They Went To The Mountains For Answers

They Went To The Mountains For Answers . . .

Many people are guided to climb mountains to receive messages from sources not of this realm. Mountains can be mystical. Mountains often are situated on major grid points with high electromagnetic energy fields which act as indwells and outwells of energy for spirit to move between grid programs.

Zarathrustra ~ Zoroaster ~ Zarthost At age 40 he supposedly had a vision wherein he received a message from God - Ahura Mazda - who appointed him to preach the truth.

Moses On Mount Sinai - 40 Days and 40 Nights The Burning Bush - Flame of Creation The Ten Commandments

Jesus Climbs The Mountain

Mount Olympus - Home of Zeus

Dr. Usui on Mount Koriyama Reiki Healer who was given golden symbols after spending 21 days on a mountain.

Native American - Vision Quest

Ellie Climbs The Mountain in New York I have also climbed mountains in other parts of the planet on my journey into awareness.

Close your eyes. Relax and take a slow deep breath, breathing in through your nose hold the breathe as is comfortable, then slowly breath out through your mouth. Please repeat this three times. Allow your mind to drift. Release the 3D chatter. See yourself climbing high into the mountains. The energies of nature surround you. You stop at a place that beckons to you. You pause and sit down . . . feeling more and more relaxed. See the hands of a clock fast forwarding in time. The hands stop. You have been on the mountain for one day. You look for a message. Something is shown. It may be telepathic: an image a symbol a thought a color It may be physical: Something symbolic happens now in your physical surroundings as you sit there. You may receive more than one message. It is all as your soul guides. You continue your journey as the hands of the clock move forward once again. You may stay for as many days as you like. You may return at any time each encounter bringing another message for you.