Psychology - Ellie's Articles - Part 1

Are all decisions made on this level?

Most of us feel that the decisions we make generate from third dimension. That is not generally the case. Many of our decisions are made in other levels of consciousness then brought down to our 3D reality.

Did you ever wake up and know you have made a decision on something important in your life? Most of us have.

The 'other side' is where we:

  • meet deceased love ones to resolve issues or allow them to move on

  • decided you have had enough in your current 3D experience and leave--rendering the physical body with a sudden heart attack

  • meet new people who will soon enter our lives

  • meet children who will one day be ours

  • are probably meeting with a 'twin soul' therefore leaving you with a feeling of longing when you wake up

  • return 'home' --which also leaves an emptiness when you wake up

  • Join in with your other 'selves' 'aspects' to help you move forward. Remember we all exist multidimensionally. Our 3d reality is just an expression of our soul that has entered into in space-time to experience.

  • understand the greater picture of things and can learn to release. Remember we are leaving 3D so the old 'karmic wheel' no longer will exist.

  • experience at higher levels of consciousness. All of how we react in 3D emotionally--all that healing-- not longer will exist in higher dimensions. See yourself up there in complete understand of how the universe works. Now see yourself down here getting upset over 3D issues.

    "Other side' decisions are not just in dream state. They are 'parallel' for lack of a better word to our 3D existence--existences. Remember--many of us have soul aspects that exist here that are part of 'our soul'. Somewhere on this planet another aspect of you is experiencing. That part is probably experiencing at a much different level--gender, age, career, emotional base, life stye, etc.

    From now on try to think and make decisions as if you are not here but are watching yourself from above. Laugh at your silliness. Release the nonsense. You are above it all! You know that you can attract to yourself what you need here to get by or whatever else you want. Who do you think brings you that 'last minute job'? 'last minute money to pay bills'? You do it from another level. This principle works a lot like telekinesis!

    In 1999 throw away lots of outdated and outmoded ideas and physical expressions of who you are.

    The Link Between Psycholgy and Metaphysics

    The overlap of Psychology and Metaphysics is very strong as many of the issues we are dealing with that block our emotional, spiritual, and even physical development stem from past life situation on and off of this planet.

    Many people have a fear of their own personal empowerment. This is often expressed in our unhealthy romantic relationships. And so the lessons repeat over and over again as we try to make better choices.

    Most of us have issues that deal with self love, power, forgiveness, truth, fear, abandonment, and trust.

    We are all in the process of becoming who we truly are. By realizing that the past holds the keys to the present you can give yourself the gift of perspective and that will allow you to access the keys to your inner freedom!

    As a psychic I read soul level going back to the beginning of that soul's creation. Souls have chosen to come to the Earth plane to experience many emotions--some of which my not make them happy.

    Past life hypnotherapy sessions help people release from experience in other lifetimes that block them in this life. For example, a client who had a fear of driving saw herself in the last lifetime as dying in a car crash that she caused. After she worked through the pain, and released it, she was able to drive, which in turn enabled her to get a better job and lead a more productive life.

    Many people are doing a lot of work on themselves now to clear tramas, spells, fears, negative karma, from othe lifetimes. This register not just in the physical body but the eomtional, spiritual, causal, and mental bodies as well. Without this processing the dysfunctional patterns--as with all learning lessons--get repeated from lifetime to lifetime until the soul understand how to let go of the issues. Many of these issues are used as a crutch so the soul can be taken care of by others.

    For example...bringing abusive people into your life. Often it is a partner who abuses you spiritually, emotionally, physically, often sexually. Understanding why you allow this to happen to you will break the cycle, as all things are cyclical. If you "don't get it" the first time, the lesson will come back again and again in this lifetime until you "get it right!"

    We are all clearing patterns and facing issues. I am fortunte in my psychic reading session to see both the psychological and psychic answer to my patients' problems thereby helping them clear.

    In 1995 when I became a Reiki Master I developed still another tool to help my patients heal. By sending eneriges through my hands to them they often unblock physical blockages caused by emotional trauma.

    Everywhere I travel on this planet I find people who are working on themselves and breaking old patterns as we prepare to change our frequencies and shift into 4th dimension. If you do not do this you are walking around totally confused with a life style that has no apparent meaning to you.

    The frequencies on this planet are shifting almost weekly now and one must by clear enough to adjust to the changes. I can see the effects this has not only on the human race but on all sentient life forms. Watch the animals!

    Old patterns will NO LONGER WORK!

    Remember that you are special. Your soul is pure and of the light. We are all part of the same energy. Some call it love! Some call it home! Most miss it and want to return!

    Internet Romances
    I have many clients who have fallen in "love" through connections made over the internet.I call them "email affaires" and though they play into the fantasizes and desire of the writers usually do not work out in the physical world.

    How easy it is to find a person on the net who is interested in you and your problems. You can enter a chat room and meet someone who has the same interests which gives the relationship a stronger pull.

    Many emails later --you and that person--usually of the opposite sex--feel a bond unlike any you have ever had. You rush to the computer to chat with that person each day. You write till all hours of the night!

    You can tell that person anything after a while. You can be sexy...professional..emotional...illusional. And that person..who is also eager for this type of experience--perhaps because they have never been open to express his / her feelings to anyone before--now has a perfect vehicle to do it.

    Sometimes photos and phone calls are exchanged. Often this is not the case as it will spoil the fantasy.

    Meeting in the physical can be fun but is often disappointing as the sexual energy that was on the email is not present in the physical. If this was true love --it wouldn't matter as the 2 souls have made a spiritual bond.

    Often projects are created between the 2 people as this email embellishes their creative flow and ensures the continuation of the email contact.

    Through the writing one is able to work out many issues with someone who is there for the same purpose. It is good for the soul and often the heart as long as it is not taken as a lifetime commitment. That must be done on a true reality basis.

    Usually the person you are writing to has other soul contracts with the people they live with and will remain with them. Sort of like the single woman waiting for her married lover to leave his wife for her. These things rarely work out no matter how much the 2 people would like it to be so.

    The email partner could be a true soul mate to you. But if he / she has other soul commitments you will be disappointed.

    Can a person you met on the internet--who lives far away-- has his / her own family and personal life-- really leave all of that for for you?

    Answer: Usually not!

    Even if both parties are single the chances of them getting together permanently are rare.

    I have noted that this becoming a popular way to meet people in the gay community--but most there seem to know this is a quick fix. Good place to work on healing and issues.

    I have seen this in many cases with clients and friends.

    Personally I have had many messages from men in metaphysics who tell me things like "We have a fated destiny!" ::::: Uh huh! I know this is nonsense as they are just looking for spiritual guidance -- or to guide me into their destiny-- (I actually have a destiny with Z so no one ever fits in that way though everyone knows I am attracted to Z look-a-likes)-- or they have a fantasy of me as a Goddess / Priestess--wrong lifetime-- though sometimes their fantasies seem a bit romantic!:::::shy grin:::::::

    Being a psychic and an Aquarian--I am quick to put things in their place and get on with with a friendship if that is what is to evolve. I do have many metaphysical male friends I met on the internet. Now if Z could just get an email address................... [email protected] I like the sound of that!

    Internet Addiction

    Addiction to the internet is growing globally. Is this detrimental? Depends on the situation and who you ask. I suppose in the early days of TV watching --that too was considered an addition! The internet goes beyond TV as it is interactive.

    Clients and friends have reported a breakdown in communications with partners who become addicted to the Internet. The partner is usually a live-in partner who spends endless hours on the computer, reading, searching and often chatting.

    The internet is addictive. One can find people who will chat with them on any of their issues. They will chat for hours on end. It is therapy if they meet the right person on the net. If the person they meet is dysfunctional this will magnify their issues and can cause an emotional breakdown.

    One can create 'oneself' as a fantasy character in a chat room and play out that part. Many males tell me they pretend to be females and have fun teasing guys! Teens pretend to be older than they are and get into all sorts of mischief! Eventually the teens give themselves away-- usually by their impatience and attitude.

    As third dimensional reality is breaking down, fantasy and escapism is growing.

    Wives complain to me about their husbands who go into the sex rooms while chatting and perform sexual acts on themselves not caring if the wife is watching. This is pretty dysfunctional but has become very common on the internet. Internet Sex is where the money is and where many people seem to go most often these days. You would be surprised the types of people who go into those rooms as reported to me. Some are just lonely but most want fantasy--not much different than a man with a hooker.

    Of course this also holds true for females who go into chat rooms for various sexual reasons. Females usually tend to enter chat rooms because they are lonely and seeking the 'heart chakra'. They have internet romances and fantasies of escaping with these men-- leaving their current livestyles. Rarely does this actually manifest. The odds of two married people meeting on the internet --getting to know each other--leaving their spouses and living happily ever after together --(if that concept still exists in this changing reality)--is almost zero.

    On the other hand some internet addicts really want to learn and grow-- finding the internet the best vehicle to this end-- as there are a least one million home pages out there now.

    Students can get addicted to the games and leaving their research for 'another day'.

    We do have to face the fact that we live in a computer world. This will never change until we shift frequency. internet will be much more beneficial than detrimental as it brings 'the world' to our homes and offices. It will help us solve problems we could not have even understood years ago.

    Now we have to consider this. . . why is it that science evolved so quickly in the 20th Century? Why didn't all of this happen in the 19th Century or earlier? Mankind was certainly ready.

    Why are the end times of this millennium suddenly coming into awareness? Is it to bring knowledge to vaste majorities of the world--for global enlightenment at this time--for healing--for triggering?

    If an Internet addiction brings growth and fuctional behavior patterns as a result of the time spent on the net then there is nothing wrong with it. If --as with all things in our lives--it causes dysfunctional behavior patterns then the person needs psychiatric help.

    Please do not take seriously many of the things you read especially in the chat rooms! As for me--I never enter chat rooms as I hate to type and find the energy flow way off for me. I do not have ICQ!

    Balance and Imbalance

    June 1998--By Ellie Crystal

    If you live in a home with many people especially if there are young children--- or if you work in a large work place-- haven't you ever noticed that there is one person who creates problems-- while the rest of that environment is calm.

    As soon as that person's problems are resolved-- another person will start up some trouble. For example:

    You have 3 or more children.
    When when child is causing you grief you put 
    much of your effort in to solving the problem
    as the other children seem statis quo at that time.
    OK--you think!  Peace at last!
    Suddenly as soon as the children see that peace and balance 
    have been restored one of them will "stir up the pot"
    with something new!--->Loss of balance.
    This IS an important aspect of our Earth program--
    one that has exhausted the souls.
    Our internal computers seek balance.
    This is actually one of the reasons many people chose 
    not to marry--
    not to be in serious relationships--
    not to have children--
    and in general not to be responsible for another's actions.
    Look around you and see how this part of the program works
    in your home and / or work place.
    What can you do about it?
    Generally nothing!
    Just keep yourself balanced and 
    don't let ANYONE "rock your boat"!
    "Computer--End program!" Close you eyes! Relax your body. Clear your thoughts. Say, "Computer--end program!" What do you see?
    From Z
    No matter what happens in your life always remember this phrase... "Rise Above It" Just look at the situation then repeat the phrase until you are past the crisis
    An Article on Abuse
    One of the common themes in my readings of late are people who are allowing themselves to be abused by others on the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual levels. Breaking this pattern-- especially if it has gone on for years-- is one of the hardest things to do -- especially if the abuse goes back to childhood and has become part of your internal psychi! This is just as hard for the abuser as the person being abused. I am not sure why this planet is so filled with anger,fear and rage--but the fact is it exists and the patterns perpetuate themselves over and over. The karmic wheel: In the last lifetime I abused my father-- as I was the parent in that lifetime and he was the child. Now he is coming back to abuse me! This is part of that endless list of "karmic gook" that holds us back from freedom, peace and understanding. As all souls are from the same source-- no matter who and what they have chosen to experience in this time-- all souls are connected and receive information that any other soul anywhere can experience. When one person is abused-- that energy is felt by every other soul on some level. When a soul overcomes abuse -- whether that soul realizes it or not-- that soul is not only helping him / herself but helping every soul --everywhere. Some people are here to do this physically on a large scale-- like Oprah--(who received the Lifetime Achievement Award last night at the Daytime Emmys.) She is one of those examples of someone who came from abuse and neglect and went on the help millions. Though abuse was not part of my karma-- I started this page in the hope that my vaste experience as a psychologist and psychic would touch many people and guide them past the illusions that hold them down. In the past three years I have touched the souls of many readers and seemed to be making a great difference as the daily stats and emails reflect. This is my reward. Crystalinks has been able to help many heal in body, mind, and soul. To have the opportunity to write this column and web site has truly been an incredible gift for me. View life as a pool of water. Everything that touches the water affects every other part of the water. It is all ONE! Some souls are here to heal just themselves-- or so they think. Yet they heal ALL! The number of souls finding the strength to walk away from abusive relations-- and trusting that the help with be there- has increased by monumental proportions. If you are being abused--- please take the time today to recognize that this is karmic-- not because of something you did or did not do. The best thing you can do is to leave and cut the karmic ribbons that connect you to that person. Close your eyes. See yourself facing that person in a standing position. See which chakrahs are connected. (It will most likely be the heart). Take a scissor and cut the ribbons that connect you. Take your time. Cry if you feel like it. Allow yourself to feel anger--pain--frustration--whatever. Release this energy into the "pool" and set your soul and others in this abusive frequency free. It will work for you and will help more souls than you will ever know.