The Mineral Kingdom

Hidden Mysteries By Joshua David Stone

Everything in the universe is in a state of evolution, including the mineral kingdom. The gnomes are the elemental beings who work specifically with the mineral kingdom.

This chart indicates the hierachy of minerals and gemstones. It was channeled by Vywamus through The Tibetan Foundation.

People often have a hard time realizing that minerals are alive. The signature of life in the mineral kingdom is the crystalline formation the gnomes have created. There are also dead minerals. When a stone is quarried from its source, it vital life force is cut off--the gemstone is still evolving and growing while it is in its natural rock formation.

That is not to say that a rock should never be cut from a quarry, but like a cut flower it is no longer a living rock.

Sometimes nature spirits will accompany the gemstone you own.

In reality, the mineral kingdom might be the most important to life of all the kingdoms. It makes up the crust of the earth upon which humans and animals live.

The mineral kingdom also provides the basic source of nutrients for the three higher kingdoms, in that plants are rooted in mineral soil, and plants then nourish the physical bodies of both human and animal life, animals then being a food source for the human kingdom as well.

Without the mineral kingdom, the other three kingdoms could not survive on earth.

The mineral kingdom is spirit at its densest form of vibration.

Minerals and crystals have a profoundly healing effect on the human body. This applies to plant life as well.