Everything carries a frequency, including your name.

We all have names in third dimension and also have names - often tones - on the soul level.

It is important to have a name that matches your frequency and personifies who you are.

Names resonate like tones.

If you hate your name - you will develop issues about it and have all sorts of self esteem problems. It is best to change it as soon as you are old enough to do so and have found a name that resonates with your soul.

Often we use our birth names while we are in 3D reality - but once we move to higher frequency we assume other names. This is very common with metaphysical people.

Sometimes the names we chose are from past or parallel lives.

Sometimes they are other aspects of who we are in other grid programs.

A woman may prefer a male name - for strength. Ex: Samantha may prefer 'Sam'.

Some people prefer names that do not denote gender - Alex - Jaime - Tony - Chris - etc.

I was born with the frequency name - Elinor Crystal.

I have never liked the name Elinor and prefer 'Ellie'. I have been called Ellie all of my life. 'El' - meaning God - doesn't do it for me either. I don't like to be called Crystal or Chris - but the name suits me as a surname.

Think about your name and who you are.

To find out more about other soul names:

When you are meditating you can ask for your soul name to be given

Before you go to sleep you can ask to be shown your soul name in dream time

You can ask your spirit guide to bring you a synchronicity in which you physical hear someone mention a name - or you read it somewhere - or you hear a sound that you know is your resonance - and you know understand another aspect of who you are.