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Using a Ouija Board

Talking (ouija) boards are a form of channeling. Like all other forms of channeling - until you understand how to freely communicate with Spirit - you must develop some basic skills.

Channeling includes Clairvoyance and Clairaudience.

You can channel through art, dance, music, writing, acting, meditation, and pendulums.


  • Make your surroundings comfortable and seemingly free of negative energies.

  • Prepare paper and pencil or a tape recorder to record messages. You can use a camcorder if one is available. Using an infrared camcorder in a dim room is a great way to see the energies of spirit.

  • Be sure your board is clean and free of dust. Wipe gently with a clean soft cloth before you begin.

  • You do not have to use 'spooky lighting' or candles.

  • It is best not to play distracting music.

  • As spirits love flowers - you might want to place some in a vase of water near the area in which you are working.

  • Spirits also love water - as they are part of the collective unconscious which is the flow of water.

  • Some people like to say a prayer over the board - or do some other ritual.

  • Use a protective white light of energy to surround yourself, the board, those you are working with, and even the room. This white light is created by you in your mind. See it coming down into the top of your head (your crown chakra) and completely surrounding your body - then extend it outwards as far as you would like it to go.

  • Decide if you want to place the board on a table, upon the knees of two persons, or where it is most confortable for you to connect.

  • You can work alone or in a group. If you work with others be sure they are not negative in their thinking.

  • Determine who wants to use the board - and who wants to just observe.

  • It is best if someone makes notes about the letters and words given.

  • Decide which person will ask the first question - and if there is to be an order to follow for asking questions.

  • If everyone wants a turn at the board - it is best to go clockwise around the board with each person taking their turn.

  • The time for each turn will vary with the spirit you answering.

  • People may be contacted by more than one spirit. Soemtimes the spirits agrue over who is to come through.

  • Though spiritual energy enters through the left side of your body - most people will use their dominate hand to work the board - which in most cases is the right hand.

  • If you have telekinetic abilities and feel you can move the indicator with your mind, then it is best not to use the board as you are guiding the answers.

  • You may also discover - as you work with the board - that you can subconsciously control the movement of the indicator (same as using a pendulum). If you are not sure - close your eyes and allow the indicator to go where it will.

  • Some spirits move across the board quickly - while others go very slow!

  • One of the first questions you might want to ask when you begin to work with your ouija board - is the names of your spirit guides. They are the ones who are here to protect and guide you. Everyone has at least one spirit guide. To find out more about connecting with them - Click here.

  • You can start by asking for a message from spirit - or by asking spirit a question - such as, ""What is your name?"

  • Always start with general questions. Save the personal questions for later when you are all comfortable with what you are doing!

  • Stick to subjects with positive energy to begin.

  • Don't ask your personal questions until you are comfortable with the spirit you are talking to.

  • Once an answer is given you can ask for more information.

  • It is generally best to start with simple 'Yes' or 'No' questions.

  • Do not continue to ask the question over and over to seek the answer you want. Ask the question once and accept the answers given. You CAN ask for clarification of the answer.

  • Ask simple questions that can be verified in the next few days to determine if your information is from spirit or form your unconscious mind.

  • Questions can be about you personally - or universal or about any topic you think the spirit would like to converse about.

  • You may get thought forms and mental images as you talk to the spirit - such as an image of the spirit.

  • When a new entity comes through - always get its name - who they came to talk to - and what they want go discuss.

    A word may come through with all of the letters but in the wrong order. That is why it is best to have someone not using the board - wiritng the letters as they come through. A name may come through as ICMAHEL - meaning MICHAEL. Remember that not all spirits speak in your language. Some spirits have trouble spelling words or creating sentences.

  • You might get a 'trapped spirit' that seeks help going 'to the light. If this a matter of you releasing this spirit because you have an emotional link to it - you must 'set the spirit free' and forgive whatever it wish you to forgive it from the time you knew it in the third dimension. Many spirits are trapped here and will 'guide' you to a ouija board to tell you to release them.

  • If you do not know the spirit who wish to be released - then send it away and say you are not qualified to help them.

  • If spirits ask you to do weird things - stop using the board for that session. Anything negative being written on the board means you must put the board away for that session whether you want to or not. The entity should leave by your next session - which can be that day or some time later.

  • You do not have to work with the same group of friends each time you use the board.

  • Do not ask spirits to bring you things you want but would not otherwise have. All spirit have their boundaries. You must find out the limitations of the spirit you are talking to.

  • Never ask spirits to do harm to others.

  • Never use the board to control others.

  • Do not let others use your board when you are not using it.

  • Keep the board in a special place of your choosing.

  • Do not get addicted to the board.

  • Using a ouija board is not a 'medium' for everyone. Some people get it immediately others never do. This seems to have no bearing on whether one is psychic or not. Many psychics can't work a Ouija Board.

  • With experience you can learn to channel your deceased loved ones and entities from other realms.

  • Some days the board may work for you. Others days you may get no responses. Spirits do have work to do you know!


    Boards can be made out of anything.

    Most boards will work - even homemade ones!!

    Many readers have written telling me about the creative ways they have made their own boards.

    If you are making a board from a drawing - or design you have created - please try to remember to include:

  • Numbers - good for dates, ages, other numerical facts.
  • Astrological images
  • The alphabet
  • Words if you prefer
  • Cover the board with heavy plastic or place under a glass surface
  • The indicator may be purchased from Parker Brothers - or you can buy a Ouija board game in a toy store and use the indicator from that game with the board you created.

    Create you image and letters in black and white or in color.

    Use any type of paper - or place your design directly onto a hard surface board.

    If your image is made of paper place the paper on a masonite board - piece of wood - or even a table top.

    Be sure to leave lots of room around the edges of the board you have designed - so the indicator has rrom to move around without falling off the side of the board. (see image #2 above).

    Cover the design with clear plastic or some sort of clear coating. Be sure it is the exact same size as the board. Secure the plastic covering - around the edges with clear tape - (clear wide width tape).

    The top of the board should be slippery.

    Place your planchette - indicator on the board.

    "Warm it up' by making several slow sweeping circles over the board. You can place positive energy - white light - over the board as you initiate it!!

    You are now ready to begin!

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