The Metaphysical Fix

Most of my friends run the gamut from their 'mainstream events' = non-metaphysical activities - to any number of psychic and spiritual topics that interest them. No matter where they are - what keeps them busy - who they are with - the need is always there - for that 'Metaphysical Fix'!

The 'metaphysical fix' - the connection with higher mind and information - the psyching - remote viewing - sharing our stories of what is happening to us on those levels - is what we all have to come back to to keep us focused on who we are and what we are about! It helps us view the world with other than 3D eyes. It allows us to open our higher chakras and experience in higher frequency. It brings clarity where we can't find it in 3D.

Once you begin to trigger - activate your DNA - your lost memories start to resurface. The 'metaphysical fix' becomes a sort of 'high' that pulls you all the time.

The world is no longer vibrating at the old frequencies. You feel the changes - and seek to find out more about them - the 'metaphysical fix'.

You know that you're not crazy when you get these longings for more. Others around you may laugh at you and demean the only truly meaningful thing in your life. (This is not true in my case - as everyone knows what I do and how I function.) But for a person just starting on their road to awareness - or a teenager whose activities are monitored - who want to make the connection often - there are those who move in the frequency of 'fear' and 'ignorance' - who will tell you to stop moving forward. In that case - they will do it secretly because the need for the soul to expand its knowledge and 'come full circle' into awareness - is why it came into 3D in the first place.

The 'metaphysical fix' can be gotten in many different ways:

  • talking with friends who are on your frequency - wavelength
  • books - newspapers - magazines
  • the internet - Crystalinks for one source
  • meditating - relaxing
  • visualization
  • travel
  • private time alone to think and just be

    When your mind is open and ready for the next 'bit' of information that will trigger you into awareness - you will seek out a 'metaphysical fix'. It is a feeling deep down in your soul that you are coming closer to finding the reality of your 'soul's mission' here.

    These little bits of enlightenment - used to be few and far between.

    In case you haven't noticed - they are more and more frequent now!

    Have your had your 'metaphysical fix' today?

    Look for it!

    It is often a synchronicity you attract to yourself . . . you will find it . . .