Initiation in the Tibet Pyramid with Music
Initiation in the China ~ Tibet Pyramid

There are 12 pyramids that create the geometry that forms the grid systems which holds the informations for our present program. One of them is located in the area that is Tibet. That pyramid is not physical but exists in a higher frequency.

As with all the twelve pyramids, this one existed in the physical realms at one time and holds the keys to information that some souls on the physical Earth plane need to unlock their memories at this time.

Those souls would have been part of the Sacred Teachings and Mystery Schools that when that pyramid was physical. Many of those souls have been part of other Mystery Schools - in other programs - generated by other pyramids.

Always allow your soul to guide you.


You might want to tape record the written portion of this initiation, to guide you as you listen to the music. You may also want to tape record what you see and hear.

The best time to do an initiation is when you are most relaxed.

Returning from the initiation could leave you disoriented as you may not come back into your physical body as quickly as you would from a meditation. Please allow time to relax afterwards, or just drift into dream state.

Find a quiet place . . . free of distractions. . . Adjust the lighting and room temperature. . . Adjust clothing . . . footwear . . . eyeglasses. Sit down or lie down . . . Find a position that is comfortable for you . . . Quiet your mind . . . Still your thoughts . . . Relax your body. . . Your face . . . your jaw . . . relaxing . . . Your shoulders . . . your neck . . . relaxed Your arms . . . your hands . . . feel at peace . . . Your torso . . . your hips . . . letting go . . . Your legs . . . your feet . . . totally relaxed . . . Focus on your breathing . . . Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose . . . Retain the breath as long as is comfortable . . . Exhale through the mouth slowly and completely . . . Repeat for two more breaths . . . or as is comfortable. See yourself floating above the area that is now Tibet. Your feel a sense of freedom and peace.
Its energies dazzle you. You move closer to the pyramid and enter slowly. As you enter you feel every atom of your being transformed into light and unconditional love. You are greeted by a Master teacher. Something about him seems familiar. He bows his head to you and you experience his humbleness. You return his greeting in much the same way. You know that you are his equal, nothing more, nothing less, all the same. He takes you to a place in the pyramid with you are free to read the akashic records of all that was, is, or ever will be. The records are in frequency - a frequency that you can now understand. You connect to the records and allow your thoughts to become one with them. All knowledge suddenly comes within your consciousness. Your mind expands beyond far beyond third dimensional limitations. You understand.