physical pyramids placed in the universe based on sacred geometry. It really isn't difficult. Do I see a Brotherhood of Light returning? No! I'm not into Brotherhoods of anything. The entire concept of Brotherhoods is upsetting to my soul though I am not sure why! It has to do with influencing people's thinking - like religion - the Initiations in Egypt - something dark and occult about that stuff. None of this is difficult yet humanity has been kept in the Dark forever! But not anymore.

Light is the creational energy. Your soul is a spark that came from Light and returns to Light! The rest is all subjective. In the end, you will see whatever you expect to see and that's that! If you want to see a Brotherhood then you will. I will probably see Z!

Twins - Seeing Double

This Image below of a Double Rainbow was
taken September 14, 2001 in Mount Shasta area in a

town called McCloud which is linked to St. Germain among others.

Image sent by Karen Beaudoin.

This image was taken three days after the World Trade Center Attack.

Many people see Lenticular Clouds over Mount Shasta.

Mount Shatsa is also linked to the Wesak Festival -
linked to the Full Moon in Taurus and Buddha

Along with this Twin Merging many people - including myself - had seen an interesting phenomenon - twin rainbows. These rainbows usual have different - or more vivid colors in them. They are high in the sky and are triggers for transition to the other side . This all links to something known as the Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge is a metaphor for the changes in our DNA that will move us from one reality to the next. We view reality through sound, light, and color frequencies. The rainbow bridge represents the color aspect. Rainbow energies encompass the full spectrum of light frequencies. Our physical eye is able to experience certain color frequencies. We will see different colors and multiple rainbows as we come into higher conscious awareness and realities merge. You will become more aware of your multidimensional self.

When Judy Garland sang, 'Somewhere Over the Rain', I wonder if the people who wrote the lyrics and the screenplay were aware that they were channeling information. The 'blue birds' mentioned in the song are a metaphor for 'blue' the color we know connects with this transition.

OZ - The WiZard - Z - the Creator - Magic!
A Dream - Illusion -
Black and White moves to Color
The Lion =Leo - The Lion King
The Scarecrow = Fear-----> Brings Change . HE needed a brain - Increased conscious awareness.
The Tin Man = Transition Metals - Alchemy
The Yellow Brick Road (alchemy) which is the way go get HOME - The place we are going.

HOME= CRYSTALINKS = It bridges the gap and helps us understand. I still grow with this everyday!

"Rainbow Bridge" by Peter Craig
12 cosmic rays spiraling from a central pyramid -
Also in the 'Keys of Enoch'

"Twelve Around One" by Ben Erwin
The Golden Stargate of Pyramidal Cones
Alchemy - Return to Source

Sarah's amulet in my story, "Sarah and Alexander".
12 Pyramids - Stargate -
Creation in and out of the Great Pyramid.
I channeled this image in 1989 before
I read any of the other information.

Wedding - Union - Lifting the Veil

I was guided to post this image. Here I am at Nikki and Ryan's Wedding in September. This was taken at the ceremony on the water. If you cover at the right side of my face - you see the masculine side - the left side - left brain - actually I see me as I was / parallel - still exist - in ancient Egypt. As the picture was set up - the left side has a veil over it. The veiling is lifting over right brain - creation - intuitive - psychic while they events in 3D become more veiled and the future can no longer be predicted. Another symbol - holding yellow roses - Gold - The Flower of life Other right/left images of me can be found in the Sphinx File This is also about the Union of your male/female energies. Veils of Illusion

Egypt - Rainbow Bridge View From My Apartment Return of the Feminine Energies