Psychology - Ellie's Articles - Part 3

Psychology - Ellie's Articles - Part 3


There are many 'meanings' of the word 'affair'.


Here in the US - we tend to think of an affair was a sexual relationship. In this case - the connection can be karmic - hormonal - both - or just lots of fun. The partners can be alone or have other partners. It can become compulsive wherein at least one of the people involved considers the affair the highlight of their life - and thinks about the other person constantly. This usually ends badly with one or more partners obsessing for months after the affair is over. In the workplace this can be a total disaster. You think you are in love - but that emotion fades! From time to time you remember the passion you experienced with that partner.


This often occurs between two co-workers as they share much time and thought together. The person can be considered your 'best friend' - as you can talk to that person about things that you can not share with anyone else. You wonder why that person did not come into your life as a permanent partner for you - especially if the person is married or living with somone. The person becomes as much your partner - as the partner you share your time with when away from the job situation. Flirtation may occur - but is not acted upon. This makes a boring job bearable. If no one is hurt by this - then it is fine. If one partner wants to make the situation into more than the other person can handle - or desires - then problems will arise.


Your mind and the other person's mind seem to work as 'one'. You think the same thoughts. You know when and where the other person is and can make telepathic contact. You can be lovers. You feel that 'nothing like this has ever happened to you before and no matter what else happens you must have that person in your life. You see that person as your true 'soulmate/ twin flame'. The person may be from a parallel reality - past / future timeline with you - another aspect of your soul - your balance partner. In any case - the frequencies of the souls are the same. Time is often spent in spiritual pursuits to the exclusion of 3D reality.

The best affairs encompass a connection of body, mind and soul.

Memory Loss - June 1999

Do you find that your memory is getting worse these days?

Is this especially true with 'short term' memory - the mundane things you can't remember?

Do you walk into a room and forget what you went in there for?

Someone tells you the details of something and ten minutes later you can't remember what they said.

I have read more articles, had more personal experiences, and had more people talk to me about memory loss, in the past weeks than ever before.

Memory loss can originate from various sources - from the physical and the emotional body - or from external sources of which we are not aware.

Here is something else to bear in mind if the reason for your memory loss can not be determined . . .

As we move into the higher frequencies we are using more of the right brain (higher learning - intuitive) - the less of the left brain (logical). This is causing memory loss for many people who work in the esoteric fields - especially with meditation.

As a psychic reader I process the information from my clients using the right side of my brain. After I bring in the information - I do not retain what I have said or seen psychically because I am now using the left side of my brain.

The trick is to be able to balance both hemispheres of the brain. I am trying!

On the global scale memory loss about world events is due in part to the collasping of the old grids whihc contain the memory for the current program in which we live.

The information is being replaced by newer grids of higher light frequency.

Using Affirmations

May 1999

Affirmations are similar to prayers - meditations - in that you 'talk' to your higher self, God, Angels, Your Spirit Guides - are they not all the same - and ask for something specific for yourself, for others, or for the planet.

There are various ways I have seen affirmations performed.

  • Mental projections to spirit
  • Talking verbally to spirit
  • Writing down what you want
  • Talking to - praying to - a statue or figurine of some sort
  • Ritual - candles, sacrifice of something, chanting, writing the message then burning the paper

    People ask for:

  • Love
  • Wealth - Career
  • Healing
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Release from something
  • Spiritual Synchronicities

    Affirmations allow you to believe that an event will occur because of something you have done in 3D. What you will manifest are synchronicities or meaningful coincidences which are events we attract into our lives - not with our conscious minds but with our unconsciousness thoughts.

    Affirmations do not 'make it happen'. You do!!

    If you are empowered you know that you can manifest what you want after careful thought about your personal needs and self-esteem about the situation in question. Most importantly you understand that your affirmation can not change someone else's destiny unless that person has similar needs at the time.

    For example - you can not make someone love you because you see the karmic connection to that soul but the other person already has other karmic obligations he / she is working on. All of the affirmaitons in the world will not make that relationship work for you. You can ask - you can wait - you must let go!!

    Affirmations - at this stage in planetary frequency - should come with immediate synchronicity - or they are not meant to happen. You can look to see what is stopping the manifestation but this may out of your hands.

    Affirmations are just taping into the collective unconscious to see if the reality can manifest. If it is not on your timelines - or in the collective - you will know quickly - as manifestation these days is immediate. If nothing happens - move on. This is the wrong path for you and on a higher level you understand that. If you attempt some sort of occult ritual with your affirmation - that takes you off your timeline - the learning lessons will be harsh. You are now giving your power to the ritual.

    Let's talk about the main subject that most people ask about!


    State your affirmation - "I would like to find a karmic love."

    When you ask for a 'romantic relationship' you must specify exactly what you want from that relationship as so many relationships are karmic learning lessons these days. You must know what you want - or think you want - and most importantly what you Don't want - such as a partner who is dysfunctional. Do not ask for something that you know is impossible - like getting a person who is totally unattainable. You are setting yourself up to fail and need to work on your self-esteem issues.

    Once you have put out the affirmation for what you want - you must now wait - but only for a short period of time. If the person does not manifest - then no one is available and all of the affirmations in the world can not bring you exactly what you want. If you want to restate your intentions - do so - try again.

    Keep remembering what YOUR needs are because they may be in conflict with what you ask for in a partner.

    Your ability for manifesting your minimum needs - is always at play. For example - you're not sure how you will find the money for your monthly bills - then suddenly it is there. Perhaps it comes as a gift, you find it, win it, someone pays you some money owed.

    A recent client who was down on her luck - who could not find a job and was down to the last unemployment check - suddenly found a job in the 'nick of time'!! In that instance - she really didn't want to work - which she knew - but when she was down to the last of her money - she manifested a job on another level ---> it manifested in 3D.

    Affirmations help you focus that which you need or think you need. However you use them - use them in the light - with the best of intentions for all concerned - with love. See the event happening in the best way in can at this point in your life!

    Do I use affirmations?

    Never! I know nothing is created on this level!!

    In affirmations you are talking to the part of you that decides what will happen to you - and stating in a way that is acceptable to you in 3D.

    I already understand that I work on all situations with 'higher aspects' of my soul ----->I manifest what I need here in 3D.

    This is what we call - 'trusting in universe'.

    YOU are the UNIVERSE!

    You know that you create it ALL from higher levels - so you just 'coast' here and allow your higher self to do the work!!

    Soon we will be in a place where we consciously understand how the 'program' works.

    Remember we are still in a state of 'awakening' and understanding about the nature of reality!

    Now you understand why I want 'out of here'!

    It is time to learn the greater truths!

    3D Earth is so very limited!!

    Soap Operas and Metaphysics

    May 22, 1999

    In 1967 I retired from the teaching and counselling professions to stay home and raise 'all my children'.

    That year I joined the 'soap opera set' with a soap called "All My Children". A rising young star - Susan Lucci - my age - from Long Island, New York was catching everyone's attention with her amazing talent.

    Had Cyberspace been part of my life choices then - I know I would have stayed with the Internet - but that was years before computers and VCR's were part of my life.

    Along with an increasing number of viewers I was home faithfully ever day watching the adventures of Erica Kane (Susan's character) then went on went to watch the rest of the ABC line which included "General Hospital" and the touchy subject of 'rape'.

    Through the years soap operas went on to include metaphysical subjects in their storylines - near death experiences, angels, clairvoyance and clairaudience, past lives, alternative healing, among others.

    The realm of soaps has always been about the heart chakra - Male/female, parent/child, finding 'true love'!! Soaps address the emotions - the drama that we came to planet Earth to experience. We can experience them vicariously from our homes and "feel" what we may not be able to "feel" in our everyday lives. We learn that we must let go of relationships that no longer work - no matter how painful this may be to us.

    Males used to tease females about watching soap operas. That was because they were afraid to connect with the heart chakra. This was also ture of consulting a psychic reader or therapist.

    Times have changed. We go where we need to go to get the help and spiritual guidance our souls needs. I often have weeks where I read mostly men. Their emotional issues are the same as women's though many women think that men do not suffer when they break off a relationship. They certainly feel the emotions of pain, anger, and frustration as woman do. 'Letting go of things' just seems to go counter to our innate instincts. If you are in a bad relationship now - just let it go! You will heal! Let all outmoded things go now!!

    Soap operas have addressed many social and spiritual issues through the years - writers getting more leeway with their story lines as the thinking of American grew and came more into awareness. Soaps and daytime talk shows paved the way for much of the spiritual awakening. They continue to do so to this very day.

    As with all things in life - my time with soap operas faded - (except for the tapes of 'Days of Our Lives' which I still watch daily). Soaps and soap stars came and went - but not Erica Kane - the character Susan Lucci played from the beginning.

    Year after year Susan would be nominated for a Daytime Emmy award - and year after year she would lose - usually to another excellent and talented actress - as most of daytime soaps have excellent performers - some of whom are my clients. I know how hard they train - wait for their 'big break' - live a hard life - but a few go on to fame.

    Last night - after 18 loses - Susan Lucci finally won her first Emmy!

    The audience in Madison Square Garden gave her a standing ovation.