Portals are openings, doorways, stargates, bridges, that transport us from one reality to another.

Some people travel through physical portals while others move through portals of the mind or consciousness.

In our reality - created by electro-magnetic energies - portals are disruptions in the gird patterns - which allow us to move between realms. As with all things in our reality, they are in a constant state of change. Portals open and close.

The nature of our reality is an electro-magnetic grid system which contain many grid realities. When one moves through portals - either with the body - or the mind - one moves from grid to grid.

Portals link to the spiraling energies of time and space. Sacred Geometry. These spiral energies allow our consciousness to spiral / move from one grid reality to another.

Portals exist at planetary grid points that open and close from one dimension to another, but they can be found just about anywhere. Large, stronger portals, are found in power places, such as the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, the Mayan Pyramids, Machu Picchu,and other sacred sites.

In space - the universe - we have portals called black holes.

Portals are associated with planetary grids points where information and entities flow back and form. This links with UFO sightings as space craft seem to move in and out of our reality through interdimensional portals.

Just as we are aware that there are other dimensions in which entities exist - we come to understand that there is movement between these dimensions through portals.

In metaphysics we are drawn to sacred sites as places of initiation to help us awaken the information we cannot access in our physical bodies - who am I? why am I here now? what is this 'mission feeling' I have? [The answer to that is encoded witin each of us. You are here to experience---->awakenng to higher consciousess that our reality is about to change frequency ------> heal your issues -------> help others heal and awaken to their mission at this time of shift.]

Planet Earth works at a slow vibratory rate - third dimension or third frequency - or third level of consciousness. There are times in our lives when we travel through portals to experience beyond third dimension - such as dream time, meditation, etc. where there is no time nor space - just faster moving experiences in a faster frequency. It is there we gain access to information of higher knowledge. this happens only when you are ready to understand what is beyond third dimension and wish to move through portald of body, mind and soul.

Finding A Portal In Your Home

We all have portals in our homes though most of us are not aware that they are there.

Some homes have more than one portal.

They open and close at various times for different reasons - few portals remaining open all the time. They vary in size and shape.

People use various techniques to find portals in their homes:

Temperature sensations
Change in energy patterns
Dowsing, (which is a great method as it is a change in the electromagnetic fields)
Hiring psychics (they are senstive to such things)
Audio equipment to find changes in sensitivites in their home
A mirror or window is often a portal. A bathroom mirror can be used as a portal to receive messages when it is steamed up.
Many people report having portals are in their closets.

Do you have a portal in your home?
Most likely you do as we exist interdimensionall at all times.

Can you find it?
Sure you can!

Get a pendulum or compass.
Go on a hunt!!
When you stand in it you will feel it!
It is a great place to meditate.