1990 - 1993

My greatest spiritual unfoldment came in 1989.

One of the things I was guided to do was create a weekly talk show about metaphysics.

This became a synchronistic experience wherein everything I needed to make the show a reality fell into place.

Some of the shows were produced in ELA studios in Manhattan.

Others were produced on location around the world. Many remote shoots took place at Metaphysical Expos - UFO Conferences - and other gatherings of metaphysical people.

The show aired in New York City on Manhattan Cable TV. Due to the efforts of Deja Allison - the show was seen in the New England area.

My producer and good friend was Tom Lombardi.

The staff at ELA studios were a great bunch of people. They taught me about the technical aspects of production.

What was really comical was the first day I went to the studio to get a sense of the energies there. I met a man named David who was in charge of the studio.

Normally my electro-magnetic energies ran very high which can cause disruptions in electrical equipment closeby. Sometimes Z wants to make a point and thingslike flickering lights occur.

That day I was in a very high energy mode. David gave me a tour of the studio - which I enjoyed. I knew I had been guided to that studio to do the show. The energies were right. I asked Z to give me a sign if this was the place . . . Suddenly the overhead lights went POP! We were both startled! I explianed about my problem with EM energies and about Z! From that day forth the lights were kept off until we were ready to shoot. A few EM glitches did occur through the years - but we worked around them.

Guests on the show came from various fields of metaphysics. Many were authors and performers. I tried to embrace as many subject areas as possible - just as I did with Crystalinks.

Every show ending with a meditation in the pyramid.

These experiences were part of a journey I would
cherish and remember as I moved into higher conscious awareness.