The Rainbow Bridge is a metaphor a physical bridge that we will see when we move from one reality to the next. We view reality through sound, light, and color frequencies. The rainbow bridge represents the color aspect. Rainbow energies encompass the full spectrum of light frequencies. Our physical eye is able to experience certain color frequencies. We will see different colors and multiple rainbows as we come into higher conscious awareness and reality merges.


"Rainbow Bridge" by Peter Craig
12 cosmic rays radiating from a central pyramid

The amulet is from my book "Sarah and Alexander"
12 Pyramids - Stargate - creation in the Great Pyramid

Z playing the role of Pharaoh

Antakarana and Rainbow Bridge

By Joshua David Stone

The antakarana is the thread that is usually spoken of that the disciple creates through meditation, understanding, spiritual practices, and specific focalized spiritual work to create the thread, and later cord of energy. The disciple does receive help from the soul and later the monad in this process, however, the first half of the work must be done by the disciple.

The monad already has a thread or cord of energy that extends from it to the heart chakra of the disciple on earth. This cord of energy is called the sutratma, life thread, or silver cord. The soul has a thread or cord that extends from it to the pineal gland of the disciple which is called the consciousness thread. Knowledge utilizes the consciousness cord. Wisdom energy utilizes the antakarana when it is built.

In Lemurian times the sutratma or silver cord was the principal cord in operation. In Atlantean times the consciousness cord became more activated. In this present Aryan age it is now to build the antakarana and rainbow bridge and make it totally activated.

The antakarana is like a spiritual filament of light that is built like a spider builds his web. This thread is spun by the disciple in life after life, and it is only that which is of a spiritual vibration that can energize it. The consciousness cord contains the mental qualities from the soul. The antakarana is constructed of only spiritual/mental qualities from the soul.

The sutratma and consciousness cord have been constructed since man's first inception into the material world. The antakarana has grown very slowly because a person has to step on the probationary path for this work to even begin.

The sutratma and consciousness cord work from above downward. The antakarana works from below upwards. In the final stages of the building of this cord at the fifth initiation and ascension these three cords merge, integrate and blend together, just as the personality, soul, and later on, the monad merge. It is through the creation of the antakarana that this whole process is allowed to take place.

The building of the antakarana is like laying a cable or bridge between three great countries (personality, soul, and monad). This bridge building occurs in stages. The first stage of this building deals with integrating the personality and the four bodies. The second stage is then building the bridge from the integrated personality and four bodies to the soul. The third stage is building the bridge from the soul to the spiritual triad and then to the monad itself.

This process reaches a total completion at the fourth initiation when the soul body or causal body, which stores all the virtue and good karma, burns up. Then the fire of the monad pours down the antakarana to the soul , who has been the mediator between the personality and monad, returns to the monad. The soul or higher self is no longer needed and has merged back into the monad so all that is left is the soul infused personality and the monad who is now the guide.

The initiate has built the antakarana to the spiritual triad and monad at this point. Even though a strong antakarana has been built to the spiritual triad and monad, a complete merger of monad/spiritual triad and the soul infused personality has not taken place. It is at the fifth initiation that these two aspects merge together in consciousness.

At the sixth initiation they merge not only in consciousness, but completely into the four bodies, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, and the entire monadic infused personality and bodies turn into light. The initiate has become an Ascended Master at this, the sixth initiation. It is the antakarana that the disciple has built between the personality, soul, spiritual triad/monad, that has allowed this whole process to take place.

It is also at this point that the sutratma, consciousness cord, and the antakarana have merged together, just as the monad, soul and personality have merged together. This results in the immortality of the physical form. Just as God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are three minds that function as one, we are three minds, monad, soul, and personality, that function as one. The microcosm is like the macrocosm. Spirit and matter, Father and Mother have merged.

The antakarana has been the bridge of light or the lighted way, in which the disciple has passed to the higher worlds. It is through this bridge and lighted way that he has attained liberation and ascension. This integration has also helped to bridge the Shamballa consciousness, Hierarchical consciousness, and human consciousness. Shamballa consciousness relates to the monad and the will aspect. Hierarchical consciousness relates to the soul and love aspect. Human consciousness relates to the personality and the intelligence aspect.

The master, at achieving this integration, has also helped to build the planetary antakarana. This is the antakarana for the entire earth and humanity as a whole. Each soul extension on earth builds one thread of the planetary antakarana, which makes this whole process easier for the ones that follow us.

'The Six Steps to Build the Antakarana' - See the book: The Complete Ascension Manual, How To Achieve Ascension In This Lifetime, written byJoshua David Stone.

The Soul Mantrum and Monadic Mantrum

The soul mantrum and monadic mantrum was released to the world by Djwhal Khul in the Alice Bailey writings. I can honestly say it is the most powerful mantrum I have ever found. I recommend you start your day with it and end your day with it. I recommend that you don't do any type of spiritual work without saying it first. This mantrum activates the soul and soul star to do spiritual work. The words of the soul mantrum are:

I am the Soul
I am the Light Divine
I am Love
I am Will
I am Fixed Design

Those disciples at the fourth initiation and beyond may want to change the first line to "I am the Monad" instead of "I am the Soul." The rest of the mantrum being exactly the same. This, I have termed the monadic mantrum. Please give this mantrum a try, in building your antakarana and also in everything else of a spiritual nature that you do. I have never met anyone who didn't feel the effects from using it.
The only line in the mantrum that people sometimes don't understand is the last one which refers to the plan of the soul for the current incarnation. This mantrum is the beginning of all occult techniques, according to Djwhal Khul.

Even if you are working with another mantrum, begin your meditation by saying the soul or monadic mantrum three times and then meditate with your other mantrum. This mantrum is like an activation tool that signals the soul, and the monad to go into action to do its part of the program in response to your invocation.

The Antakarana After Ascension

It is important to understand that the antakarana in actuality, does not just stop at the monad. In reality it continues up all the way to the Godhead. If you would like you can send your antakarana all the way to God even before ascension, when you work in your meditations, and you will get a response from God, and He will meet you with His finger of fire, and/or thread of light substance. So even the Ascended Masters are continuing to build their antakarana, as they evolve into cosmic planes of existence.

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge and Navaho Legend

Long, long ago when First Woman the Goddess was created, she became fully grown in four days. It seemed that every Dine (Navajo) Indian tribesman wanted her for his wife.

She did not love any of them, but she did like the handsome ones. Of all the men, however, she thought the most attractive was the Sun-God. Of course, she thought he could never be her husband.

To her surprise, one day Sun-God came up behind her and gently tickled her neck with a feathery plume. She was engulfed with warm sunshine, and in a magical way the Goddess became the wife of Sun-God. He fathered her firstborn, a son.

Not long thereafter, the Goddess was resting beneath an overhanging cliff when some drops of water fell upon her. Soon the Goddess gave birth to a second son, fathered by Water-God. Because the two boys were so close in age, they became known as the Twins of the Goddess.

They lived in a beautiful canyon that later became a part of Dine (Navajo) land. About that time, a Great Giant roamed over the country and ate every human he could catch. He discovered the Goddess but did not want to kill her, because at first sight he fell in love with her beauty.

The Goddess knew of the Great Giant's evil ways and would have nothing to do with him. He became very jealous of her when he saw footprints of the Twins outside her Hogan.

She saw Great Giant approaching, so she quickly dug a hole in the centre of her floor and there hid her two children, whom she dearly loved. She covered the opening with a flat sandstone rock, spreading dirt over it to prevent the Great Giant from finding her Twins.

Another day, Great Giant saw the children's tracks.

"Where did these children come from?" he asked the Goddess.

"I have no children." she replied, because she knew that he would try to kill them if he found the Twins.

"You are not telling me the truth," he said. "I see children's footprints in the dirt, right here."

The Goddess laughed heartily and said "Those are only my hand prints. I am very lonesome for children, so I only pretend by making tracks with the heels of my hand and the tips of my fingers, like this. These are the tracks of my children."

"Now I believe you," he said.

As the Twins grew larger, their mother could not hide them any longer. She was alarmed for their safety because of the Great Giant, who saw them one day and tried to catch them. But the Twins were too quick and got away.

The Spirit who made the Goddess appeared with a bow made of cedar wood for Sun-Child.

"It is time for you to learn to hunt," she said to him.

"We must now make some arrows and another bow for your brother," said the Goddess to Sun-Child.

"Mostly, we want to hunt for our father," said Sun-Child. "Mother, who is our father and where does he live?"

"Your father is the Sun-God, but he lives far away in the East," replied the Goddess.

Another bow was made for Water-Child and many arrows for both Twins. They began their journey to the East and travelled as far as they could, but without success in finding Sun-God. When they returned they asked, "Mother, have you lied to us? In the East, we looked everywhere and we could not find our father, the Sun- God."

"He must have gone to the South," she said. Again the Twins set out on another journey, this time to the South, returning without success.

"Please try the West and then the North, if at first you do not find your father in the West," said the Goddess.

She sent the Twins again on their hunting journey, anxious to keep them away and out of sight of the Great Giant. Many moons later, the Twins came back and said, "Mother, have you lied to us four times? Our father was neither in the North nor the West."

"Now I will tell you the truth, my sons," said the Goddess. "Your fathers, the Sun-God and Water-God, live far away in the middle of the great Western Water. Between here and there are great canyons where the walls of the cliffs clap together and would crush you.

"Even if you should succeed in getting through the canyons, there are the terrible reeds that you must cross. Their long knife-like sharp leaves will cut you into pieces.

"If you should escape the reeds, you can never cross the Grand Canyon, which comes first before you can reach the Great Water. You can never, never cross the water where your father's house is in the middle of the Great Water, the Western Ocean."

"But, Mother, we want to go and try to find our fathers," said the Twins.

The Goddess taught the Twins a song of protection for their next journey:

"We are travelling in an Invisible Way to seek our fathers, the Sun-God and the Water-God."

This song she taught them to sing four times, the magic number. Day after day as they travelled along, they sang their song for protection.

One day, as they passed a little spider hole in the ground, they heard a voice say, "Ssh!" four times. The Twins looked into the hole and saw Spider Woman.

"Do not be afraid of me, I am your Grandmother. Come down into my lodge," she said four times.

"We cannot enter your lodge, because your doorway is too small," said the Twins.

"Please blow toward the Eastwind, Southwind, Westwind, and Northwind," Spider Woman called out.

The Twins blew in the four directions and the entrance enlarged enough for them to go through. Inside and to their amazement, they saw the lodge walls covered with bundles of bones wrapped in spider webs, exactly the way spiders wrap flies in a web.

"Do not be afraid, my grandsons," said Spider Woman. "These are the bones of bad men whom I killed."

Spider Woman talked with the Twins about encounters they might have on their trip. She taught them songs for their protection and explained what they could do to overcome obstacles they might meet on their way. "I will give each of you a magic Feather- Plume. Hold it before you as you travel, straight up or sideways to carry you safely forward," she said to the Twins.

"Be on the look out for a little man with a red head and a striped back. He will resemble a sand-scorpion, only a little larger--about the size of a Jerusalem cricket," she explained.

"Thank you, Grandmother, we'll be on our way," said the Twins.

Many days later, the Twins heard a voice from the ground. It was from the little man with the red head.

"Do not scorn me because I am so small," he said. "I can and want to help you. Put your hands down on the ground and spit into them four times. Now close your fists, saving the spit until you come to the Big Water. There you can wash off the spit."

The Twins did exactly as they were told, and after thanking the little man with the red head, they again began their travel. Soon the canyon walls that smashed together loomed ahead of them.

They repeated Spider Woman's prayers, holding the Feather-Plumes sideways. As they moved forward the clapping walls stopped long enough to allow the Twins to walk through safely.

When they came to the jungle of sharp reeds, again they sang the song Spider Woman taught them, touching the tops of the reeds with their magical Feather-Plumes. Behold! The reeds turned into cattails, which pleased the reeds so much that they quickly opened a wide path for the Twins to pass through. A puzzling encounter for the Twins was the giant cliff. They walked around and around its rim, making a complete circle and finally returning to their starting place.

They were making no forward progress, so they sang songs taught them by their mother and Spider Woman. They prayed over and over again. When they opened their eyes, a beautiful Rainbow appeared, creating a large bridge for them to cross over the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.

After this spectacular adventure, the Twins continued West for a long time, until they saw the Great Water before them. The Water spread so far, they wondered, "How can we ever reach the Turquoise House of Sun-God, which we know is in the middle of the Great Water?"

The Twins walked down to the beach to the edge of the water and washed the spit off their hands, singing and praying at the same time.

Behold! The Rainbow appeared again! A long Rainbow Bridge stretched before them from the beach to the Turquoise House.

Onto the Rainbow Bridge the Twins raced happily, find their two fathers, the Sun-God and the Water-God, who welcomed them in the Turquoise House at the end of the Rainbow Bridge.


Some people believe that the color frequencies of the chakras are a rainbow bridge that will take us into the higher frequencies at this time.

The Rainbow Theory of Chakras

The leaders in the field of chakra research are Woodroffe and Leadbeater.

Another influential person is Christopher Hills, a spiritual philosopher and researcher who set up his own university, the University of Trees.

In his book, Nuclear Evolution - published in the early 1970s - Hills suggests that each of the chakras corresponds to one of the seven colors of the spectrum. He then associates each chakra and color with a particular personality type.

A great deal of his book is devoted to explaining each of these personality types in detail. His typology is quite fascinating, and certainly equal in profundity to the personality typology of comparable systems of character analysis - such as Carl Jung.

Sanskrit term position type Personality-characteristics
Sahasrara crown primordial imagination type Imagination, shame and wonder
Ajna forehead intuitive-visionary type Intuition, sensitivity, envy or admiration
Vishuddha throat contemplative- nostalgic  Mental concepts, authority, reverence
Anahata Heart security or self-centred type Vital force; possession, jelousy, power
Manipura Solar Plexus  intellectual Thinking; Intellect, Change
Swadhistana "Splenic Plexus" social-gregarious Social; Ambition
Muladhara genitals physical-sensation Sensation; Sex, fear and anger


The word "chakra" comes from the Sanskrit word for "wheel" or "disk" and originated within the philosophy of the ancient yoga system of India, most specifically from the Tantric texts. In this system, there are seven major chakras arranged vertically along the spine, starting at the base of the spine and ending at the top of the head. In the physical body, these seven chakras correspond to major nerve ganglia, glands of the endocrine system, and various bodily processes, such as breathing, digesting, or procreating.

As we move into the next dimension people have seen new colors in rainbows:

Tourquoise, supposedly the color of the new heart chakra - Electric Blue and Magenta.

This was sent to me by a female friend.

Last spring, I was watching a beautiful rainbow with a colleague of mine. I was transported. He was not.

"I always used to enjoy rainbows," he said gloomily, "until my physics teacher in sixth taught us about refraction."

Since then, its just been sunshine refracted at approximately 40 degrees by a bunch of raindrops.

"Correct," I said, "and the arc is a segment of a perfect circle".

"So?" he asked.

"So, where does the center of the circle lie?" I asked.

The center of the circle of the rainbow, I explained, Is on a dead straight line that runs from the centre of the sun, through the back of your head and out between your eyes and keeps on going until it meets the plane of the rainbow.

"Sounds complicated," he said.

"What it means is this the rainbow you see can only form on the line that runs from the sun through YOUR head.

No one else can see your rainbow but you. I can see a rainbow, too, but mine is coming from raindrops four feet to the left of yours because I am standing four feet to the left of YOU. If I stand in front of you on your line, then I am seeing a rainbow from raindrops that far behind yours. I still can't see YOUR rainbow, nobody can except you.

Every rainbow is absolutely personal to the person who sees it. The rainbow is not an object, like the ancients thought it was it is much more special.� We can both look at a tree or a cloud and see the same object, but while we are both looking at a rainbow, I am looking at mine and you are looking at yours, and we can not share the experience."

I caught him by the arm and pulled him into a patch of sunlight.

"Look at your shadow on the ground I told him. See how the shadow of your head is Exactly in the center of your rainbow. Every rainbow you see is an aura around your head, and if you can see your shadow, you can prove it every time.

What's more, the aura is there all the time, you just have to get it in the way of some water droplets in order to see it."

Rainbow Prophecies

When the Earth has become sick and the fish and the Animals are dying, There will come fourth a tribe of people from all the nations, creeds and colours of the world, and they will put their faith in deeds, and not in words, to make the land green again, and to restore Balance once again to our planet. These brothers and sisters shall come together to live again in Harmony with the Earth Mother, and speak of Love as being the Healer of the Children of the Earth, and they will learn to live again as Brothers and Sisters of the Earth. They will be called "Warriors of the Rainbow", protectors of the environment.

Here is a rainbow I photographed from the terrace of my home in Brooklyn. Manhattan in straight ahead.