Crop Circle Theories - 2001 - Other Precepts

Saturday, May 26, 2001 -

I had a talk with my friend, crop circle researcher, Ian Christopher. Chris has spent his life in esoteric studies. Often he has realized that truth can change as all things in this reality are not constant.

In recent years, Chris has placed his focus on crop circle research. Until 1991 most of the formations worldwide were - and to this day - remain simple circles. As many of the simple formations go unnoticed by the farmers - most likely they are found in many more areas than is reported. This appears to be a global phenomenon.

In 1991 in England - two men - Doug and Dave - hoaxed crop formations. Since that time other people have created patterns which became more and more intricate in design. Each year the creators of the formations, some of which include media, have come forward with blueprints, confessions, and even allowed crop circles researchers, such as Colin Andrews and Peter Sorenson, to watch them create the patterns in the fields.

Strangely the Crop Circle community, believing the patterns to be real, built a momentum around these formations, supposedly created by 'Circle Makers' who were most likely aliens. Researchers created elaborate websites and made money on tourism and related products. They used all sorts of digital imaging to rotate the images and compare them with sacred geometry.

People who stood in the crop formations - even remote viewers who studied them from afar - maintained that these patterns brought messages to humanity - usually linked to sacred geometry. When in the formations people reported heightened awareness and paranormal experiences. They felt that heightened energies could be used for healing or connection with ET's.

I was involved in crop circles research in 1995 when I sponsored Colin Andrews in Madison Square Garden. We had met in Philadelphia when he was giving a lecture at a local university. I considered him to be a reliable researcher.

In the years that followed, I reported the formations on Crystalinks - discussed them with other researchers - but was not directly involved in the research.

Through the years I have had many invitations to go to England to explore the fields and the formations - but this work has never called to me. The thought of spending the night in a sleeping bag waiting for aliens to come by and lay down a crop pattern was not in my agenda of favorite vacation highlights! Imagine if one of those floating balls of light created a crop circles around me!? What if the ET's decided I was a reject and didn't beam me up! Could I least give them a business card should one of them need a reading! I could develop issues of rejection! Besides you know I believe the best way to see things is from the air! Definitely not my cup of 'tea'!

In the year 2000 Colin Andrews spent a lot of money uncovering the frauds involved in the hoaxing of crop circles and brought the information to the public. As a result those who believed in the phenomenon - and those who profited from it - turned against him. Chris, Colin and I believe that in 2001 there will be few formations. None of them will be complex. The researchers with the websites that show correlations with sacred geometry, etc. will have to admit they were wrong.

Chris now believes that no one knows who actually creates the crop circles nor their purpose.

What can we learn by having this activity exposed? It is about the illusory effect of reality wherein all the individuals who have put in many years and much personal efforts into what they believed was a truth - turns out to be just part of the illusion.

I have spent year researching most topics in metaphysics. As with all things - the spiritual often gets lost when the egos of the researchers emerge.

You read about them on the Internet - always putting down the work of others. They steal each others concepts, etc.

Many of the people I have met - usually the men - all seem to have this 'testosterone thing' going on - wherein they have to prove they are right and everyone is wrong- yada yada yada . . . They love the battle.

I consider it a waste of energy.

Those researchers quickly realize that I am not here to play their games - much of it pseudo-intellectual nonsense that means nothing to me.

I believe we are all here to experience our own realities - and there should be no judgments.

In July 1997 a synchronicity brought me to Lawrenceville, New Jersey, where I was to experience a crop circle.

The formation was supposedly discovered on Wednesday July 8th when a small plane flying overhead reported it.

I find it interesting that in my personal experience - the dates in and around July 4th connect for me. The events in 'Sarah and Alexander' center around those dates.

I also find it interesting that one year later - June 29, 1998 - I went to upstate New York where I found the tree with the 36 white flowers which also links with my story of 'Sarah and Alexander'.

I guess these are my personal synchronicities.

With "foot 'in' mouth disease" (Laugh) running rampant in England - the fields have been closed this season.

The hoaxers supposedly are no longer able to create their patterns.

The average number of patterns for a season is normally 130 -150. This year they expect about 30.

Deja and I discussed crp circles. We feel that their creation is done with electromagnetic energies across the grid.

They are created by the very fiber of the electromagnetic grid and can manifest anywhere on the planet.

This image was taken by Deja - in New England - in the eye of a hurricane - in the early 1990's.

This shows the electromagnetic energies of the vertical rods that emanates from the grids.

The energy you see in this picture is the same energy that creates the crop circles.

As for me. . . I have always maintained that in order for the hoaxed patterns to be created - a thought was originally created in someone's mind. Without mind there is no reality - that is what consciousness is about!

The patterns - no matter who created them - were created by consciousness for a reason. How we responded to the formations varied with our own level of conscious awareness.

There are no accidents.

I loved the big ornate patterns . . the ones linked to sacred geometry and ancient history on planet Earth. I will miss them.

Studying the formations brought people of like mind together who might never had met otherwise.

The formations triggered many people who might not have been triggered otherwise.

I believe that more good than harm came from this experience.

Besides it's not over . . . till it's all over!

Like the circles . . . it goes on and on.


Crop circles are no less authentic then ET's and UFO's. One must consider . . . if these UFO's and aliens are real - why do they appear to certain people not the entire planet? Are those people able to move in and out of other grid programs - or do the programs merge for them and ET's come through? Why is it that in Manhattan on a busy day - many people will witness a UFO in broad daylight - while other people see nothing? Why have some of my students during group meditations in my home - seen UFO's outside the window - while the rest of the class saw nothing?

In reference to crop circles - why would an intelligent species who would like to communicate with us Earthlings - leave encrypted messages on the ground year after year?

Why would an evolved species want to breed with our genetics.

Why have so many UFO researchers come to conclude that the Grey race is a mind manipulation game? It is something invented to keep the populace busy in one area while another agenda is going on elsewhere. It is busy work! The mind is an incredible creator. It loves a good story. If the brain doesn't have all the components of a story - it will create its own scenario to make sense of what it is experiencing. The brain can take bits and pieces from here and there of events it has experienced to create something new.

I do believe that other life forms exist in other grid programs running parallel to ours.

Why do some people play the 'government cover-ups game' - when they know nothing will be revealed?

So many people put so much energy into that game!

Perhaps they like to play the game because they know things can't be proven one way or another!

As with all things this usually involves a personal agenda on their part.

Why do some people see the frequency of the planet increasing when clearly it is the opposite - and will never be in balance as that is not our reality in this game? That is what duality is about - conflict - tension - friction between the flux back and forth - the blinking off and on!

Do the people who say they bring light to the grids - actually do anything? Is this just a personal experience for them?

This is Deja's version of the grid.
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The well of possibilities is created by the collective mind - all of us are linked together at the energy level. The quality of what we think and do affects that well of possibilities. We can create higher grid energy but when we go back to our primal/animal brain the frequency lowers again. This is where we all function most of the time - the beta level.

The very precept of this is evident in laying on of hands healing - or any synchronicity - or manifestation.

When you detach - and have no personal agenda then you can create a permanent change in the grids. To have detachment is to use the eneregy in a non-agenda way.

This is what is meant in eastern philosophies by 'being in the center'. This is where you are in a neutral path. This is when all of the information comes.

Are there really Ascended Masters who connect and teach us?

Do we need to believe they are there?

Do we need them as our teachers . . . when in truth we all have the answers encoded within us?

Learn to trust and believe in yourself. You are the master. You have the ability at any time to tap into the pulse - source - grids of the universe.

What about the channelers? Who do they really channel? Aliens, Master teachers, other/higher aspects of their souls? Have they brought any new information to us in recent years? Back in the 1990's it was all new for us to experience! The information opened many doors. Yet it was all the same. Most of it was about bringing love and light to the planet! If you asked a personal question of a channeler - they were clueless. I felt they simply didn't have access to the information asked. They had access - as if by accessing a computer - to certain information and that was it.

Long ago someone asked me about Ashtar and the Ashtar Command.

My soul laughed. I knew little about channeling and the ET world.

I closed my eyes. Z showed me a computer.

I told them that Ashtar was a computer they were tuning into.

They disagreed saying he was a gorgeous blond male who was here to help enlighten us.

Many years have passed . . . so what happened to good old Ashtar and his fleet of ships on their way here? Why haven't they come into our program? I know there are entities that enter through certain vortexes in the program - then leave. Will they help and guide us? Not as I see it! I see them as other aspects of ourselves.

If our programmed reality allowed them to intervene in third dimension they would have done so long ago - as they seemed to have done in programs created in - Ancient Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria, Sumer, and other programs that run parallel to this one.

I see one main program with an endless number of games running simultaneously through it. It kind of looks layered - like the grids in Deja's diagram. Souls moving in and out of the games or experience in many at one time.

Is the thought of finding a creator God another precept encoded within us?

Do we need a creator God - someone who is higher than ourselves?

Does the human psyche need a God figure?

We do create religious systems for the reason?

We know that we interact in other programs where these Gods and Goddesses exist.

Our souls often like someone else to take care of the child in all of us - the child stranded down here who needs to be protected to exist here! We need to feel protected!

In truth we are the creational gods and goddesses. We have the power to create. We do create.

About ascension - Is it really going to happen? Will we wake up one day soon in paradise? 2012 perhaps? No way! I can't see a sudden change like that nor a time when the souls in third dimension will raise us to a high enough frequency to get us out of this grid program and into another. For in truth we are already there. We just need to become more aware of that reality. To that end we move slowly letting go of 3D.

Planetary frequency is low in this cycle of time. People are lost and seek greater meaning. Old paradigms simple don't work. More busy work! People are disconnecting from the grids that hold our consciousness in third dimension. They sense it more and more each day on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Is this part of some evolutionary process?

Based on the theory that everything is all happening at once - that there is no linear time - that it is all part of the illusion of third dimension - the wheel of karma . . . . we are here and there and everywhere NOW - therefore when it is over - it must be over all at once. There is always a new beginning . . .

Through the Internet we have grown quickly.

I believe the Internet evolved in this timeline for many reasons - to bring our souls closer - for our thoughts to converge - seeing the totality of things at one time - to find others of like mind.

Many people are getting bored with the Internet as there is little new information out there . . . with the exception of physical sciences which forever move forward in our reality.

I have several friends who write monthly columns. They tell me that they are getting bored as they have written everything they have to say.

I look around at the new books that are being published and realize that all of the information is already on the Internet posted by different people based on their own experiences. Yet the concepts are all the same and all on the net!

As with crop circles
The simplest truth is always the best truth.