Mirrors that are fogged up - such as your bathroom mirror after you shower - can leave messages 'impressions' from spirit on the other side.

Many mirrors are actually 'windows' to other realities.

A mirror message manifests all at once - not slowly as if drawn by an artist.

For example - if a face was to appear -the entire face would materialize at one time.

We all have portals in our homes that open and close.

This does not necessarily link with hauntings or projections.

I have a several mirrors over my bathroom vanity - that when fogged up - leave messages for me.

The messages are usually clearly visible - and in picture form rather than numerical or in written symbols.

Try this experiment. . .

Go into the bathroom and shut the door and window - so the hot air will be trapped in the room.

Clean your mirror with a paper / regular towel.

You can use the water from the sink or the shower.

Allow only hot water to run.

Wait until your mirror fogs up before you shut the window.

When it is fully fogged up - shut the water and allow the mirror to project its images.

They may come through slowly or quickly.

One mirror can create an entire picture.

Observe the mirror from various angles.

You may be surprised at what you see!

It may take several attempts to correctly perceive the images - which can vary in size.

In my bathroom I have 3 large mirrors side by side - over the sink - to reflect various angles when getting dressed.

These mirrors link to a 'window' on the other side. Often messages are 'sent through' by spirit after I come out of the shower.

I receive a 'thought' to pay attention to one or more of the mirrors - usually the center mirror.

One evening I was told to hold the left mirror in such a way that it reflected the center mirror. To my surprise there was a big Ankh right in the middle of the center mirror. Looking straight you could not see the Ankh.

It's all done with mirrors!!

Magic Mirrors

They supposedly were used in olden days to enable one to see the present, the past and the future. They are of great variety, and of great antiquity.

Varron claims that they are of Persian origin, the Magi having used them for a method of divination called Catoptromancy.

The persons who, in Rome, read these mirrors were called Specularii.

In the East these instruments were called Stellar Mirrors.

Pica della Mirandola had faith in them, provided they were made under a favorable constellation, and that they should only be consulted when one felt comfortably warm, for the cold harms the lucidity of their oracle. Reinaud speaks of them in his Description of the Blacas Cabinet. The operators perfume them, fast for seven days before using them, and recite sacramental prayers at the moment of consulting them.

The Chinese and the Hindus made theirs of metal, concave or convex.

Some bore the name of their inventor (Cagliostro, Swedenborg, etc.)

More recently they have been used to fix the eye of clairvoyants or mediums so as to put them into a state of hypnosis.

Cahagnet, in his Magnetic Magic, quotes the principal mirrors as follows:

  • The Theurgic Mirror - a bottle of clear water looked at by a child and in which the Archangel Gabriel replies by pictures to his questions.

  • The Mirror of the Sorcerers - any kind of mirror or pail of water. The country sorcerer, standing near the consultant, recites a spell and shows him the reflection of the picture wanted.

  • The Mirror of Cagliostro - the bottle of clear water is on a piece of furniture, and before it a child, on whose head the operator places one hand and tells him the questions to ask, to which replies are given in allegorical pictures.

  • The Mirror of du Polet - a piece of cardboard having pasted on one side a sheet of tin and on the other a piece of black cloth. The operator magnetizes it strongly and places it a foot away from the eye of the consultant who, having fixed his eyes on it, soon sees in it the desired object.

  • The Swedenborgian Mirror - a paste of graphite mixed with olive oil is poured on an ordinary mirror and allowed to dry for a few days. The consultant, whose image must not be reflected (he stands at some distance for this reason) looks into it, whilst the operator stares magnetically at the back of his head, and vision takes place.

  • The Magnetic Mirror - a round crystal globe filled with magnetized water at which the consultant looks carefully until the desired vision appears.

    The Narcotic Mirror - similar globe but a narcotic powder made of belladonna, henbane, mandragora, hemp, poppy, etc., is dissolved in the water.

  • The Galvanic Mirror - it is made of two discs, one of copper and concave, the other of zinc and convex, both magnetized nine times in nine days. The center of the concave is looked at.