Psychic surgery originated in the Philippine Islands. There are many psychic surgeons practicing there today - many found through local hotels.

Psychic surgery is performed through the mind and spirit of the healer. In a visionary experience, the healer has been given the gift of healing and psychic surgery by the Holy Spirit.

In psychic surgery the healer uses the mind to concentrate spiritual power through the hands into the body of the patient.

The healer, in semi-trance, or meditative state, has his hands guided by the spirit.

The spirit detects those parts of the body in which disease is developing and injects spiritual energy into those parts. Blood and tissue materialize on the patient's body.

Pus, cartilage, bone, worms, stones and other objects might materialize on to the body.

Sometimes the spirit causes the healer's hands to enter the body and attract diseased tissue. This tissue is pulled out without leaving a wound or scar.

The tissue closes as the hands are taken out of the body.

Energy projected from the healer's hands opens body tissue much as an orthodox surgeon uses a scalpel to do the same thing.

This energy appears to harmonize with the patient's body as the body is entered.

The healer's semi-trance is vital to a surgical process that can be seen to alter cosmetic appearance as well as reducing the size of tumors and making deep tissue changes.

After psychic surgery, in many circumstances, the organs remain; only the disease component is no longer evident.

My understanding is that the surgery changes the organ by causing the disease component to be rejected.

Psychic surgery might be more accurately described as cleansing the human body.

Spiritual energy is used to enhance those parts of the body that have been depleted by injury caused through emotional or mental trauma, physical trauma or dietary or chemical trauma.

Spiritual trauma might also be a cause. Spiritual energy used in the surgery appears to heal that injury.

Spiritual energy can, seemingly, do only good. No anaesthetic is used in psychic surgery. The relaxation response of the patient is enough. No pain is felt.

Spiritual energy is cleansing and cannot contaminate.

There appears to be no risk of cross-infection or open-wound infection. There is not the risk, as in orthodox surgery, of accidental trauma if a scalpel should slip.

There are no complications of resuscitation or post-operative care. The patient can get up and leave the site immediately after the procedure.

Psychic surgery usually takes no more than a few minutes. Many patients can be treated during each healing session.

A patient is conscious throughout the procedure and is able to get off the healing table without discomfort.

Psychic surgery is an energy enhancement of the body, quite different to the invasive incision of the medical scalpel.

Following this diagnostic procedure, the surgeon places his hands (as if the hands are a scalpel) and penetrates the patient's physical body.

This will look to all observers as a straight line perforating the skin in the area determined by the surgeon that needs healing.

There is little or no bleeding other than what remains on the diseased tissue after it is removed.

Some of the adjustments may include spinal adjustment, removal of tumors or cancerous growths, alignment of bones, adjustment of internal organs such as uterus, ovaries, kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart, among others.

This surgery takes approximately 15 minutes to half an hour and may involve several procedures.

The patient may have a slight, almost invisible, mark at the area of psychic incision. The area may feel slightly tender for 24 hours.

These are experiences as reported by several of my clients who have recently undergone successful procedures.

The surgeon they used is Reverand Gregorio from the Philippines.

It is estimated that there are more than 400 psychic surgeons in the Philippines. There is one in every big hotel in Manila.

Reverend Tony Agpaoa was the most famous.

WARNING: If you choose to undergo this type of healing, determine the credentials of the surgeon you are using, believe in his healing ability and your soul's willingness to be healed.

This information was reprinted with the permission of Dr. Donald McDowall from his book, Psychic Surgery-A guide to the Philippines experience.


  • Reverand Tony Agpaoa

    Psychic surgeons claim to be able to cure many diseases including diabetes and cancer. Agpaoa talked of imbalances in the body, biofeedback and mental consciousness. "Our healing is secondary, we bring back the natural way of life to make people healthy again." He is cautious in his claims. "We guarantee that, physically and spiritually, people will leave here better, but we can't guarantee we will cure them."

    "Becoming a psychic surgeon is not something that one can choose to do. It is something that comes upon one often during a period of illness." (Dein)

    The legitimacy of psychic surgery operations is irrelevant to the surgeons. They say the dramatic operations give patients more confidence and faith in the healing, and is no different, or more morally wrong than a western doctor prescribing a placebo. Agpaoa says his patients heal themselves. "I merely plant the seed with my surgery. The patient's mind does the rest."

  • Rudy Jimenez, Agpaoa's Handpicked Successor
    International Spiritual Center, Barrio Lugnab, Baguio City, Tel. 69-06

  • Marcelino Asuigui, Healer From Skyland

  • Perlito Alcazar

  • Benjie Balacano, The Healer With Eleven Spirit Guides
    33 P. Paterno St. (Near Banawe), Quezon City, Tel. 61-09-15

  • Lito Fausto

  • Alex Orbito

  • Juan Labo, The Flamboyant Healer Of Baguio
    Nagoya Inn, 444 Naguilian Rd., Baguio City, Tel. 42-39

  • Emilio Laporga

  • Marcos Orbito
    50 Maria Clara St., Quezon City, Tel. 98-62-61

  • Roger Orbito
    9 Maryland St., Cubao, Quezon City

  • Josephine Sison
    Barrio Barangobon, Villasis, Pangasinan

  • Lorrie Taylo and Nemesio Taylo
    2 Susano St., Barrio San Augustin, Novaliches, Quezon City

  • Eleuterio Terte: Founder of the Psychic Surgeons of the Philippines

  • Jun Toting

  • Monica Villegas and Amelia Calzado
    Holy Family Chapel, Batac Natl. Hwy., Batac, Ilocos Norte

  • Other names and addresses