Paranoia and the Caveman Mentality

Paranoia and the World Trade Center Attack

Since I posted the column below, people have written about dreams and other feelings of transition that is going to happen around 2006. This is similar to the timeline I have been given.

Any end time scenario will come out of the blue - without premonition - and will be instantaneous - as with the fall of the Twin Towers.

It's what we do spiritually, mentally, and physically (cellular level) that is most important.

A global disaster creates change on levels of awareness physical - emotional - spiritual - mental.

Many articles have been written in metaphysical columns about fear, depression, paranoia, healing, letting go and this consciousness shift that is occurring NOW. These articles reflect the same theme.

As I have written . . the way we will experience an end time scenario is dependent on personal factors in our psyche. It can be viewed as a spiritual experience or a nightmare. If you are paranoid - fear will take over! If you go-with-the-flow it will be an easy transition.

Z has told me that there will be a global celestial event at the time of the consciousness shift. Most prophecies speak of celestial events occurring at the end of a cycle of time. It is all written in the stars!

Remember that these prophecies are all theories and metaphors to guide you now. They are written in the grids. You can go there and create one yourself. If you don't create in 3D - you will most likely do it in dream time or meditation.

It's like shopping for a new suit of clothes. You go into a store - look around - pick out something that fits the manner in which you perceive yourself. If you don't like the choices - you go to a tailor who weaves the fabric of your own design. Are you a person who likes a 'costume fit' - or 'off the rack'?

It's your soul that is telling you that something is coming. Your soul can't give you an exact date as it is not set in place yet - but your soul says it is soon which is why you are seeking answers.

There are other aspects of your soul - out there - somewhere - that need you to understand this information at this time- so you can merge back into your totality - yin/yang - the whole '9 yards' - 9=endings.

Prophets like Cayce, Nostradamus, and others all were told on a soul level that this is the time of transition. They saw visions and wrote - or spoke about them - just as they were foretold thousands of years ago and recorded in the oral traditions, cave art, etc. of early humans.

We go into the EM grids to get the information and interpret what we 'read' - based on our reality.

This is no different than three people watching the same movie - after which- each person will interpret what they saw based on factors in their experience. You can only process information based on what you have learned in 3D or trigger back into memory from your soul record! These three people may come back and see the move again ten years later and have an entirely different interpretations.

If I were a caveman - I wouldn't be aware of these changes - or at least I wouldn't be able to interpret what I sense.

Changes are ongoing on all levels. Big change is at hand!

Should you run and hide in your caveman mentality? Should you live in fear and paranoia? No way!

This is a shift in 'consciousness' in which souls will all release their conscious awareness from their physical expression (body) in this program. The program has created this as a time of fear not of enlightenment for most soul - which is so sad.

The soul is having many other experiences in many other realms. It moves in and out of programs.

From what I have been shown about this program - it is not constantly running. There are times it isn't running at all - then it kicks back in. Some people are aware and sense that something is wrong with Time - when this occurs. While others just continue on their merry way and never realize reality has altered - been reprogrammed - stopped for a while.

Now you ask - if the program stops what happens to me?

Nothing - as you are just a projection in the program.

Your consciousness simply moves into another program of experience until it can return here, if it so choses.

Alas this program reboots - so to speak - and we are up and running again.

As with all programs - they eventually get outdated - no longer suiting the needs of the souls who created them - and are disguarded. (another metaphor)

You are a soul spark - an aspect of a greater consciousness. You are here to experience in your present body - but you are so much more. When you come to realize that - you release that which ties you here - places you in fear - and move on. At some point to have to let go of the fear and leave 3D.

Do you really want to survive Earth changes - or another planetary disasters and all that goes with them - disease - fighting enemies for food, clothing, shelter, etc. Most of us are not programmed for that and will leave. You may say you want to stay - but your soul - who calls all the 'shots' will say NO! So don't stress it. Your soul has it all under control. Give your soul a break! Get out of cave mentality!

I am way too old to live in a cave and hunt for food only to have my enemies steal it from me.

There is a scenario in the grids about aliens coming here - in the place where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet, which is a dried up river bed today. These gods - aliens - supposedly left secrets behind in a cave. Perhaps you have dreamed about a cave with hieroglyphs carved onto the walls and something buried that links to you, creation, the time lines of Sumer, Mesopotamia, energies that to this very day cause ripples in that area and the constant fighting that has permeated this program.

Humans came out of the caves millions of years ago and slowly started their way back to en(light)enment.

Gradually we left behind the caveman mentality - survival - fear - base emotions. Some of us still go back to that head space from time to time as part of primitive conditioning for survival. Invariably we all leave here to go on a experience elsewhere.

Your soul needs you to allow it to evolve now and move past the Caveman - Earthman Mentality!

Perhaps what you envision is a fresh start on a physical planet somewhere. Then that's where your soul will take you. Another aspect of your soul is most likely there now have a better experience than we are. The stories your soul can create are endless.

All of us have stories, poems, short stories, articles, etc. we wish to write. Create them and put them on paper. They will help you understand who you are and your fears. These stories may just manifest for your soul in another time line that is waiting for you to wake up here. You too are a scribe - we all are.

The sad part about the slow moving frequency of third dimension is that we are left unaware of anything beyond our 3D thinking. We don't understand our options. We are stuck in slow moving mud - earth.

If your soul pulls you to Crystalinks - you are moving out of the caveman mentality - lower frequencies emotions - fear, anger, jealousy, and into the light - higher frequencies of compassion, greater understanding and love - which in this case means experience with allowing others to have their experiences as well.

We are the caveman moving out of the darkness
towards the Light - Source of Creation.

Your right side
feminine aspects/frequencies
are already in the light as they never left
and keep you spiritually connected to the fire.

Your are surrounded in symbology and metaphors
to help you get past fear and
move through the door.

The metaphors will bombard you in books, movies,
advertisements, TV, and synchronicities in your daily life.
Your soul will just keep sending you messages
until you get it!

We all can and will move on!
The fear and paranoia is about the unknown.
Sadly we are not programmed to understand
reality until we leave this frequency.

Our program shifted gears (as in a watch -time) in September. There is no going back. I felt it coming in August.

If you have emotional problems you need to see a mental health expert because things will get worse.

If you are just afraid of change . . perhaps something on Crystalinks or another metaphysical website can help you heal your issues.

Spiritweb deals with healing issues and channeled material about love and light - that might be of help to you. All channeled information is recycled these days - as there is nothing new - it's ALL old - as we ascend - move up the fibonacci spiral. It couldn't help to read some of the channeled information if you feel drawn to it. Remember that it all comes from other grid experiences the channeler is have simultaneoulsy to this one, or it's Psychology 1.1.

[Note that I keep saying 1.1 - which looks a lot like 11].

When we get down to the nitty gritty - the Internet has been a place that has brought it all together.

Everything you wanted to know about aliens, spiritual masters, other grid realities, sacred geometry, healing and psychology and other social sciences, history, science, it's all on the Internet. It has all been posted.

Other than a few scientific advancements - and ongoing archaeological discoveries - there is nothing new out there - and there won't be as our consciousness has a chance to review what has occurred in this program and why it moves on. We can compare programs - channelings from other planetary guides (who are other aspects of our souls) - gods and goddesses recycled in each program (who is your god in this program - Jesus, Moses, Allah, Buddha, other source of light? No matter - as it is all part of 3D Earth program - I am given the number 553).

It's all been said and done. Are you waiting . . . playing . . . both?

Paranoia Since the WTC Attack

Since the collapse of the WTC, people have not only going into fear mode, but many people have become paranoid.

With the collapse of the Twin Towers - unconscious reality as we experienced it before not longer existed in the same way.

Most of us were in a state of suspended animation for weeks after the event as our frequencies could not adapt to this rebooted program.

Many of us still remain suspended unable to find ourselves in this new reality nor make sense of it as that which worked before has now - or is now - collapsing.

The unknown creates fear. People many people who have mental disorders this creates panic attacks, paranoia, etc.

This fear has created a strong pulse of paranoia unlike anything I have seen in the US for years.

The invasion on our soil - the safe zone - was more than many people could tolerate. It was a personal violation - like a rape.

No matter what we think about our government, the average person felt it would always be there to protect us - the patriarchy - father figure. In metaphysics we have be writing for years that these Systems will no longer work in the new realities. They are supposed to fail - as in truth they don't function even now.

So now things 'hit the fan' and we have been become aware on the soul level - that changes are happening. There is no going back. Souls must look with their 'third eye' also!

The third eye - takes us back to symbology left for us from the ancient mystery school teachings back in the creational days of Egypt. the Eye of Ra. God, Amon Ra - all of the topics covered in the Crystalinks files and archives.

Buried in the sands of time - have current surfaced the supposed hidden teachings of the priests who hold the creational story based on the sacred geometry that tells our souls that a game once begun - is now at the end of a cycle called Time.

Many of us have tapped into co-existing grid programs such as Atlantis - where end times signify doom and destruction - volcanoes going off - science out of control - factions fighting for power and control where in the end no one wins - the. BOOM programs ends - Game Over! Your soul moves to the next game - or just removes its awareness from the Atlantis gird program - like a virtual reality game - pushes a button and interacts in another games. The can also go back into the Atlantis game and try it again in another role as long as the game is still part of the programming of this 3D Earth grid.

Sometimes the souls says, "Enough of that game. I want out!" It just sets up a way to leave early! It can then return or move on or go back to the creational source behind it all and do nothing.

Once in the game - it follows the grid parameters set up before it came in or it leaves.

I have been shown much about this game. It loops all the time. It pauses and most of us are not aware. One woman told me that she seems the outer reaches of our holographic reality as if we are in a bubble. This is true.

The possibilities are as endless as your mind can create. Any scenario about your time here - what lies beyond - and where it is all going for humanity - is a possibility.

The major trigger was September 11, 2001 - back to 11.11 as a trigger. These energies are moving quickly - bringing in a whole gamut of lower frequency emotions that dysfunctional / fractured souls cannot cope with.

Here's the deal . . .

I have been dealing with several of my friends who are psychiatrists, spiritual therapists, and healers. People are afraid. They fear a war and a nuclear holocaust! Sometimes they are not sure what they fear - which takes them back to the unknown and panic and paranoia!

In the US - our government and economy leave a lot to be desired. We rally to support them - but our souls tell us that change is at hand. Many people fear change especially at this level. We want that strong male - president -god - father - figure to come along and make things right! Yet we sense that this may not happen and things on all levels could change whihc would destroy that which we cling to in 3D.

With this comes the frequency of Paranoia.

Paranoid Personality Disorder is a mental illness linked with Depressive Disorder Syndromes. Paranoia is a term used by mental health specialists to describe suspiciousness (or mistrust) that is either highly exaggerated or not warranted at all. The word is often used in everyday conversation, often in anger, often incorrectly. Simple suspiciousness is not paranoia--not if it is based on past experience or expectations learned from the experience of others. This is not to be confused with general mistrust of others. The paranoid person is always on their guard and suspects everyone.

Paranoia can be mild and the affected person may function fairly well in society, or it can be so severe that the individual is incapacitated. Because many psychiatric disorders are accompanied by some paranoid features, diagnosis is sometimes difficult. Paranoias can be classified into three main categories--paranoid personality disorder, delusional (paranoid) disorder, and paranoid schizophrenia.

Current case histories:

I have heard of people who refuse to leave home especially here in New York.

People who witnessed the WTC attack have nightmares. Memories of the attack resurface each time they enter Manhattan. It is not unlike witnessing any other attack - the frequency remains in their minds and on the grids. You feel it on many levels. Your souls goes back to the negative event and the fearit produced. If you are strong you get passed it. If you are not - it can paralyze you with fear and paranoia.

Many people now fear travel, especially overseas.

People fear biochemical attacks. One client had a bad case of the flu and insisted she had Anthrax poisoning. She wound up in a hospital.

Another person felt that no one at worked liked them - that everyone was talking about them - that there was a conspiracy to have them fired - and at last they quit their job. What I have found with people like is that the pattern seems to repeat with each job they have and they never understand why! There could be a factual base for it - but it could be in their emotional bodies - perhaps linked by a soul desire not to work at all.

Breakdowns bring disability insurance then people just drop out! Not everyone can handle the pressures of the work place - especially in these times. Souls seek freedom from the entrapments of 3D tasks.

We incorporate the dramas on the planet into our reality for many reasons that are personal to our soul experience.

The economic collapse has created the most fear. People are paranoid about losing everything. With collapse comes change. That brings us back to dealing with our issues - healing and the healers - which is what 3D Earth is now about.

We seek to become aware - to heal - to become enlightened.

We seek the help of those who can heal and guide and bring compassion and love.

We try to get beyond lower emotions and allow the higher ones to embrace us. We learn to detach from lower emotions after a period of healing then 'release'.

We change jobs, careers, friendships, lovers, who we are and how we think. We have no choice.

Paranoia is on the increase. If this is your problem, please seek professional help. Only you can do this, 'if' you wish to function. If you wish to 'drop out' . . . then you will remain trapped in the illusions of your fears. Please try not to drag those around you down.

If your paranoia centers around seeing spirits and that which is presently called the 'world of the paranormal' - if that which you are experiencing is helping your soul evolve - then just 'go with the flow' and enjoy it. Many people see and hear Spirits now as our frequencies are merging with theirs. This is not to get upset about!

If what you are seeing - attracting - is scaring you, you must find out if what your are experiencing is part of your fears or has basis in fact on some level. You made need professional help with this.

If there is something 'dark/negative' making you paranoid - you must find out why it is there and what you can do to overcome it - if you want to.

Sometimes people come to me and ask if they are being psychically attacked and are paranoid about this. They insist this is true no matter what!!

Usually they feel it has to do with another family member who wants something from them or the attack is linked to their lover's former relationships, or the like. A lot of this behavior is cultural - wherein souls are born into a specific culture where the occult and voodoo and such are part of the Earth experience they seek.

As with all things - it comes back to control and personal power. There is always an emotional reason for the attack - or why the soul in that soul group cannot turn it away and move away from the others.

Often there is no attack - just a lifetime of bad karma and unfortunate circumstances - which we blame on psychic attack or a curse from another lifetime, etc. - the old 'copout' - least we remember that we attract from the soul level all experiences. I never deal with that kind of energy nor want to involve with clients on that level as my soul does not feel guided to this - though I know there are those who work in these realms. This is a very nasty game where no one wins.

If someone around you is suffering from paranoia - try to help them or get them professional help. Please don't let them drag you down. Usually they need more help than you can provide. As with all emotional illnesses - the soul will stay hidden within these confines only until it is ready to move on. You may have to let go of a friend. This is all part of releasing from 3D. We are all changing. You have to find those who are part of your changing reality - your high soul experience.

Please remember that everything that is happening in your life is guided by your soul not your 3D mind. Just chill out and let events unfold. If ever you allowed your soul to guide - this is it. Watch and observe.


Paranoia is an ever-present feeling of suspicion that others cannot be trusted. Such feelings are not based on fact or reality; insecurity and low self-esteem often exaggerate these emotions.

Anxiety and paranoia are two emotions are common in depressed people, because of the effects of the chemical imbalance in the brain. Feelings of anxiety and panic attacks can occur quite frequently, particularly in stressful situations where the physical senses are overwhelmed. Paranoia is the irrational feeling that someone is taking an unnatural interest in your life. You assume that when people are talking together, they are talking about you. At its extremes, you may believe that everyone you know is secretly plotting against you, or listening outside your door. Everything that happens is aimed at you, from a car back-firing to the whistling of the postman.

Typically, paranoia is not seen in children, but in most cases it begins to develop in late adolescence and early adulthood. Most people experience feelings of paranoia, usually in response to a threatening situation or in connection with feelings of insecurity based on real circumstances. These feelings are related to the mild anxiety people experience at some points during their lives.

The fourth edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) includes diagnostic criteria for the more serious condition, paranoid personality disorder.

According to the DSM-IV, individuals afflicted with this disorder assume, with little concrete evidence to support the assumption, that others plan to exploit, harm, or deceive him or her; and continually analyzes the motivations of friends, family, and others to confirm his or her doubts about their trustworthiness; expects friends and family to abandon him or her in times of trouble or stress; avoids revealing personal information because of fear that it will be used against him or her; interprets remarks and actions as having hidden, demeaning, and threatening connotations; and is unwilling to forgive an insult.

The behavior of an individual with paranoid personality disorder may compel others to react with anger or hostility. This tends to reinforce the individual's suspiciousness and feelings that friends and associates are "against" him or her.

In the 1990s, the term "everyday paranoia" (EP) came into usage among psychologists to describe the intense anxiety that was becoming prevalent in society.

Everyday paranoia is sparked by fear of losing one's job, feelings of inadequacy when confronting a new interpersonal or romantic relationship, or insecurity in a marriage or other long-term relationship. Low self-esteem and feelings of insecurity contribute to a person's susceptibility to feelings of everyday paranoia.

Stressful situations-economic insecurity, divorce, a move, a job change-can also reinforce a person's paranoia. Almost everyone experiences feelings of suspicion or insecurity-and in fact, paranoia can be a mechanism for coping with misfortune or personal problems.

Rather than view the situation as "bad luck" or personal failure or incompetence, paranoia places the responsibility for the problem on some "enemy."

The term paranoia is used erroneously at times to define special life circumstances. Members of minority groups and new immigrants may exhibit guarded behavior due to unfamiliarity with their new environment and lack of knowledge of language and cultural norms.

This display of suspicion of authority figures and lack of trust in outsiders is based on a real lack of understanding of the person's surroundings, and does not represent an abnormal reaction. In addition, the term "political paranoia" is used to describe attitudes shared by members of groups on the fringes of society who suspect that government agencies are conspiring to control the lives of citizens by imposing new values, or suspect that other dominant groups are persecuting them.

The growth of paramilitary organizations in the United States in recent years appears to be indicative of such feelings of political paranoia among a small percentage of citizens.

Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology, 2nd ed. Gale Group, 2001.