Meeting Paula from Israel - Movie "A.I."

July 4th Energies With Paula and Anna

This weekend brought Paula and her family to Brooklyn from Israel to share energies and experiences. Her frequency is very high. As she meditates in some of the more powerful areas of the planet - near the Dead Sea and at Timma near the Red Sea - our meeting was a great experience.

Paula and her family are in the US to travel to both coasts and the Midwest linking her frequency to those areas.

Saturday Paula and I joined Anna as we drove around Brooklyn taking in the sites. Our final destination was Coney Island which lies on the Atlantic Ocean and is a summer resort. The energies are always powerful there especially as there is a new ballpark, the Aquarium, and people going to the shore on a muggy summer day in NY.

We were guided to drive to the corner of West 22nd Street and Surf Avenue where I lived until age 11 - in order to tap into the energies linked to this image of me taken on July 2, 1946. This picture materialized in a letter Deja sent me in 1989. How the photo got in the envelope has never been determined. It was never part of my childhood photos - actually I never saw it until the day Deja's letter arrived in a priority envelope that had been opened by the postal department in transit and resealed with a note saying the original letter - mailed two weeks before by Deja - had gotten stuck in some sort of machine - its contents then placed in a new mailer envelope!

Comparing the shadows on the ground t the time the original poto was taken to the shadow we saw - about the same time - showed them at dfferent angles. The street pole and manhole cover were still there.

The parachute ride which can easily be seen in this picture (between the couple walking away from me) - couldn't be seen from this street angle at all. There are no tall buildings obstructing the view.

Though nothing paranormal happened for us - the energies were strange at least for me.

Perhaps this is all part of the illusion of the game - either as busy work - or to tell me that I must discern reality from illusion - or is it all an illusion!

Back in my home we exchanged energies and talked about moving between programs.

Paula spoke about the main portal for leaving this experience being in the middle east. She said it needs to be cleared. - Of course we know that portals and grids never remain cleared - just as a clean house never remains clean.

We await 'the next step' as we continue to play the game. What motivates me at this time is the awakening of human consciousness to things beyond 3D.

Sunday - 'A.I. - Artificial intelligence'

As Paula and her family spend the morning sightseeing in Manhattan - I decided to go the 10 AM show of the movie 'A.I.'

These types of movies usually pull me immediately but this one had seemed to say, "Wait a few days!"

And so I waited . . . .

The movie has lots of concepts borrowed from the metaphysical world.

The story takes place some time in the future. The planet looks different. Manhattan is under water but New Jersey is still doing well. (Glad my children moved there. I suppose the Verrazano Bridge is history and I am a goner!)

The main theme is about an artificially created child, David, (great choice of biblical names - also a high frequency) - who seeks love from his human mother. David was programmed to give and get love - the first of his kind in a world of cybernetic beings who serve mankind! Humanity - programmed to react through the heart chakra =the soul!

There is a brown cyber Teddy Bear - named Teddy (couldn't that get more original name) - who walks around giving David advice! He's cute and very smart!

Synchronicities with the Bear:

  • Saturday Paula spoke about her son loving teddy bears and bought four bears since they arrived in New York - which was Saturday morning!
  • At the same time her son, Nimrod (also a biblical name) - bought the first teddy bear - I was home reading a client and had clairvoyantly 'seen' a brown teddy bear. It seemed of no significance to my client's reading - so we left the image on her audio tape as one of those unexplained images I get during a reading that later makes sense! In this case I know the image was meant for me.
  • My client works in Delaware - the first place David and Teddy go to find the blue fairy
  • Paula's son is the same age as David and also has a biblical name, Nimrod.

    In the movie David hears his 'mother' reading the story of Pinocchio to her human son, also the same age. He knows how much she loves her son and wants to win her love also. David decides that in order to win his mother's love he must meet the 'blue fairy' - as in the fairy tale story, Pinocchio. He believes the fairy will make him real! Sunday morning someone wrote and asked me about the 'faery kingdom'.

    David sets out on an adventure to become a real boy . . . just like Pinocchio! He also meets some very 'dark' characters! Though this movie has some dark energies - it 'lightens up' at the end! This movie does deal with the emotions of abandonment, especially by the primary caretaker, the mother figure.

    David travels to the end of the world - now Manhattan. (I guess the stock market really crashed and took NY with it in the future!! LOL)

    Now where do you suppose the blue fairy is in the movie!!?? David finds her under the water in Coney Island!! They even showed the collapsed ferris wheel and parachute ride underwater - lots of blue everywhere. (Could they be reading Ellie's World for ideas??)

    Great synchronicity with the color blue that shades my life. Remember that my friend Rene sees me by the Verrazano Bridge surrounded in the blue frequency in 2003!

    David's blue fairy turns out to be a mannequin. Here's another synchronicity with my life - My friend Pat manufactures mannequins and called me Saturday to tell me an interesting story about her wristwatch being missing. (This was during the time my cartouche disappeared and reappeared for me.) She also tore her house apart looking for it. Three days later her watch reappeared under her pillow. She too had removed all of the linens on her bed as she searched for it. Pat is a very grounded person. As she also lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn - perhpas we are opening a time portal here - one that blinks between realities! Is this another 'Time Joke'?? (laugh)!

    Back to the movie 'A.I.' . . . Time freezes for David, literally! It is now 2,000 years in the future and the Earth has experienced an Ice Age in which he has been frozen underwater in some sort futuristic helicopter that he used to find the blue fairy. He is awaken by a left hand made of gold - gently touching his face! (Alchemy symbolism)

    In the future these very tall skinny golden entities live on the planet. Are they an expression of where we are going as our next experience? The sight of them doesn't seem to phase David at all! They would share the s - - t out of the normal kids in NY!!

    The ET's are very nuturing and bring back David's mother for just one day - as that is all the space-time grid will allow! We already know that finding love is only part of reality! Maintaining that frequency is another story . . .

    It is interesting to watch the mother as she accepts this new timeline as reality yet believes it to be 2000 years earlier in the timeline she remembers! Ah . . . the illusion of TIME!

    Twenty four hours later her consciousness slowly removes itself from the illusion of that timeline. She falls into dream state.

    For the first time - David closes his eyes to enter the illusion of dream time!

    Blue - the next color frequency!

    Bar Magnet - Rods - Polarities - Iron Filings - EM Energy Fields

    From Paula and Ellie -

    Once upon a time there was a bloodline set up to carry the knowledge of creation of a program . . . This was the beginning . . .

    The bloodline came from far away places - parallel programs - such as Sirius, Orion, Lyra, the Pleiades, among others. Their programs aligned with ours and the information linked by geometric forms that spiraled throug realities - DNA. The information was recorded and stored in a matrix, grid, akashic record carried by this bloodline.

    The original creator energy - thoughtform - placed the seed of this knowledge into the bloodline -----> Sumer Kings ------->Abraham and Sarah who started the Hyksos Pharaoh Line -----> Hebrew Kings -----> Europe, the Merovingian Kings -----> First Templar King of Jerusalem ----> The rest of the bloodline will be discovered in the story of 'Sarah and Alexander'!

    Just as Paula and I wrote that message for this column I received a phone call from Sheena now in London completing a project for FOX television called The Search For Tutankhamen. Sheena has also completed a documentary about the Sphinx. The story of 'Sarah and Alexander' is now the works. We all agreed that the timing of the story is most important. I see the creation of film taking me back to Egypt by early 2003. This time I plan to stay a while to allow Z to guide me to a destiny there that calls! I am not sure where I have to go or what I have to do . . . but something is waiting for me. I see me finding it with an Egyptian man with the same destiny.

    Sunday evening - 8:45

    It rained heavily just after Paula arrived at my home.

    The skies were filled with lightning and seemed to put on a show for us as we talked about everything.

    When Paula left I walked her downstairs. We watched the sky turn red on the western horizon.

    I'd never seen a sky this red before!

    A magnificent rainbow arched its way across the eastern sky! Just below it was a the Pyramid Restaurant next door to my home.

    Was someone trying to tell us something - the Rainbow Bridge.

    King Tutankhamen - Rainbow Energies