Mimi - Interdimensional Gates

I have a friend named Mimi who lives in Pine Bush, New York - which is in the Catskill Mountains - an area where frequent sightings of UFO's and aliens have been reported.

Mimi and I share research on such topics as UFO's, ET's, grids, and interdimenisonal gatekeeping - moving between grid programs and opening gates to allow communication between them. When you visit Mimi's property you can actually experience the energies of the gates. You can see the changes of energies and and feel of those energies on your physical body.

Today, June 18, 2001, Mimi called me as I had been on her mind for the past several days.

We are currently entering the energies of - a New Moon in Cancer, a Solar Eclipse, Summer Solstice 2001, and the closest approach of the planet Mars to Earth in 12 years.

Here are some of the things Mimi has reported from upstate NY.

As far as UFO sightings go . . . it was quiet for a while but now there is more activity. This can also be due to the fact that more people are outdoors in the summer.

There are still reports of alien abductions by the Greys. Again this is about biogenetic experiments and implants - the 'same old' - 'same old' stuff! It could be part of government programming, which is the conclusion of many people these days.

The interdimensional gates - When you come near the gates - you physically feel a 'pull' - often connected with a pressure in the heart chakra - soul! It is your soul pulling you to higher aspects of your being.

The gates exist between grid programs are opened. They open and close. Part of my work and Ellie's is to open them. What I physically see when I open the gates, are angels, archangels, and cherubs who escort the angels. They all bring messages and teach.

Recently I have seen higher beings of light who appear as golden orbs. They seem to 'bounce'. They haven't established communication with me yet.

When the gates are open to other grid programs, I often see Native American/Indians who lived in my area several hundred years ago.

There are spectrums of light with new color rays coming through. They are the most magnificent colors I have ever seen. The main color frequencies resemble midnight blue and a phosphorous green. There are tones that are too high pitched for most people to hear. The tones vibrate.

You can also hear the ocean and the tones of the dolphins. I've noticed that when the grid connected with the Grey's opens - the dolphin sounds increase. There may be a correlation.

There is something about July 4th that links me to upstate New York and Mimi.

On that date, in 2001, I will be flying over her area in a small plane.

I know this connects with our gatekeeping work and grid energies coming together.