For the past few days, Z has been trying to get my attention about something . . .

It all began when Nikki and Ryan gave me some gorgeous wedding photos at the family Thanksgiving dinner.

I thought about shopping for a special photo album, but with the stores crazy before Christmas, I decided to wait a while.

A client visited on Friday and asked why I hadn't put the loose pictures in an album. Hmm. . . .

On Saturday a large photo album of my children - when they were young - containing my favorites pictures of them - fell of the shelf. The pages came loose as the glue was old and the pictures fell all out! Hmm . . .

Okay - I got the message - Go out and buy some new albums.

As yesterday was a free day I decided to go shopping.

Would you believe that is almost December and the sun was shining brightly on a warm day. Back in Arizona my daughter Tracy, told me that the temperatures were only in the 50's.

A long sleeve shirt and pants was all that was needed as I set out on my journey.

The Earth changes have really hit!

My neighbor went fishing by the water near the bridge. He told me that the fish that he catches are so large now-a-days - one weighed 30 pounds! All of this in NYC waters! Major weirdness!

I drove to the Staten Island Mall and bought some gorgeous photo albums and holiday gifts. The stores weren't crowded and the spirit of the people shopping was good. Perhaps the crowds had been during the 4-day holiday that just passed!

I drove home with no traffic - a miracle on the Staten Island Expressway - the AC turned on - as I listened to Golden Oldies on the radio.

The last song I heard on the car radio -I sang along with, It was 'Sixteen Candles'. I thought of candles and my recent column about Flames and Sacred Light!

For some reason I always replay the last song I hear on the radio over and over in my mind - during the course of the hours that follow.

'Sixteen Candles' brought visions of me at that age - slow dancing on TV - we called it the Shadow Dance.Z would always tell me when I would get picked for a special dance!.

I was in university at that time with lots of friends, a great social life - Miss Brooklyn - and talking to Z all the time! He was always there with me! Z always made life was fun when I was a teenager in the late 50's and early 60's. Z made magic happen in my life!

I remember thinkg of him as an older man - appearing to be in his 40's. I saw him at tha age until I reached age 50 - then he seemed to age along with me. I do remember him in my early years and how he talked to me at night - especially as I went to sleep. When I was really young, he used to tell me stories at night. Actually he still does!

Back home I sat down and started to put 30+ years of pictures into the new albums. (It actually took the rest of the day).

What a trip down memory lane. . . . Yet the memories were all about love and caring and the connection of souls.

In my mind I kept hearing 'Sixteen Candles' though I wasn't sure why!

There is this game plays with me - sometimes when I'm driving with a friend - wherein he tells me to put on the radio as he has a message that he wants me to hear! It is always in the form of a song which makes us laugh!

Somewhere along this nostalgic trip - I stumbled upon a series of 12 pictures taken the evening of Nikki's Sweet 16 party in 1988.

The party was at a local club on the water in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn! I laughed when I realized that Nikki likes to have the major celebrations in her life on water (spiritual commnections)! (Most recently her wedding to Ryan in Newport, Rhode Island!)

Nikki has mentioned an increase in psychic abilities in the past few months and also a few migraine headaches. I am not sure if there is a correlation.

Suddenly I stopped as I found one picture in the Sweet 16 group that really caught my eye.

Apparently I didn't pay attention to it 13 years ago - but now I look for Spirit in images.

The information below is from the file I just posted about Spirit Photos. It doens' have the usual rings - but we know there are all kinds of Spirit Photos as we have seen from my images and those sent by readers.

After I found the photo - I called Nikki at work - to tell her about it and tell her that I see her as a Priestess in another program - not of this 3D realm.

She laughed and said that just before I called - her boss, David - had told her she has the energies of a Priestess - Somewhere in Time - and is going to do something special soon.

Laughingly I asked Nikki if she believes that to be true?

She answered with an immediate, "YES!" which even surprised her.

So we shall see . . .

Anyway - here is the file.

Perhaps you will see something in the picture that I missed. It was taken with a Kodak Instamatic Camera with a built in flash - no extra lenses.

I know without a doubt I had to find and post this picture now. I just wish I didn't have to work so hard to get to the point of understanding that I needed to find and post the image! Why couldn't Z have just come forth and said, "Ellie, there's a cool picture from Nikki's Sweet 16 that you need to post!"

Oh the tedium of 3D . . . !!!

My daughter Nikki at home in Brooklyn prior to her Sweet 16 - June 1988. This image is one in a series of 12 images taken one after another in the room where I did my psychic readings. This image shows nothing unusual. This picture was taken immediately afterwards. My interpretations of the image as guided by Z: In your mind, move the ecotoplasm away from the 3D image so you can separate the levels of reality. (This implies travel between grid programs). The image shows Nikki almost as a Priestess - a crown (chakra) opens above her head. She stands before a tree pattern with a blue background, gold foil leaves, mixed with white and maroon. Top shows right-left side brain merge from which extend two circular objects that move downward as if clockwise, yet I sense a counter-clockwise motion (implies gird/time travel). The two lines coming down from the brain remind me of the movie The Matrix - wherein the Keanu Reeves is plugged into the mainframe of a Virtual Reality program through an attachment at the base of his brain. Many of us experience pressures at the base of the brain now. I always associate it with that which connects to something outside of the program of our reality. Pineal Gland


What is above Nikki's right eye? If you are into ET stuff you might say it is an implant not in her physical body brain. She does get migraine headaches in that area. Reminds me of the character 7 of 9 in Strak Trek Voyager. There is something about the timing of my finding this picture - in November 2001 - two months after the fall of the World Trade Center - Twin Towers and all of the information archived this month, that reminds me of Nikki as a bride - September 2001 Two weeks after the WTC attack - Union - Lifting The Veils of Illusion.