All healing is about bringing balance to the body.

Food and vitamins are a very important aspect of that process.

Nutrition Therpay teaches you what to eat to stay in balance, based on the various needs of your body at a specific time.

The nutritional requirements of the body vary with many factors including health, age, and blood type.

The most inportant things to learn about nutritional therapy is that it various from person to person and for that person in their lifetime.

A medical examine is often needed to see what is missing in the body.

Determining food allergies is also important. Many food allergies develop later in life.

Food addictions often have to be overcome, which is not easy if the pattern has gone on for many years.

Long term illness may require specific diets which can heal, relieve pain, balance the chemistry of the body with the medicine taken, other.

Organic foods are generally better for the body - as they are of higher frequency and keep you in better balance - which is the key to healing. These can be found at health foods stores. If possible you can grow them in a garden.

Nutritional Therapy can help a wide range people from children to mature adults. It can help conditions ranging from Headaches and Migraine, Digestive Problems, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hormonal Problems, Fatigue, Skin ailments such as Eczema, Hyperactivity and Infertility.

Connecting with the nutritional needs of your body.....

Close your eyes! Think, "What food do I need?"

You will 'see' the answer in your mind's eye or 'sense' the answer immediately. You will be guided intuitively by your body itself.

You can ask of your body, "What am I allergic to?"

Close your eyes - or look within - for the answers.

You might want to review lessons on Clairvoyance.

Questions to might want to ask your body:

  • Is my diet balanced?
  • What vegetables to I need?
  • Fruits? Other?
  • Do I need to consult a Nutritionist?
  • Do I have food allergies?
  • Do I have digestive problems with the foods I am eating?